February 1, 2007
By seadmin

No matter what your financial situation, everyone is looking for solutions to their financial issues. But the real key to getting solutions appropriate to your unique circumstance lies in asking the right questions.

All too often, knowing what questions to ask is the hardest part of getting a grip on this whole investing thing. One thing that I think everyone, regardless of financial circumstance, needs to be aware of is how to manage downside risk.

Every investor I know wants to avoid another 30-50% haircut in his or her portfolio when the markets retrench, as they did in the 2000-2002 bear-market nightmare. The starting point to avoiding such devastating losses is to ask yourself, or your advisor, the following questions:

  • What is your game plan in the next bear market?
  • Under what circumstances will you lower your exposure to equities?
  • What type of losses did your mutual fund or stocks experience in the last bear?
  • What event would prompt a change in your invested positions?
  • When would you sell an under performing position?

If you can’t answer these questions with an apt degree of certitude, then you simply aren’t prepared to avoid the worst outcome an investor can experience — losing a boatload of money over a short time period.

If you would like some help answering these questions and gaining the insights from an experienced investment advisor, contact Fabian Financial Services for your free coaching session with my colleague Ed Foster or me.

If you have a minimum portfolio of $250,000, I guarantee you’ll benefit from this free coaching session. To find our more, click here.

It’s Super Bowl time again. And, like many people around the world, I will be watching the big game with friends and family. One thing I find interesting is that every year about this time you see a rash of head coaching changes among the NFL teams that are not fortunate enough to have made it to the big game.

All the changes that have taken place in the NFL coaching ranks during the past two weeks got me thinking about how investors also should be looking at their advisors this time of year to determine if they are on a path to their own financial Super Bowl.

If you aren’t happy with the current game plan in your portfolio or if you don’t have a safety net on your serious money, a Fabian Financial coaching change may be just what the doctor ordered.


Worried about managing risk in this uncertain political and economic climate? If you aren’t worried, you should be. The risks we all face right now require sound financial stewardship. These days, you just have to know how to protect yourself.

That’s why I want you all to go here for your FREE Special Report titled, "The Successful Investor’s Guide To Managing Risk."

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