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Your Personal Invitation to Put the
Fabian Plan to Work for You By Joining

Successful Investing

For 46 years, the Fabian Plan’s simple, yet highly effective Safety Switch has helped “insure” investors against the market’s worst downturns…
A strategy that’s proven to have the power to earn you 7 times more money than traditional buy and hold!

The Crash of ‘87… the Dot-Com implosion… the Great Crash of ‘08…The Pandemic Plunge of 2020…

The Fabian Plan’s accurately called them all… and consistently directed readers out of the market into safety – sometimes, within mere days of a collapse.

Now, I’d like to invite you to put the power of the Fabian Plan and its Safety Switch to work for you!

The Safety Switch acts like a circuit breaker in your house…

The Fabian Plan can protect you when the market’s going down…and, just as important, it can position you perfectly for profits when the market’s rising higher.

When it flips from a “Buy” signal to a “Sell” signal, you know to get out of the market.

When the Switch flips back from “Sell” to “Buy”, you know it’s safe to get back in and start racking up the gains.

It really is like having insurance for your portfolio…

Insurance that could let you retire with 7 times more money than straight buy and hold investing.

That’s why I’m offering you the opportunity to join Successful Investing now.

Try Out Successful Investing Now, RISK-FREE
and You’ll Get All These Exclusive Benefits:

  • Successful Investing Monthly Issues: Each issue is delivered to your e-mail inbox. In it, you’ll find Jim’s latest market analysis, updates on recommended investments, and information designed to make you a more successful and profitable investor.
  • Successful Investing’s Three Model Portfolios: Whether you’re looking for Income, Growth or Aggressive Growth in the markets, there are plays for every investor’s needs. You’ll find Jim’s recommended portfolios for each of these three investment goals, and don’t forget his Prime Movers portfolio of individual stocks as well.
  • Successful Investing Weekly Dispatches: Delivered every Friday (or whenever needed), these dispatches will give you the Fabian Plan’s all important “Buy” and “Sell” signals, so you’ll know exactly when to get your money out to safety and when to jump back in for the biggest gains. You’ll also get Jim’s analysis, commentary, advice on current positions, plus new opportunities on the horizon.
  • 24/7 Website Access: You’ll have instant, password-protected access to all of Jim’s current advice, Special Reports, archives of back issues, recent articles and more.

All this is yours FREE when you join Successful Investing right now.

To help as many investors as we can, for a limited time only, I’m offering a steep 80% discount off the regular $249 price.

That means you can get every one of the basic rights and benefits entitled to you as a member of Successful Investing for as little as $49.95.

That’s just 13 cents a day. Less than a dollar a week.

Where else can you “insure” your portfolio… your retirement… and your future… for just 13 cents a day?

I defy you to find anything, anywhere, packed with as much solid, money-making potential… because you can’t.

PLUS, I Guarantee Your
Complete Satisfaction For a Full 30 Days

I want you to be completely satisfied with your membership in Successful Investing

Read everything the Fabian Plan has to offer. Explore the website… read your special reports… follow Jim’s weekly alerts and recommendations.

Do it all for 30 days – risk-free.

When that 30 days is up, I want you to be completely convinced that Successful Investing is the ideal vehicle for helping you meet your investment goals… protect your wealth… and safely grow it…

Or simply pick up the phone and let us know you’d like a refund – and we will send back every penny of your subscription costs – no questions asked.

And I want you to keep all the investment reports and recommendations you’ve received during your trial. My gift to you for giving this a try. You can’t get any more iron-clad than that.

For your future prosperity,
Roger Michalski
Roger Michalski
Publisher, Eagle Financial Publications

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