Grow Your Portfolio the Intelligent Way

Sorting out Your Situation with ETFs


Where do you stand right now with your portfolio?

If you can’t answer this question immediately, then you have some work to do. Given that we are just a little more than halfway through the calendar year, I think that’s as good a time as any to make sure you fine-tune your focus for the second half of what has so far been a most unusual year.

In last week’s Weekly ETF Report, we pointed out how important it is to conduct a halftime review of your holdings to make sure the stocks, bonds, mutual funds and, hopefully, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) you own are meeting your overriding investment objectives.

Of course, before you can tell if your holdings are meeting your goals, you have to know what your goals really are.

So, are you primarily a growth investor, or is income generation your chief goal? Are you the aggressive type that likes to roll the dice, or are you a restless sleeper that likes to know your money is safe, sound and tucked away?

The answer to these questions is crucial when trying to sort out your situation with ETFs. Fortunately, no matter what kind of investor you are, there’s an ETF to fit your needs.

In today’s new Weekly ETF Report video, I talk about the various growth-oriented ETF categories available right now. Indeed, the growth opportunities around the globe right now are umpteen. Some of my current favorites are international funds, emerging market funds and country-specific funds pegged to the emerging markets of Asia, but those are by no means your only options.

You see, when it comes to ETFs, particularly ETFs for the growth investor, the world is your proverbial oyster. You can choose from a variety of ETFs including sector ETFs, regional ETFs, market-capitalization ETFs and even actively managed ETFs.

Basically, if there’s a way to invest for growth, there’s an exchange-traded fund that can help. So, when you’re sorting out your situation for the remainder of the year, be sure you do so with ETFs.

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