San Francisco Money Show Musings — See them for Yourself

August 20, 2008
By seadmin

Two weeks ago, I made my annual pilgrimage to one of the world’s greatest cities — gorgeous San Francisco, Calif., for the Money Show. If you didn’t get a chance to make it into town, don’t worry. Now you can catch several of my presentations right from your own computer. Simply click here to view my all of my Money Show musings for yourself.

Here’s just some of what you’ll see when you watch these special Money Show video broadcasts.

ETF Strategies in a Difficult Market

Some pundits are saying that we are in a recession; others call it a mere economic slowdown. The answer, in my opinion, is what difference does this technical distinction make to you? The one thing everyone agrees on, bull or bear, is that we’re living in uncertain times. As a result, it is of the utmost importance for us to take a cautious approach. "ETF Strategies in a Difficult Market" will teach you the importance of managing risk, having a sell discipline, and how to benefit from new opportunities.

Structuring a Portfolio for Income and Safety

How do you generate high income without risking your principal? Are you tired of putting your money in poorly paying CDs or money market accounts? I reveal my favorite income-producing tools in this presentation to boost the yield in your portfolio without taking on excessive risk. Learn how to use exchange-traded funds, unit investment trusts, and closed-end funds to properly manage your income assets.

Seven Secrets of Success for ETF Investors

In this presentation, I reveal the seven secrets for successfully managing your portfolio using my favorite investment vehicles, exchange-traded funds. ETFs are simple to understand, easy to use, inexpensive and offer tremendous diversification. Learn how to manage any size portfolio using these proven methods to maximize returns.

To view my video presentations today, click here.

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