January 4, 2007
By seadmin

Do you know the factors that are important to measuring your confidence level in your current investment plan? Can you answer the following statements in the affirmative?

  1. I have a solid plan in place with Bear Market Protection (a clearly defined sell-discipline on my holdings) to protect my assets if the market suddenly turns.

  2. I know my broker is proactively monitoring my money every day.

  3. I know my investment plan will provide the sufficient asset growth I want and produce the income stream I need for my retirement.

  4. I know that my investment advisor is a good value. We have more than just a bull market strategy and we avoid any unnecessary risk for my plan. Fees are reasonable.

  5. I know my advisor is an expert, has the experience and is prepared for any situation.

  6. I am taking advantage of investment tools like ETFs that keep expenses low.

  7. Overall, I know I have the right plan in place to reach my investment goals.

If you can’t answer the majority of these statements with a "yes," then you need to go to our website for more information and a FREE portfolio assessment.

Don’t wait a minute longer. The only thing you have to gain is financial security.

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