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Do I need to SELL the funds I currently own and BUY your recommended funds to be successful with the Fabian Plan?

Not necessarily. If the funds you own are performing well, you can follow the BUY and SELL signals generated by the Successful Investing Plan. You may consider choosing the funds recommended by Fabian at the next BUY signal.

Am I supposed to monitor and sell funds after they fall a certain percentage when following the Fabian strategy?

In general, it’s not necessary to use individual sell points for each fund when using our paid service. That is the purpose of the DFC and the Wilshire 5000 (they generate buy and sell signals for the mutual funds we use). When they are above their averages, you’ll buy a diversified U.S. equity fund that Doug has recommended. When the indicators are below their averages, you’ll sell 100% of these holdings and remain in the money market funds. These two indices help to reduce all of the trades you would have buying and selling a fund based on its own average.

(During certain periods in which one segment of the market is in a large uptrend, we may recommend individual sell points for certain funds. If so, you’ll find the information you need for monitoring in the Weekly Hotline.)

Should I buy the Domestic Fund Composite (DFC) funds as “recommended funds?”

Investors should not purchase the funds that compose the Domestic Fund Composite. This tool is simply an indicator and it’s possible to consistently outperform it over the long-term by using the funds recommended at the start of a Buy cycle (we list these in any special buy/sell email).

Can I follow the Successful Investing Plan with the mutual funds I already own?

Yes. Use the domestic plan buy and sell signals for domestic funds, the international plan for international funds etc…  If the funds you own have underperformed the funds we recommend and track, consider replacing them.

How often do you have special market updates for the Plan, and under what circumstances?

You’ll receive an e-mail update every Friday after 4pm PST, any time there is a buy or sell signal in one of the investment plans, or if the there’s a substantial move in the market that pushes one of our plans closer to a Buy or Sell signal. This information is also posted on the Successful Investing home page.

How do I get started with the Successful Investing Plan right away?

First click on the Getting Started tab under the “Special Reports” tab of the navigation bar. Next, be sure to see the “Getting Started” section of the most recent issue of the Weekly Hotline.

If I’m away from my computer, how do I access the information?

We have a special audio hotline specifically set up for those subscribers who may be traveling and can’t check in electronically. The audio hotline is updated under the same conditions as the web/email issue. Simply call 1-267-295-8713 and enter the PIN number listed on each issue of the Weekly Hotline, the monthly print newsletter (or call our customer service department at 800-211-4766). The PIN code changes every 2 months.

What kind of money market fund should I use during Sell signals?

Since the purpose of our Sell signals is to protect principal, you can use any money market fund offered at your discount brokerage or fund family provided that it doesn’t have any limitations on how and when you can access the money.

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