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As I mentioned earlier, I just came back from the D.C. Money Show. At the show, I talked about three sector ETFs that I think will be hugely profitable for investors during the next 12 months. Hey, everybody’s got to eat, everybody’s got to drink water, and everyone needs power to light up their homes. These three ETFs are well positioned in each of these respective areas.

In this week’s audio blog, I talk about these three ETFs, and I give you my reasons why I think each likely will be very good investments during the next year.

To listen to the audio blog, simply click here.


I am a big fitness buff and I’ve worked with a personal trainer for many years. But before working with my trainer, I still worked out very hard. I hit the weights often and I went through the motions with a sense of purpose and determination. After about six months of expending a lot of effort, I noticed that I really wasn’t making much progress.

Frustrated, I decided to seek the advice of a professional. That’s when I met my trainer, who told me that while I was working hard, I wasn’t working very smart. After just a few sessions under the tutelage of a real pro, I was able to make the huge progress I was after.

You see, I was doing things wrong in the weight room that I didn’t even know I was doing. It took a trained eye with the knowledge and expertise to be able to point out my errors and correct my problems. Once those corrections were made, I was able to take my performance to a whole new level.

I bring up my fitness training story because I think it is nearly perfectly analogous to the way most people manage their investment portfolios. Most people make an effort to buy and sell stocks and mutual funds, but like the novice fitness trainee, most people aren’t making the progress they want to achieve.

The reason for that lack of progress is the absence of a professional trainer. At Fabian Wealth Strategies, we like to think of ourselves as your personal portfolio trainers. We can coach you on how to properly manage your assets, and we can help you to get to the new level of performance that you’re working so hard to achieve.

If you need some help assessing your portfolio’s fitness, Fabian Wealth Strategies can fill the void. All you have to do is call us and schedule your very own coaching session.

For more information on how to schedule your coaching session, call David Fabian at 800.391.1118 or e-mail him.

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