May 25, 2006
By seadmin

It’s true. We do need a miracle, but don’t throw up your arms in frustration. There is a real-life miracle that can help you get the future you deserve, without relying on anyone but yourself. In fact, my dad used to call this miracle the 8 th Wonder of the World. It’s called compounding. Basically, it’s when you take a little bit of money and you turn it into a lot of money over time. How? Simple. Compounding requires only three crucial elements:

  • Time
  • Growth
  • Avoiding the Big Loss

That’s all compounding needs because profits will earn profits over time. And those profits will earn profits, so you are constantly growing off of a bigger base. The key to compounding is avoiding bear market losses, the kind that can eat up 35% of your portfolio’s value. In doing so, you can make and keep a fortune.

Let me explain. 28 years ago, we launched an investing service that, aspired to achieve the goal of compounding. Was it successful? Indeed! So successful, in fact, that just $100K invested at the beginning of the service would now be worth $3 million. So successful, in fact, that we now call that flagship service Successful Investing.

Folks, I urge you to check out Successful Investing. We’ve heard the speeches, the finger-pointing, the buck-passing, the administrations that come in and go out and nothing ever happens except we all move closer to a diminishing fate. Come on! This is your future we’re talking about. The sooner you take control, the better your future will be. You can do this, and I can help you. Go ahead and try Successful Investing with no risk to you for 6 months. You get the buy recommendations, you get the sell signals. You get my thoughts on the markets. And you get it all with my all your money back if you don’t love the service after 6 months guarantee. Go ahead, take control of your future by clicking here:


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