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What’s Your ETF Literary Theme?

April 12, 2017

I love literature, and I studied the art intensely during my college years. While most of my time these days is focused on finding the best exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for my subscribers to own, I still devote a block of time each week to reading and studying literary fiction. Aristotle once wrote that fiction is […]

ETFs See ‘Yuge’ Inflows in Q1

April 5, 2017

Investors are feeling pretty good these days. How do I know this? Well, over the past few months there have been multiple sentiment indicators that have come in very strong. The latest was a recent Pew Research poll that showed nearly six in 10 people in the United States (58%) think the economic situation is […]

Is It Time to Pull Up the Brink’s Truck on Gold?

October 8, 2016

This week, the world watched as a massive hurricane came barreling into the southeastern coast. Yet there was another hurricane of sorts that slammed markets this week, and that was the hurricane of selling in gold and precious metals. Indeed, gold, silver and gold mining stocks were collectively crushed this week, falling to their lowest […]

Not Enough Jobs for a September Rate Hike

September 2, 2016

The stock market got a very important data point from the Labor Department today, as the official Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) August employment report showed the economy created 151,000 net new non-farm payroll jobs during the month. That number was tepid and below most economists’ forecasts, which ranged anywhere from 170,000 to 180,000. While […]

Dueling Fed Officials and a Market Flip-Flop

August 26, 2016

To say that the equity markets have been Fed-driven during the past seven years would be an exercise in stating the obvious. Yet on days like today, we get that message drummed home to us with a very loud beat. As I woke up and scanned the financial media this morning, all I saw was […]

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Outsmarting the Billionaire Bear Club

August 19, 2016

There are a whole lot of billionaires bearish on the equity markets right now. That bearishness is understandably born out of a sense of unease about this market, a market that’s feeling way too “toppy” and way too overbought. So, who are these bearish billionaires? Well, the list reads like a who’s who of American […]

June Jobs Report is 287,000 Reasons to Smile

July 8, 2016

The equity bulls woke up to 287,000 reasons to smile Friday, as the much-stronger-than-expected June jobs report was just right. The strength of the monthly non-farm payrolls print was in stark contrast to the May report, which actually was revised lower to reflect just 11,000 new jobs created. The rebound this month in the employment […]

A May Jobs Whiff, So Now What?

June 3, 2016

A May Jobs Whiff, So Now What? It doesn’t get much uglier than the May jobs report, especially if you were like most on Wall Street and were hoping to see some 160,000 net new jobs created during the prior month. Well, the economy only generated 38,000 new non-farm payroll jobs… and that, my friend, […]

The 4 Most Important ETFs to Watch in 2016

January 1, 2016

It is the first day of 2016, and I want to first start out by offering you best wishes for a happy, healthy and wealthy new year. As we jump out of the 2016 starting gate, the global economy, as well as financial markets, face several big headwinds. The good news is that these headwinds […]

How Key Sector ETFs Performed in Q2

July 2, 2015

A Q2 ETF Roundup The first half of the year is already over. Yes, I know it feels like we just kicked off 2015, but this weekend we celebrate our nation’s birthday. To me, the July 4th holiday represents the unofficial break before we get back to business in the second half of the year. […]

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