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Despite the current market sell off, the march toward more new ETF offerings hasn’t subsided in the least bit. Case in point is the news out of Van Eck Global, which announced yesterday that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) authorized the registration statement for two new Market Vectors ETFs. I expect to see these new ETFs on the American Stock Exchange later this year.

The first of these new funds is the Market Vectors Agribusiness (MOO). This ETF follows the DAXglobal Agribusiness Index (DXAG) and includes stocks from 40 companies engaged in agriproduct operations, agriculture equipment, ethanol/biodiesel and livestock operations. The companies within MOO generally generate 50% of their income from agribusiness.

The second, and perhaps most intriguing of the two new Van Eck Global offerings, is the Market Vectors Nuclear Energy ETF (NLR). This ETF is the first of its kind listed in the United States. It tracks the DAXglobal Nuclear Energy Index (DXNE), which comprises 38 stocks that participate in uranium mining, enrichment and storage, nuclear plant infrastructure, fuel transportation and energy generation, as well as providing equipment for use in the provision of nuclear energy. Companies in NLR usually derive 50% of their income from nuclear energy.

I know that I will be keeping a keen eye on both of these new Van Eck Global funds once they begin trading. Both the agri-business and nuclear energy sectors are becoming interesting places to invest.


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