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On Focus, Integration, Celebration

September 20, 2023

A few years ago, a friend asked me to describe my personal “ethos” with just a few words. Now, judging by that question, you can tell that I hang out with some pretty smart friends. And in this case, I knew my answer needed to be appropriately thought out to satisfy my friend’s curiosity. At […]

The Beautiful Banality of Sublime Moments

September 13, 2023

Sublime moments. They may seem infrequent and evanescent, and many of the moments we categorize as “peak experiences” are, by their very nature, uncommon. Yet it is […]

The Cat and the Horror (2023)

September 6, 2023

The Cat and the Horror (2023) There was a cat sleeping on my porch She didn’t know what I had witnessed The lacerated skyline of metropolis A bleeding out of her twin sons Flying lancets piercing steel hulls Black smoke seasoning the azure sky As the falling man descends to the concrete Incendiary ideas born […]

On the Intangible Essence of Friendship

August 30, 2023

Friendship. It’s an essential component of any life well-lived. However, it’s also somewhat of a mysterious proposition because what draws one person to another […]

A Message from the Fed Whisperer

August 23, 2023

Treasury yields are on the march higher. Indeed, the move to multi-decade highs in the 10-year Treasury Note yield has been the primary (but not only) reason stocks have declined over the past several weeks. Now, one of the reasons yields have risen is because investors have been “pushing out” the date of expected rate […]

Come On Get Higher for Longer

August 16, 2023

There’s a fantastic song by the great Matt Nathanson that I’ve always loved called, “Come On Get Higher.” Here’s an acoustic version […]

The Actual Meaning of a ‘Midlife Crisis’

August 9, 2023

I just celebrated another trip around the sun, and based on my year of birth, I am still clinging to the age range where people like to ask you if you’re experiencing a “midlife crisis.” Fortunately, nobody that actually knows me has asked me this because they know better. You see, usually people’s intention with […]

The Real Problem With Inflation

August 2, 2023

The Real Problem With Inflation Have you seen a lot of inflation-related headlines in the financial and mainstream media recently touting how inflation is falling? I know I have, and the headlines all read a little something like this: “Inflation is Falling!” “Inflation Declines More Than 50% from July 2022 Highs” “Inflation Hits Lowest Level […]

The Power of Meaningful Conversation

July 26, 2023

Last night, I had the privilege of guest lecturing for a class of MBA students at California Baptist University. My original plan was to deliver a lecture on how I select stocks in my Bullseye Stock Trader advisory service, and to talk about the financial newsletter industry at large. Yet, there was a slight obstacle […]

When Mr. Crump Don’t Like It

July 19, 2023

When Mr. Crump Don’t Like It I just spent nearly a week in Memphis, Tennessee, marinating in the spices of liberty, friends and great ideas at FreedomFest. Of course, the conference was amazing, as it always is. Highlights for me included delivering talks on markets, the economy and my investment advisory newsletters, and meeting up […]

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