One of the smartest and most successful investors in the world has been secretly buying shares in a tech stock that most investors have turned their backs on.  

His goal? To make a killing.  

You see, this company was selling for a fraction of what it’s truly worth… because 99.9% of investors don’t realize it’s no longer the same company it used to be.  

This company was once a market leader, with a 40% market share of one of the most indispensable pieces of personal technology anywhere on the planet.  

Its name was synonymous with its signature product, like “Kleenex” for tissue or “Xerox” for copiers.  

The company — and the stock — were flying high, with visions of endless profits and the kind of huge wealth created by Apple or Microsoft.  

After all, Apple has risen 44,437% since it went public. Microsoft has gained an incredible 127,552%.  

Who wouldn’t want a piece of that?  

With such promise, it was no wonder the stock rose to $230 a share just 13 years after it went public.  

But then it all fell apart in an ugly fashion.  

The technology got bypassed by competitors.  

Other players brought out slicker, faster, more stylish products that simply had more features, and our company couldn’t keep up.  

A succession of botched “innovations” failed to excite buyers and the company fell into the usual spiral of a troubled company: management turnover, layoffs, and even rumors of bankruptcy.  

The stock fell all the way back to less than $10 a share – and has just barely clambered above that level today.

Which is why, when I saw the enormous stake the genius investor had built up, I knew I had to find out why.  

After all, even if he’s only “half right” – and the company only makes it half way back to its old share-price highs – that’s still almost a 650% profit for you and me!  

But, based on the moves this master investor has made and his $522 million commitment to this turnaround, I’m guessing he’s going for much more than just a 10-bagger.  

The Prudent Speculator
You’ve Never Heard Of

I’ll tell you how to get the full details on this company in a moment.

First, I want to tell you more about this big investor so you can see why I’m so excited about this opportunity.  

You probably don’t know his name because he operates outside the U.S. but, to global investment managers, he’s something of a hero.  

He’s often referred to as “The Warren Buffett of [his home country]” for two simple reasons: 

  1. Like Buffett, he’s proven over decades that he can spot undervalued stocks and make windfall profits by placing big bets on them.
  2. His company is structured exactly like Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway.

As a rule, the investments he makes are only in profitable, growing companies in markets around the world.  

Some of the names you’d know (Bank of Ireland, for instance), but many you would not. The important thing is, he’s not in the practice of trying to turn around lost causes.  

Which only made me more curious as to why he’d get involved here.  

He Plays for Keeps

Like Buffett, he often carries large amounts of cash on his balance sheet ($2.26 billion in last year’s annual report) to ensure he can run his insurance business in a low-risk manner, while still having lots of firepower when a good investment crosses his radar.  

When he spots a promising opportunity, he acts decisively, just like Buffett.   

Sometimes he buys common stocks just to ride the coattails of a profitable enterprise. 

Sometimes he buys the whole company to lock up a rare jewel.  

In short, this is not a short-term trader or a risk-taking gambler.  

So, when I saw that he had put in over $522 million dollars —more than a third of his entire investing portfolio — into one well-known (but beaten-down) tech stock, I had to figure out why.  

As I dug into the story, and learned that he thought so highly of this company that he joined the company’s board of directors and helped hire a proven turnaround specialist as the Chairman, I got very excited.   

When I got the complete picture of what was going on, I declared it had the biggest profit potential of any of my recommendations in 2018 – and beyond.      

A Ten-Bagger in the Making

I’ll be honest, if I told you this company’s name, you’d recognize it instantly. 

Then you’d probably start laughing.  

And I wouldn’t blame you one bit, because you probably don’t know what this company’s up to today.  

Since it fell on hard times, it’s made a remarkable turnaround.   

It started with a top-to-bottom overhaul of the entire company — no small feat for a firm known for one signature product.  

First, it got entirely out of the business of manufacturing its legacy products.  

Those products are still around, and our company is still profiting from them, but other manufacturers actually take on the expense (and risk) of building them.  

This strategy is a stealthy way to boost profits, much like how Donald Trump’s real estate business morphed into a licensing and property management business.  

In recent years, Trump stopped constructing buildings and focused on licensing the Trump name to builders. With few exceptions, they build the properties and he manages them.      

In fact, of the 17 high-profile Trump properties in Manhattan, Trump only owns 5 of them outright.  

It’s a highly-profitable model he’s followed to expand around the world (and avoid any more bankruptcies!).  

Our company follows the same blueprint. Other companies run the factories and handle the costly sales and service functions, while our company focuses on innovating better products.  

Of course, they still get a hefty royalty for each device sold around the world. 

And that’s a considerable source of cash flow, thanks to major licensing deals in India, China, Indonesia and other fast-growing developing countries in the last five years.      

The Future is Bright Here

Getting out of the manufacturing business is not only a fact unknown to investors who have written off the stock, it’s also allowed the company to begin an even more powerful transformation.      

The company is investing their cash flow in three fast-growing technological areas that depend on the kind of innovative software that was at the foundation of this company’s success in the first place.  

FIRST, it’s built a leadership position in one of the most important sectors of the entire tech world: cybersecurity.

Now, the company has always been known for its superior security of its legacy products — that was one of the major factors in its rise in the first place.    

While other competitors suffered major, embarrassing data breaches and hacker scandals, our company largely avoided them.  

And it’s building on this strength through both internal innovations and recent acquisitions of three valuable security-focused companies. Now it has a real edge in this critically important area.  

With hackers penetrating major retailers, banks, credit agencies and even the U.S. government, it’s no wonder cybersecurity spending hit nearly $90 billion in 2017. 

And our company is getting a growing share of that cybersecurity dollar.  

Thanks to their focus on security (and mobile applications and connectivity), they’re:

  • #1 in crisis communications systems for over 1,000 governmental organizations and 70% of the U.S. Federal government
  • #1 in governmental security (16 of the G20 governments use their services)
  • #1 in overall mobile security according to a recent study
  • #1 in having the most Fortune 500 companies using their software systems to protect and power their Internet of Things (IoT) operations

What is the Internet of Things? Glad you asked! 

A Smart Move into Smart Systems

SECOND, our company has leveraged its cybersecurity strength to become a real player in the Internet of Things. 

I’m sure you’re aware that the smart home, the smart factory, the smart government (don’t laugh) are all starting to appear in front of our eyes.  

On average, 10 million new “connected devices” are added every day. Refrigerators, assembly lines, cars, thermostats, security cameras and other devices are connecting with the Internet and other devices, promising a whole new level of efficiency, productivity and convenience to our lives.  

But that’s all the IoT is at the moment: a promise.  

Because there’s a very real threat of data breaches and hackers.  

Cyber attacks already cost the global economy $400 billion a year. Half of all large company CEOs feel unprepared for a cyber attack.  

A recent HP study of 10 of the newest home security systems that rely on IoT features found that all 10 had such significant flaws that they made the home less secure if a technologically-sophisticated thief targeted them.    

And, in a possible sign of things to come, hackers were able to shut down the heating systems in buildings in cold Finland through vulnerable IoT devices.    

Imagine what they could do to connected powerlines, water systems, telecommunications networks, chemical factories, nuclear power plants, etc.

McKinsey and Company estimates that IoT will create $4 trillion in value by 2025, but it won’t happen if the security dangers aren’t resolved.  

Our company is hell-bent on being a leader in securing IoT networks in critical industries like financial services, health care, government, law enforcement and transportation. 

And if they succeed, as I believe they will, a bonanza of revenues are headed their way.  

Leadership in Self-Driving Cars

THIRD, it has become a true leader in the exploding industry of autonomous driving and connected car technology.

The company currently controls more than 50% of the market for in-car infotainment systems, and can be found in more than 60 million vehicles.  

Their technology is well-suited to link all of a car’s next generation sensors for parking assistance and road recognition software – two critical components for the driverless car.   

The driverless car is such a big opportunity, the big automakers are racing against not just each other, but also big tech companies like Google and Facebook, to be the pioneers in this revolutionary field.  

There will be many hurdles to be overcome before the final winners and losers in the driverless car race are declared. 

But our company is perfectly positioned to be a major player in the race to become the “brains” of the smart car of the future. Their expertise in building flexible, secure and efficient networks means they can turn their leading position in in-car entertainment into so much more.  

Outside of their “Big 3” new initiatives, the company has other exciting innovations and possibilities for big breakthroughs.  

But the important thing for you to know is that only a few analysts that focus on the company know the company is a quiet powerhouse in these emerging technologies.  

The company hasn’t launched a full-scale PR campaign or major media blitz to trumpet its turnaround.   

It’s keeping its head down and concentrating on innovation, operational excellence, and creating profits for its largest shareholder — the genius I mentioned earlier.

The average investor wouldn’t give this company a second glance. And this gives you and me a fantastic buying opportunity.  

Why You Must Get In Now

After many years of being a laughing stock, the company finally started to show that its turnaround is for real.  

In 2017, they showed their first quarterly profit after years of losing money. 

This was a wake-up alarm, but most investors were still snoozing. Why?

When a company has such a negative impression, one quarter won’t make much of a difference.  

That’s why so many investors missed the boat on profiting from this company last year.

But you can bet that won’t be the case in 2018… not after this company finished 2017 with revenue of $932 million, a profit margin of 43%, and a return on equity of 17.75%…

I’m betting that this profitability, plus a quadrupling of profits over the next three years (which is the consensus estimate of analysts today) will do the trick.     

Other investors will scramble to catch up to this profit opportunity when this company’s successful turnaround becomes public knowledge…but you’ll already be one step ahead of them.   

Will You Sidestep the
Next Major Market Correction?  

My name is Jim Woods.  

You may have seen me on one of my many appearances in the financial media, from my writings online, or perhaps you know me from the 14 years I worked alongside Doug Fabian, the fabulously successful investment advisor and the son of legendary market-timer Dick Fabian.  

For 40 years, the Fabian Plan has been protecting investors against major market reversals through a highly-accurate system of market timing signals.

By using these signals, Dick Fabian, Doug Fabian and I were able to alert subscribers about major market downturns again and again:

  • We alerted subscribers to serious danger in 2007 before the subprime mortgage bust…
  • It worked again in April 2000 before the NASDAQ crashed and lost more than 70% over the next three years…
  • And its most accurate signal ever was back on October 15, 1987, just four days before the greatest one-day crash in history.

But avoiding big market danger is just one component of what it takes to be a successful investor.  

A Double-Barreled Approach to
Building Wealth

These same market-timing signals also allow me to identify those stocks and sectors that will likely outperform the market in the months ahead.  

The stock market is a constantly churning beehive of activity. Nothing stands still.  

One month, tech is up, the next, it’s down. Same for utilities, real estate, industrials, and every other sector you can name, not to mention foreign markets, too.  

It’s very rare that all sectors are moving in the same direction at once, so the key to consistent profits is to narrow your buying to only those sectors with real, sustainable momentum and avoid everything else.  

That’s exactly what our strategy does: it pinpoints sectors and foreign markets that are on the rise and rides those moves to consistent profits.  

Thanks to our plan, readers who followed my advice have cashed in again and again. Here’s the most recent examples:

  • ProShares Ultra QQQ ETF: 42% gains
  • Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (VTI): 33% gains
  • Guggenheim Multi-Asset Income ETF (CVY): 28% gains
  • O’Shares FTSE US Quality Dividend ETF: 19.68% gains
  • ProShares Ultra Financials ETF: 18.77% gains
  • Plus many more…

Stocks that Will Lead You to
Big Profits

I’ll explain more about the ETF part of our strategy in a moment, but I want to make sure you’re on board with our highly lucrative individual stock strategy before I go too far. 

I’ve already shown how the Fabian system avoids danger and puts you in fast-moving sectors… but can you trust my stock-picking skills?  

I’d say so: TipRanks named me the #5 top stock picker in the world out of 6,096 individuals.

My secret is a relentless focus on finding stocks that are just starting a great growth streak. 

I’m looking for best-of-breed stocks… the kind that lead on the upside and don’t give up those gains easily on the downside.  

These are the kind of stocks that capture lots of attention and investment dollars from institutions, which can drive the stock dramatically higher over time.    

I call these companies “prime movers.”

These are the stocks that are leading the charge higher in markets, capturing a lot of professional money. These prime movers are stocks that not only have outpaced their peers in terms of share price performance, but have also outpaced their peers in terms of the most important of fundamental metrics: earnings per share growth.

These are the best-of-breed stocks moving the market right now. They’re often large-cap stocks that are very well known, but they don’t have to be. Sometimes these are stocks with strong share price performance and strong earnings, stocks that aren’t household names.

Indeed, one of the biggest components of prime mover companies is strong upward share price momentum. For me to even consider a company as a prime mover, it must be in the top 20% of all stocks in the market based on the share price performance over the past 52 weeks.

Prime movers must also have elite fundamentals, including outstanding earnings growth, and a history of multiple years of rapidly-increasing earnings.

Next, I’m looking for top-notch technical characteristics. Stocks that are making new 52-week highs are one important criteria, but strong momentum and other technical signals are important, too.  

Finally, these stocks must have a catalyst that will shoot the stock higher once it is recognized by the broad investment community.  

In the case of our tech revival company, the one with the $500 million commitment from one investor… the X Factor is its leadership in areas like the Internet of Things, cybersecurity and the connected car.

I want to share that company’s name, ticker symbol, and my research on it with you via my brand new special report.

It’s called: Make Up to 650% on the Turnaround Surprise of the Year. I’ll show you how to get it FREE in just a moment…

But first I want to preview three more prime mover companies in dominant leadership positions that belong in your portfolio right now. 

Prime Mover #1: Make a Bundle with E-commerce’s Founding Father

The first prime mover stock I want to tell you about could be considered one of the founding fathers of today’s online commerce. Founded 42 years ago in New York, today it’s a $186 billion titan of the financial world and one of America’s most iconic brands.

Here’s how Yahoo Finance describes the company’s focus today:

[Prime Mover #1] provides transaction processing and other payment-related products and services in the United States and internationally. The company also offers value-added services, such as safety and security products, loyalty and reward programs, information and consulting services, issuer and acquirer processing solutions, and payment and mobile gateways. Further, the company provides products and services to prevent, detect, and respond to fraud and cyber-attacks, and ensure the safety of transactions.

But what’s really interesting about it right now… After more than four decades of solid growth, over the last couple of years, the company’s really hit its stride as a prime mover.

The company’s latest earnings report easily bested expectations, as…

  • Earnings rose to $1.14 per share vs. expectations of $1.12.
  • Revenue rose – year-over-year – almost 20% to $3.31 billion.
  • Profit margin for the year was 31.33%, with a 69.59% return on equity.

Of course, with numbers like that, shareholders couldn’t have been happier.

In the last year alone, they saw profits of 59.33%. While, over the last two years, those soared to 83.31%.

Looking ahead, though, the story’s even better.

Consensus estimates expect revenue to grow by 23.8% in the next quarter… by 36.4% in the quarter after that… and by a whopping 31% for the entire year! In fact, those same analysts believe the company will experience 20.34% annual revenue growth for the next five years.

Believe me, these metrics aren’t lost on Wall Street. At last count, there were no less than 2,056 institutions holding 78.44% of this company’s shares. That’s a feeding frenzy, in my book.

Plus, the top five institutions all hold at least $5 billion worth of stock:

The final reason to get in now? Simply put, the metrics are great.

The recent earnings strength, as well as earnings growth over the past several years, has vaulted this company into elite earnings growth status – outpacing 95% of all publicly traded companies.

Technically, the share price over the past 52 weeks has also been elite, with a gain of 57.5%. That performance places this company in the top 9% of all publicly traded companies during that time period.

As of this writing, the company rebounded after an early February pullback and regrouped to regain those highs. It’s also forming a bullish “cup-with-handle base” that could set the stage for far more upside in the months to come.

For these reasons alone – it’s easy to see why this Financial Forefather is the first of my 3 Prime Mover Companies to Get Into Right Now

Now let me tell you about the second company in it…

Prime Mover #2: Cash in Today on Electronic Currency

When I say “electronic currency,” I bet you think of bitcoin and all the other cryptocurrencies. 

Those are interesting for sure, but I wouldn’t trust a dime of my money to them today. It’s just too early.  

Nope, I’d rather stick with stocks like my top financial play — a leading financial technology play that helps consumers and businesses of all types execute monetary transactions.  

With the entire globe getting more comfortable with cashless payments, this company is undoubtedly well-positioned in a growth industry.  

Thanks to its early innovations and significant partnerships with almost all of the major online retailers, it’s no wonder this company is on a growth path that most financial firms can only dream of.  

How does it stack up to my favorite measurements of earnings per share growth and stock price advancement?  

Just fine… it’s in the top 4% of all public companies in both categories.  

No wonder the stock price nearly doubled last year. When you triple your earnings in the last 24 months and have a lot more growth as far as the eye can see, investors tend to flock to your stock.  

Despite many new financial technology firms trying to grab a piece of the action, this company is definitely ready to defend its high ground.  

A steady stream of new innovations are helping it stay ahead of the competition. The company has no debt — it’s generating almost $2 billion a year in free cash flow — so it’s got plenty of ammunition to ramp up marketing, research or acquisitions as needed.  

The full story on this stock can be found in the free report I mentioned earlier, 3 Prime Mover Companies to Get Into Right Now

Prime Mover #3: Big Profits Ahead for a Leisure Powerhouse

As much as I love digital economy plays, there are plenty of industry leaders in every sector of the economy.  

One of my favorites is a dominant force in a truly old-school sector: recreational vehicles. 

There’s simply no better time in the economic cycle to own travel and leisure stocks like this gem than right now.  

Consumers are feeling flush, thanks to a growing economy, rising incomes, and tax cut refunds. There’s no question they’re in the mood to buy the big-ticket goodies they’ve always wanted.  

Our pick for this sector is on fire. Its earnings growth over the past few years is in the top 2% of all publicly-traded companies — not just its sector, but ALL companies.  

As you might expect, its share price growth has followed its earnings. It’s in the top 5% among all publicly-traded companies and it grew 73% in 2017.  

This firm is not only a superstar under my two most important criteria, it’s strong across the board: the #1 brand in the industry, exciting new products, a terrific management team, 9 consecutive years of consistent sales growth, excellent fundamentals and cash flow, and much, much more.  

Most important of all, my analysis says the company isn’t yet fully valued, which means more profits to come for those who buy the stock now.   

For the complete story on this investment, along with the other companies I just mentioned, you’ll want to get your hands on 3 Prime Mover Companies to Get Into Right Now

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Most investment gurus are only good at one thing, for example, big picture trends, picking individual stocks, or avoiding risk to capture safe returns. 

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Successful Investing is the
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Jim Woods
Editor, Successful Investing

P.S. When a world-renown trade puts $522 million (or 1/3 of his entire portfolio) into one investment, you know he’s supremely confident in the company’s future. Even if the turnaround only produces half of the shares’ previous high, that’ll still mean a gain of 650% on the play. To get this company’s name and ticker symbol, click the button below and order now!