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Have you heard the phrase “Fail-Safe”?

In the 1960s, the Fail-Safe point made sure America would never lose a war against Soviet Russia. How?

Soviet bombers were in the air, every day, often coming close to our airspace.

But a short distance inside our airspace, we had something called the Fail-Safe point. And the Russians knew it.

They could play chicken on the fringes of our airspace… but if one of their bombers violated the Fail-Safe point…

We would consider it an attack — and an act of war…

Triggering every defense we had to save America.

We would throw everything we had at them; silos and submarines would launch their missiles, scorching the sky.

We’d scramble our B-52s and make a beeline to nuke strategic Soviet cities.

Within the hour, Soviet Russia would be a smoldering crater of nuclear waste.

The Fail-Safe point was the best deterrent America had.

But did you know…

In 1977, the world’s top stock market strategist created a similar Fail-Safe system to save your nest egg should the unthinkable happen.

Think of the Dow as Soviet Russia.

Once the Dow passed its Fail-Safe… there was no turning back. The market was going to crash.

So he’d engage every safety protocol he had. Sell everything. Get out of the market NOW.

No questions. No turning back. Go to cash immediately.

And as you’re about to see…

Fail-Safe Has Kept Investors SECURE
For Over 43 Years

Look at the chart below.

It shows how the Fail-Safe has both shielded and grown investors’ portfolios for over four decades:

But HOW is your money protected – and grown – during market disasters?

The Corona Scare triggered a Fail-Safe Emergency Alert on February 27: “Sell and go to cash.”

Our members saved hundreds of thousands of dollars so far… and this crash is just beginning.

But how does the Fail-Safe work?

Look at the red circle below…

That’s called the Fail-Safe point.

And just like during our country’s cold-war Fail-Safe point for the Soviets, it marks the “no-turning back” point for the market. It’s going to crash.

In the above chart, it appeared on January 4, 2008. It flashed one message:

“Get out of the market NOW!”

Those who did ESCAPED the 2008 meltdown, without getting creamed.

Now, we had a couple of stragglers. They averaged losses of less than 2%…

But investors who didn’t have the Fail-Safe point could only watch helplessly as the market bombed – losing more than half its value.

Now here’s the major difference between our Fail-Safe and the Cold War’s invisible line…

Our Fail-Safe also tells us when all is clear… when it’s time to get back in.

For example, shortly after the 2009 market bottom, the Fail-Safe signaled green. That meant “all is well” for investors to make money again…

From there, the Dow rocketed 26% in less than a year.

Imagine keeping your life’s savings rock-solid secure during the worst financial terror of our lifetime… AND the market tacks-on up to 26% extra when it’s done.

That’s the power and security of the Fail-Safe system… protecting and growing investments for 43 years.

Since 1977 – for 43 years – this is the only known stock investing system that has kept your money…

Safe During ALL Market Conditions
Here’s Proof:

That’s quite a claim. Let’s see how it holds up.

Remember the pain of 1981…

The economy was in shambles.

People were losing their jobs. Families were losing their homes.

Interest rates, unemployment, and inflation were EACH up double-digits.

And stocks were down double-digits: 23% from July to October.

But not our investors, because the Fail-Safe flashed its signal a full two months before the drop began:

And when our Fail-Safe flashed “time to get back in (all clear)…”

The markets took off again like a rocket: up 44% in 16 months.

So, you make money when the market booms…

And you’re protected when the market busts.

Like during another disaster: Black Monday, 1987 — the biggest single-day Dow drop in history.

The Fail-Safe system got us out of the market the Wednesday before the Dow crashed.

And sure enough – next Monday, the Dow shook the world with a record 22.6% collapse – in a single day.

At that time, the Wall Street Journal said we were one of just five publications across all America to predict the crash.

We didn’t predict anything. The Fail-Safe did.

And get this: while brokers had to be talked down from the ledge in 1987… our members made 23% gains that year.

But more recently, there was the Christmas Eve Crash of 2018.

Most investors got a sleigh-ride through hell, as the markets dumped double-digits.

But our investors bailed-out before the big drop.

Here is the actual screenshot from our member’s website that very day – with market data from December 6, 2018 – where I urged members to SELL EVERYTHING:

And when it was time to start making money again, the Fail-Safe flashed green on June 7, 2019…

We closed out these gains within the following six months:

And there are many more of these wins…  

Even while the Dow struggled, not gaining even nine points in the same time-period.

Let me show you a quick visual on this:

Clearly, the Fail-Safe is outperforming the market.

Which makes one thing clear:

You Can Now Beat the Market Too…
No Matter What

My name is Jim Woods. For the past 16 years I’ve helped investors just like you on the pages of MarketWatch, StreetAuthority, Main Street Investor, InvestorPlace, Human Events, and many others.

I’ve also been a high-end money manager and stock broker.

The independent rating firm,, ranks me in the top 5 financial bloggers in the world, and that’s out of 6,000 traders.

Plus, TipRanks calculates that, over the past five years, I’ve made nearly 500 total recommendations, with a double-digit average return for EACH recommendation.

I’ve co-authored two international best-sellers: The Wealth Shield: How to Invest and Protect Your Money from Another Stock Market Crash, and Billion Dollar Green: Profit from the Eco Revolution.

And I run the 5-Star rated podcast, The Way of the Renaissance Man, hosting guests like Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform.

Now, if you’ve seen me in action, you know it’s my passion to beat the market’s plunges, while raking in the lion’s share of the rallies for my investors.

But what kind of man am I? One you can trust with your money? I’ll let you decide.

As an experienced Paratrooper and Special Operations veteran who boot-strapped his way through college…

And a successful professional investor for nearly two decades…

It may surprise you that the most valuable lessons I’ve learned are secrets that only a father shares with his son.

My father taught me how to focus, work honestly and hard, and to have discipline.

These three values saw me through my Special Operations service and my decades in the financial services business.

Also, these values of focus, hard honest work, and discipline lie at the heart of one of the most successful systems on Wall Street: The Fail-Safe strategy.

I know this because, for 14 years, I worked side-by-side with the man whose family developed it in 1977.

So, a couple of years ago when he retired, he entrusted the Fail-Safe system entirely to me. It was like a sacred honor.

Since then, the system has worked for our readers like gangbusters!

Earning bigger returns than many hedge-fund managers…

Investor’s Business Daily once called it, “One of the best market timers in the business.”

Therefore, I defy anyone to show me a safer system… that pays you cash when the market’s up… and protects you like an iron-clad fortress when the market’s down.

In fact, I’d like to share my system with you: what we invest in, how we make the gains we do, and something private.

I’m About to Reveal to You Something
I Usually Don’t Let Out

Right this very minute…

My members and I have three portfolios each guided by my Fail-Safe system.

Before the Corona Crash, there were six investments open that gained double-digits. I have three others that are so powerful, I expect them to blast past the first group quickly. That’s the thing with open stocks — they can change rapidly.

And it’s why I closed them abruptly, when the Fail-Safe triggered on February 27 of this year.

I let our profits run. And I was happy to let them explode to bigger and bigger gains, until the Fail-Safe told me it’s time to bank our wins.

After all, given the Fail-Safe’s 43-year history through rain or shine…

I’ve proven my system preserves our wealth when the markets drop… while gobbling fat gains when the market inevitably shoots back up.

That’s why the Fail-Safe system can give you a true dream retirement. The Fail-Safe has “…made me a millionaire,” trumpeted a retiree in The Chicago Tribune.

And all it takes is less than a minute a week, according to MarketWatch.

So, the Fail-Safe is as easy as it is profitable. Nothing complicated.

Just reliable retirement-building wealth. In fact, I’d be willing to wager not knowing about the Fail-Safe is…

Why You’ve Lost Money in the Past

Most investors don’t know when a crash in coming.

Maybe this is you. Maybe it isn’t.

But here’s the problem: At first, the market dives. So, you hold on tight with white knuckles. But as it continues to sink, you worry, “Is this the big one? Another meltdown?”

At some point, you can’t take the pain anymore… and cash-out. But you just locked in your losses.

Even worse, after the crash hits its bottom, you may have lost confidence in your strategy or your advisor.

So, as the market starts its inevitable rebound… you may be too afraid to jump back in.

But, as the rebound builds into a rally, it starts looking more and more like a sure thing… so you start investing again.

By then… many of the big gains have already been made. A lot of the rebound has passed you by.

That’s what happened in the 2008 crash. After it bottomed-out, and turned around…

The market MORE THAN DOUBLED before Mom and Pop investors were anticipated to go back in, declared by the Wall Street Journal.

Getting in after the market’s already doubled?

That’s leaving way too much money on the table.

But if this sounds anything like you… all it means is that you’re human.

The REAL problem is that you didn’t have a simple, proven system like the Fail-Safe point before the market tumbled…

And then gave you the “all-clear” signal when it was safe to start making money again.

But after today, you should never, ever suffer through a crash again. Or miss a rally. You’ve got the Fail-Safe system’s 43-year track record of protection and gains behind you.

And as you’ve seen, it works — it saves you from catastrophes.

And it gets you back in at the right time to restart your wealth-building.

So you can finally relax. Your retirement worries are a thing of the past. Now it’s time to concentrate on making your golden years the best of your life.

How the Fail-Safe Keeps Us
Safe and Profitable

It’s pretty simple.

I follow the money… as it flows into different stock sectors.

Which is easier than it sounds…

Because money usually flows the heaviest into only three or four sectors at a time. And all sector gains are regularly updated and published all over the internet.

Here’s an example:

Following the money right now, I see four sectors are getting double-digit gains. Add them up together, and they account for over half the gains in the market today.

So, “Sector Following” is the first step I take to preserve and build your retirement. And here’s why:

Let’s say you find out there’s a high-profit investment bank. All its fundamentals look good. Its stock price should shoot up like a rocket.

But one glance at the above stock sectors chart, and you’ll find the Financials have only gained 2.50% this year. That’s like throwing a wet blanket on your gains. Other sectors offer three times more.

Therefore, stay away from stocks in low-performing sectors.

On the other hand, this year, Technology stocks are king. Even mediocre tech stocks are getting a boost from the rest of the sector.

But here’s the real problem…

As you drill-down into the sector and look at each company…

How can you separate the cream-of-the-crop from the not-so-hot stocks?

You don’t want to get fooled by a mediocre stock that’s doing well, just because its sector is screaming… Or because it’s the medias flavor of the month.

So let me answer the question:

What Should You Do?

Once again, follow the money.

And it may surprise you…

But the money isn’t flowing into stocks.

The stock market has been bleeding cash since 1997. And even though the Dow hit record highs last year… the stock market suffered outflows of over a trillion dollars in 2019 alone.

Less than 4,000 domestic stocks are listed today — and that list is shrinking each year.

Plus, stock buybacks have ballooned. That means companies are spending record amounts of money to “buy back” shares of their own stock.

Now, buybacks help the company.

But buybacks yank billions of shares out of circulation. Last year alone, buybacks approached nearly a trillion dollars, Goldman Sachs reports.

That means investors have lost a trillion dollars’ worth of stocks for sale on the market.

And what’s even more alarming is…

More companies are being delisted each year. That means they’ve taken their stocks off the market, and they are no longer for sale.

Even worse, more stocks are delisted each year than new IPOs coming in. And that has been happening for the last 23 years.

What does all this mean?

The stock market is getting smaller every day. Money is not flowing into stocks as they once were.

Stocks are losing their appeal… unless you’re a huge Wall Street broker or investment banker.

Besides, investing in single stocks is risky. It’s a young man’s sport. One who has enough time ahead of them to take big chances on one company draining their portfolio.

But for those of us with an eye towards retirement… we don’t want excess risk.

So, where do we invest?

If We Follow the Money,
It’s Flowing into Funds

But hold on a second.

I’m not talking dull, old, mutual funds.

I’m talking about their dynamic, more profitable twin… called Exchange Traded Funds, or ETFs.

What’s an ETF? Like I said, it’s a near twin to a mutual fund… except the “twin” makes money like it’s on steroids. (We booked recent ETF gains of 80%, 78%, and 27%).

ETFs are over-powering mutual funds. In 2019 alone, more than a hundred billion dollars flowed into ETFs, while nearly two-hundred billion dollars pulled out of mutual funds.

Maybe it’s because ETFs are as easy to trade as a stock, using nearly any brokerage account… and at any time of the day.

But you can’t sell a mutual fund until the end of the day. And some mutual funds demand you to first call customer service, fill out a slew of forms… followed by waiting for the transaction to go through.

You don’t have time for these shenanigans during a Fail-Safe condition when it’s every man, woman, and investor for themselves.

And you have to act fast to save your financial lives.

Not only that, ETF fees are a fraction of what mutual funds make you pay. Think of it as paying 25% less for gasoline for your car… and getting a superior grade, to boot! Those costs stack up over a decade or two…

Plus, you get preferential tax treatment in many ETFs that mutual funds can’t give you… letting YOU keep a lot more of your money, instead of “giving” it to the government.

And there are tons of great ETFs you can load-up on for $5 a share or less – compared to some mutual funds which demand $50,000 upfront.  

In fact, Warren Buffett’s most recommended advice for investors is to buy index ETFs.

But there’s more.

As I pointed out in my podcast, The Way of the Renaissance Man, there are some surprising additional benefits to owning ETFs.

For example, you want liquidity when you invest.

And here’s another fact: there are more ETFs listed on the exchanges today than stocks.

This is nothing short of a revolution in making money for Main Street investors. In fact, a recent headline in the Wall Street Journal trumpeted:

“How ETFs Swallowed the
Stock Market”

This Wall Street Journal article shows many reasons why stocks are quickly falling out of favor.

For starters, buying a stock only lets you buy one company.

But with an ETF, you can buy an entire basket of stocks. Or a country, sector, currency… the list is endless.

Example: Why take a chance on a single foreign stock when you can buy the ETF covering the whole country? Russia was up 54.58% in 2019.

Or instead of buying one risky tech startup company… you can buy the entire booming tech sector with one ETF.

The Wall Street Journal is right:

“ETFs are eating the stock market, and investors should be delighted.”

As further proof, ETF trading was more than one-third of ALL U.S. equity trading in December 2019, proclaims BlackRock.

Really? ETFs were over one-third of the entire market last December?

Let me tell you one reason: Over 5,000 ETFs are listed, with more being added each year. 

Earlier we said there were less than 4,000 stocks listed on the major exchanges… and that list keeps shrinking steadily. But the number of ETFs keeps on growing steadily…

Remember when we said there was nearly a trillion dollars in outflows from stocks last year? With that big a loss, and the corporate buybacks continuing…

You can count on stocks continuing to wither. 

Bottom Line: The Investment Landscape is
Changing FAST

We are watching investing history in the making, right before our very eyes.

Wall Street’s biggest investors know this.

But it’s only now that Main Street investors are waking up to this fact.

Many are being left behind.

The Wall Street Journal agrees, saying, “ETFs represent the logical next step. Instead of trading stocks…”

So, the time to find the perfect ETFs for you is NOW. Generally, ETFS are…

  1. Safer than stocks
  2. More flexible than stocks, covering more things to invest in
  3. Growing in number, while the stocks are falling off a cliff

And the easiest way to find and profit from the top ETFs is with the #1 safety-system for the last 43 years: The Fail-Safe system.

But there’s something I haven’t told you yet…

So far, you’ve only seen the Fail-Safe applied to the Dow.

So, just imagine the power you’ll have when I ALSO apply the Fail-Safe point to each of your ETFs.

In other words, my members don’t have to wait for the market to slip to exit an ETF. Because we already have one Fail-Safe for the market… and another Fail-Safe for each stock.

In each investment you make… you’re doubly protected.

But as nice as the world’s top protection is…

You want to grow your wealth, too. And the Fail-Safe strategy lets you do that fearlessly and quickly. How?

I want to give you my favorite rapid wealth-building guide. Due to the nature of this report, its value is much higher than other reports we have: $197.

But you get it for FREE. You get my top report for rapidly building a retirement account. No matter what has happened in the past, this can make things right for you again.

It shows you how to…

Triple Your Retirement Savings in Five Years

This is the ultimate catch-up plan if you worry you’ll outlive your money.

I’ve got three turbocharged ETFs that combine into a powerful cash machine. Just pull back the throttle on them and watch your life’s savings build-up so fast you’ll need an oil tanker to hold the incoming cash.

To triple your money in five years, I want you to get these three ETFs working for you in your portfolio:

  1. Make a high-tech fortune with the “Undercover Tech ETF.” It’s Wall Street’s biggest secret, quadrupling in the last five years. (It’s even immune to who’s President, or who controls Congress.)
  2. Grab stable, outsized returns that could triple your investments over the next five years. If that’s your goal, this defense ETF is an essential tool, with the track record to match.
  3. Help save lives – while you triple your retirement money! This healthcare sector ETF is specialized in an area where triple-digit returns of its assets are no surprise.

By the way… this guide helps you President-Proof your portfolio.

This guide has tripled nest eggs under two very opposite Presidents: Trump and Obama.

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Yet I want you to have more. I have another premium guide, worth $97, which you’ll also get for FREE.

This guide does one thing, and it does it well: It helps you set up a lifelong portfolio that never runs out of cash:

How to Grow Wealthy with ETFs

I want you to experience the raw earning power of ETFs…

And their ability to deliver cash for the rest of your retirement.

And why, using the Fail-Safe system, ETFs blow away mutual funds, stocks, and bonds.

Particularly, I want you to harness their power for life-long wealth… with more than enough left for an enduring legacy.

Some investors call it the 2-hour MBA… because it’s all you need to build a lifetime portfolio. You get:

  1. Five little-known strategies to slash risk, while exploding your profits
  2. How to squeeze more profits from your ETF with three little-known strategies… straight from the backrooms of high-stakes professional traders. These three alone are worth 3X the price I usually charge for this guide
  3. Why it takes mere minutes each week to monitor your growing nest-egg
  4. Your guide to easy ETF profits: ETF Fund Families. Straight-to-the-point info that’ll tell you who’s walking the walk, or just talking the talk

Look, if you’re serious about wanting to live on Easy Street, where financial worries no longer exist… this is your ticket. And it’s the perfect companion for the other guide.

Although it’s valued at $97, you won’t pay a cent.

But, to experience the Fail-Safe system in action, I suggest you take…

A Sneak Peek Inside
My Three Private Portfolios

No strings attached…

For the next 30 days…

I want to share you my portfolios and investments. You get to preview everything, including my investments and forecasts.

And like I said, no strings attached.

Why? Because I want to prove a point:

No matter what your style of investing is…

The Fail-Safe system works to your advantage. How can I say that?

Because I’ve assembled three portfolios, each of which are the envy of many professional investors…

And they have both protected and grown investor’s wealth for 43 years.

I can barely wait to show them to you:

Income Portfolio: You get a rare combination: Yields as high as 4% – 5.35%… on ETFs that are ALSO aimed for double-digit growth.  

Growth Portfolio: If you’re looking to grow your wealth, you’re in the right place. My goal is to give you as many double-digit gains as possible, compounding them into triple-digit portfolio gains.

Aggressive Growth: This isn’t for everyone. If you’ve got a taste for aggressive earnings with its big scores… this is the one you’ll want to look at first.  

And No Guesswork! It’s All Laid Out For You

You no longer have to guess how much money should be in each investment.

Every week I research how to optimize, diversify, and balance your portfolio. What does that mean?

That means I recommend how much of your portfolio you should put into each ETF… or keep in cash reserves.

This is based on the current status of the Fail-Safe point in several indexes, our economy, and world economies. As I research these and dozens of indicators, a clear pattern emerges as to where the money is flowing.

So it removes the guesswork and uncertainty from your investing. In fact, good allocation takes a plain-vanilla portfolio, and turns it into an adrenaline-fueled money maker.

Yet many other advisors simply give you a list of investments and say, “go for it.”

But when there’s money on the line… You deserve the most professional and scientific advice you can get. That’s why I research the optimal amounts each week.

Let me show you how a well-allocated, balanced and diversified portfolio looks. Below, you’ll see a portfolio I recently recommended for investors who want high-income… AND superior growth:

Notice these recommendations tell you the optimal percentage of how much to put into each ETF.  

There is no more investing doubt or fear.

No more guesswork.

I do all the heavy lifting for you… researching the best funds for your investing style, and how to diversify and optimize your earnings with my allocation strategy.

Then I match these funds up with either the Income, Growth, or Aggressive Growth portfolios… and assign buy and sell price targets.

All three portfolios combined are published monthly – but updated weekly – in my flagship newsletter: Successful Investing.

Successful Investing is the ONLY place in the world you get the dual benefits of:

  1. The rock-solid safety of the Fail-Safe system.
  2. The exciting track record of 43 years of winning trades.

And for the next month, you get a no-strings-attached, all-access preview.

That’s right… 30 days on my dime.

But since you’re going to take a look inside my portfolios, let me show you how to get to them quickly and easily with:

The Successful Investing
Getting Started Guide

How would you like to start making money tomorrow?

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When you get access to something as powerful as the Fail-Safe system, you want to get there fast, with no hassles.

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Our more expensive publications go for $1,995. When my publisher has a sale, he sometimes drops the price to $995.

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Let me explain:

By this point, you know the Fail-Safe system works. No publication lasts 43 years unless it’s among the best in the business.

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Remember the sluggish economic growth under the last President… and the mass of government regulations his administration heaped onto the economy, slowing it to less than 2% growth?

What about all the homes that people lost…

What about all the jobs and savings accounts people lost…

While the government was pushing “Cash for Clunkers” and Obama-Phones… struggling Americans experienced record food-stamp handouts.

So, if we get multi-trillion-dollar new spending, like “Medicare for All,” or the “New Green Deal,” it’ll crash the economy. You’ll see a meltdown that’ll make 2008 look like a mere chuckhole.

In fact, I’d actually give away subscriptions to Successful Investing and its Fail-Safe system if I could. That’s how important these tools will be for you.

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Bonus Guide #2: First Mover’s Guide to Low-Risk, High-Gain Infrastructure Investing

If you’re looking for cashing-in on the still rapidly growing U.S. economy…

There are several other countries growing even faster by riding on our coattails. And what is the biggest need of a growing, developing country?

Infrastructure. Roads. Highways. Bridges. Buildings. Dams. Power Plants.

And I’ve got three ETFs that benefit BIG from this surging growth:

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