July 12, 2006
By seadmin

"Nationalism properly understood — as a man’s devotion to his country because of an approval of its basic premises, principles and social system, as well as its culture — is the common bond among men of that nation."

– Ayn Rand

This past month I was struck by the huge display of nationalism that marked the World Cup soccer tournament. So many people rooting so vociferously for their nation’s athletes got me thinking about the subject of nationalism in general, and in particular what it means in the American context.

I think that if we all really stopped and thought deeply about the basic principles of freedom and the right to pursue our own happiness that we enjoy in this country, then we’d all be jumping around waving the flag in ecstasy every day in celebration. In fact, it wouldn’t be too dissimilar from the way in which those rabid soccer fans celebrate when their nation is victorious. I’d just like to go on record with all of my readers and say thank you, United States, for allowing me to be the person that I am.

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