The Crown of All Virtues

November 28, 2007
By seadmin

"An individual’s self-esteem stems from a sense of control over reality. Whenever we carry out a conscious effort, such as, completing a record bench press, an ‘A+’ in school or writing a book, we feel a specific power rising, a sense of will. The abundant self-esteem associated with successful people flows from their having achieved goals by exerting the proper effort — long range. People are not successful due to an accident of birth; they took the time and expended the necessary effort to develop their self-respect. They sufficiently value life and happiness to exert complete effort. As a result, they experience what Aristotle referred to as the ‘crown of all virtues’: Pride."

—Mike Mentzer, author, bodybuilder and 1978 Mr. Universe

With tremendous effort comes an enormous sense of pride, even if the effort you’ve expended falls short of your concrete goals. The way I see it, pride is a virtue, not a sin. Why not give life your all? At the very least, your effort will yield you the "crown of all virtues.”

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