June 1, 2006
By seadmin

"It’s a sad day when you find out that it’s not accident or time or fortune, but just yourself that kept things from you."

–Lillian Hellman

These sobering thoughts from the American playwright remind us all that the only person responsible for you is you. Hey, I think Ms. Hellman could easily be talking about finances here, as the tendency for all of us is to blame the market, our broker, or just plain bad luck for our lack of success. Don’t fall into that trap. Take control, get educated, and don’t let you keep you away from what can be achieved.

Wisdom about money, investing and life can be found anywhere. If you have a good quote you’d like me to share with your fellow Making Money Alert readers, send it to me, along with any comments, questions and suggestions you have about my radio show, newsletters, seminars, or anything else.

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