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Market Update 11/30/2005

By seadmin

Huge increases in the manufacturing sector, new home sales and consumer confidence are responsible for creating a buoyant backdrop for the financial markets that may well provide the much-needed follow through to bring Santa Claus to Wall Street.

A significant drop in gasoline prices brought consumers roaring back with their optimism and their wallets as factory orders jumped from September’s 2% decline to a whopping 3.4% increase. Not to be left out of the buying frenzy, orders for new homes jumped by 13% last month, the largest increase in 12 years.

Such an increase could well prove to be the last gasp for the housing sector as buyers turned up in droves to take advantage of the mortgage rates which are expected to climb much higher by this time next year.

So, good news for the economy and a benign reporting from the release of the notes of the most recent Fed meeting could definitely keep the Grinch from stealing Christmas and positive year-end closings for the major indexes.

A sharp ascent for the markets proves that the latest buy recommendation to my Successful Investing subscribers was, once again, exquisitely timed. And our transition from value to growth based on the rotation in leadership in the markets will serve us well in the strong economic climate we find ourselves in now.

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The current market presents incredible opportunities for profit, but it also demands absolute vigilance. Is your portfolio prepared to make the most out of this market? Are you prepared to get out of the market to protect profits if the current optimism hits a wall?

That’s the biggest risk in a market that has short-term strength. Unprepared investors can easily be duped into believing that weakness in the market is short-lived and they will frequently buy into a market that has reversed course. That’s where Successful Investing really proves its worth. By paying close attention to the trends and market momentum, we can ferret out the difference between a dip and a decline.

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