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I am proud to tell you about a new website my team and I created called ETF University ( We created this website for one primary reason, and that is to help investors learn more about the world of exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

As you may know, I have been a passionate advocate of ETFs for many years. That advocacy has been expressed extensively in my various publications. I’ve also discussed the copious virtues of ETFs on my radio show and my weekly podcast.

Yet early this year, I realized that while I had been writing and speaking about the benefits of ETFs for some time, there still were many questions out there about ETFs, such as how they work; how you buy them; what are the advantages and disadvantages of using ETFs, etc. I also realized that there wasn’t really a single, trusted source that investors had that would answer these questions, at least not a source that would answer these questions the way I think they should be answered.

So, rather than look around for various sites to fill this knowledge void, we decided to create I want you to think of as your one-stop source for anything and everything related to the world of exchange-traded funds.

Here are just some of the features you’ll find at

  • ETF News: Read all of the latest and greatest updates from the world of exchange-traded funds, including details on new fund offerings, new fund families, new fund categories and new fund strategies.
  • Weekly Editorial: Here you’ll find my weekly commentary on topics such as the markets, politics, the Fed, global economic trends and just about anything driving the price of stocks, bonds, commodities and currencies.
  • Weekly Podcast: Each week, I will post the audio podcast from my weekly broadcast, Doug Fabian’s ETF Strategies. This podcast includes a wrap up of all of the action in the markets that week, an in-depth look at one ETF strategy designed to help investors beat the market and a look at various topics including politics, economic policy, monetary policy, personal finance, retirement planning — or just about anything that affects your money.
  • Educational Videos: We are currently in the process of producing a series of educational videos designed to teach investors all of the basics of how to invest using ETFs. Think of this series as an introductory college course on exchange-traded funds, a sort of “ETFs 101.”
  • Special Reports: Here you’ll find special audio, video and written reports on specific topics related to ETFs. Planned topics include how to invest in fixed income using ETFs; which ETFs are best for getting international equity exposure; how to use commodity ETFs, etc.
  • Top 10 ETF Lists: Do you want to know which 10 ETFs are the biggest? How about the 10 best-performing ETFs? What about the top 10 sector ETFs? If lists are your thing, then this featured section of is for you.
  • ETF FAQs: Here you’ll find a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding exchange-traded funds, including how they work, how they differ from mutual funds and how to buy and sell ETFs.
  • All-New Podcast: To go along with the new content at, I’ll also be doing a weekly podcast titled “ETF Success with Doug Fabian.” This weekly audio presentation will get you up to speed on the markets and will provide you with helpful hints and education on all things ETF related. Today marks “Episode 1” of the ETF Success with Doug Fabian, so be sure and check it out today.

These are just some of the current and future planned features available to readers, absolutely free, at The only thing we ask of readers who want complete access to this content is to simply join us.

I strongly encourage you to join as soon as possible.

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