The Rhythm Of The Herd

January 30, 2008
By seadmin

 It’s time now for a little venture into the land of letters, courtesy of my friend and favorite writer, Jim Woods. In this piece, Jim paints a word picture of the volatile nature of financial markets, and the psychological cycle that drives market thinking.

By Jim Woods

Fear is the spark
The motion of noise
Begets first twitch

The jettison of calm
Infects surrounding members
Virulent group think locks on

Judgment evaporates into
Paranoia’s opaque mist
Threat amplified into frenzy

Plans discarded in haste
Escape routes obscured
By stampede clouds

Frenetic flight calms
Carcasses of the fragile and virile
Lay trampled in trodden terrain

Calm returns
The mass organism settles
Stasis becomes the soil of optimism

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