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Today, you can get shares of a former tech titan at a 95% discount to its historical high.

They’re going for about $10 each, which is $220 less than their all-time-high share price.

Usually, a price plunge like that indicates a company’s on its last legs. But not here…

That’s because one well-known investor has been betting big – HUGE really – on this left-for-dead tech play.

At today’s share price, he’s in for a staggering $522,000,000 – that’s $522 million or about 1/3 of his entire portfolio.

When an investor of this man’s stature puts that much “faith” in one investment… it’s one of the strongest indicators you’ll ever find for identifying stocks about to soar.

And that’s the case here, as 2017 saw this company post its first quarterly profit in years.

The turnaround’s begun and it may be the profit opportunity of the decade.

Even if shares only return to half their former $230 glory, that’ll still be a 650% gain for the renegade trader I just told you about.

To discover the name of this company, and the man who’s plunked more than half a billion dollars down on its rebound, click here now.

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