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Are you ready for the nuclear age?

If so, then the folks over at Van Eck Global have a new ETF just for you. It is the Market Vectors Nuclear Energy (NLR), which began trading last month.

This new nuclear sector ETF tracks the performance of the DAX Global Nuclear Energy Index. The index has its heaviest sector exposure to uranium mining, which is near 50%, while plant infrastructure is about 40% and nuclear equipment comes in at approximately 10%.

The fund’s positions include various units of Japanese tech company Hitachi (HIT), uranium producers Cameco (CCJ) and USEC (USU), and the industrial unit of Mitsubishi Group. The fund carries a very attractive 0.65% expense ratio, well below actively managed energy sector mutual funds with similar nuclear exposure.

As subscribers to my Successful Investing advisory service already know, I am a big fan of the energy space. I also am a fan of alternative energy investments, as growing world demand for energy coupled with very high oil prices are making nuclear and other forms of non-fossil fuel energy cost effective.

I have no doubt the trend toward alternate energy sources such as nuclear will grow in the future, and one way to take advantage of this trend is through alternative energy funds like NLR. I am not currently recommending a position in NLR but I do want you to put it on your watch list, as I have.

When the time is right, I may indeed fire up the reactors and add NLR to my holdings.


Do you know what your largest holding is? I suspect that many of you do, but I also suspect that many of you do not.

If you are one of those who do not know what your largest holding is, don’t be ashamed. Whenever I do one of my Fabian Wealth Strategies coaching sessions, the first thing I do is identify your largest-single holding.

Why do I do this? Well, because what happens to your largest-single holding will have a greater impact on your total portfolio than anything else. If your largest holding is an S&P 500 fund, a financial stock fund, a small-cap stock fund, or any number of beaten-up sector funds, your total portfolio has likely had a tough go of it lately.

The remedy here is to first identify your largest holding. If you are overexposed to a sickly market sector, you need to take action to get your portfolio back to good health.

If you need some help assessing your portfolio’s vitality, Fabian Wealth Strategies can help. All you have to do is call us and schedule your coaching session.

For more information on how to schedule your very own coaching session, call David Fabian at 800.391.1118, or e-mail him.

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