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Market Update 12/14/2005

By seadmin

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates, yet again, yesterday. The market responded by adding a nice 56 points, enough to put the end of the year rally back on track.

The best news to come out of the Fed meeting was the sentiment that both short-term and long-term inflation seem to be under control. That’s great news because it means that further rate hikes may not be necessary. The Fed Funds rate now stands at 4.25%.

The nod from the Fed is good news for our investments, as we can look forward to the nation’s top bank returning to a more neutral stance that could pave the way for a nice upward momentum as we move into the New Year.

The energy sector may have established a short-term floor here and I am encouraging my readers to hold onto their energy positions. Additionally, our international investments are continuing to outperform domestic equities as EWJ ratcheted up over 2% in one overnight session.

I strongly encourage my readers to explore the implementation of ETFs to reduce fees and improve performance. Additionally, some international ETFs are on fire right now as we see some countries growing at a rate that is literally three times that of the U.S. economy.

My favorite investments at this juncture are:

• Large cap growth funds

• Mid-cap growth funds

• Technology

• Energy

My Successful Investing subscribers continue to enjoy their holiday season with big profits in their stockings as our well-timed buy just looks better and better with each market closing. I am thrilled to be a part of my subscribers’ success.

That’s the most important aspect of investing: making the most of what the market gives you. No matter who we are, we can’t manipulate the markets, we can only respond to them. And the sooner we respond, the more money we will either make or save—depending on the market’s direction.

Are you making the most of this market? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this upward momentum won’t last forever. That’s why it is extremely important for you to maximize gains while you can. The funny thing about market upticks is that people kind of take them for granted. That is, until they end.

The long-term prognosis for the stock market is not rosy. There are just way too many factors of global proportions weighing on our economy and the world economy. Much like the holiday season, you have to enjoy it while it lasts because it will end sooner than you think.

For less than 50 cents a day, you can become a member of my Successful Investing group. I will personally advise you what to buy and when. I will monitor the trends for you so I can tell you when to exit those positions to preserve your gains and your principle. And the best part is, I will give you all of the advice you need to make and keep a fortune and I will let you have it all risk-free for up to 6 whole months so you can make an informed decision about whether my Successful Investing service is perfect for you. I am betting you are going to love the recommendations, the tips and the gains. Happy Holidays! The risk is all on me if you click here now:

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