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Here’s your personal invitation to join a select group of investors who’ve been making money for more than 40 years following Successful Investing.

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Best of all, this is your personal invitation to follow the recommendations of one of the most accurate, best-performing traders in the market today: Jim Woods, Editor of Successful Investing.

Jim was recently chosen by TipRanks.com as the #5 ranked trader in the world – from a field of more than 6,000 analysts who were tracked over five years.

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You’ll also get Successful Investing’s 42-year track-record of excellence, which began in 1977 when Dick Fabian first introduced his monthly publication.

In the 1980s, Dick passed the Plan to his son, Doug.

For 35 years, Doug Fabian carried on the legacy of the Fabian Plan, helping his followers make money and protect from losses.

Doug then passed the legacy of the Fabian Plan onto his most trusted protégé, Jim Woods.

For the last 14 years, Jim’s been working behind-the-scenes as Doug’s right-hand man – a trusted editor, researcher, confidant and go-to troubleshooter.

In addition to his aforementioned stock-picking prowess, Jim’s a former U.S. army special operations soldier. He has more than 20-years’ experience in the markets, working as a stockbroker, financial journalist and money manager.

His varied experience gives him unique insights into the complex world of investing. And his elite military training has given him the discipline and work-ethic required to consistently make money in the markets.

Now you’re invited to experience everything Jim and Successful Investing have to offer – for mere pennies a day.

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You’ll begin your Successful Investing membership with these three special investment reports:

Make Up to 650% on the Turnaround Surprise of the Year – Here you’ll find the name and ticker symbol of the single tech turnaround play that one of the world’s most famous investors invested $522 million in. That’s 1/3 of his total portfolio – displaying unflinching confidence in this company’s ability to regain its former glory. In fact, if it only gets back to half of its former glory, you still stand to make 6.5x your money.

3 Prime Mover Companies to Get Into Right Now – Here you’ll find 3 of the market’s strongest, best-performing companies. I call them prime movers, as they’re the businesses propelling the market – and individual sectors – higher. Each recommendation you’ll find in this report is one of Jim’s best-in-breed companies, an industry icon, and an acknowledged leader in its space. More importantly, each is ready to profit for years to come.

Successful Investing Getting Started Guide – This is every new member’s indispensable resource. Here you’ll find the first six steps that every new member should take to make sure you get the most out of your subscription… and to hit the ground running with your new advisory service.

You’ll also get every standard benefit of membership, including:

  • Successful Investing Monthly Issues — Each issue will be delivered to your e-mail inbox. In it, you’ll find Jim’s latest market analysis, updates on recommended investments, and information designed to make you a more successful and profitable investor.
  • Successful Investing’s Three Model Portfolios — Whether you’re looking for Income, Growth or Aggressive Growth in the markets, there are plays for every investor’s needs, and you’ll find his recommended portfolios for each of these three investment goals.
  • Successful Investing Weekly Dispatches — Delivered every Friday (or whenever needed), these dispatches will give you the Fabian Plan’s all important “Buy” and “Sell” signals, so you’ll know exactly when to get your money out to safety and when to jump back in for the biggest gains. You’ll also get Jim’s analysis, commentary, advice on current positions, plus new opportunities on the horizon.
  • 24/7 Website Access — You’ll have instant, password-protected access to all of Jim’s current advice, special reports, archives of back issues, recent articles, and more.

That’s just a taste of the benefits awaiting you when you become a member of Successful Investing

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BONUS investment reports:

How to Grow Wealthy with ETFs – Consider this your exchange traded fund primer. Here, you’ll find everything you need to understand and make money from ETFs, including: Your ETF Action Plan: 4 steps to take today to begin making money with ETFs; 5 Keys to ETF Investing: what to focus on when playing these funds; 5 ETF Investor Mistakes and our ETF Fund Families Guide, offering a concise summary of the 30-plus, major ETF families.

Retirement Fund Maximizer – Here you’ll find the industry’s only one-stop shopping when it comes to comparing retirement funds. With everything you need at your fingertips, you’ll be able to see quickly which investments now offer you the best way to boost retirement income.

Top 11 Dividend ETFs to Buy Right Now – When interest rates rise, it becomes more important than ever to select the right income investments. Here, you’ll find income plays paying up to 5x what most traditional sources pay. These are the income plays to hold when consistent dividend payment is critical to your financial health.

All three of these bonus reports are valued at $49 each… yet they’re yours FREE when you choose to join Successful Investing for an additional year.

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Read everything the Fabian Plan has to offer, explore the website, read your special reports, follow Jim’s weekly alerts and recommendations.

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When those 30 days are up, I want you to be completely convinced that Successful Investing is the ideal vehicle for helping you meet your investment goals… protect your wealth… and safely grow it…

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And I want you to keep all the investment reports and recommendations you’ve received during your trial. My gift to you for giving this a try. You can’t get any more iron-clad than that.

For your future prosperity,

Roger Michalski
Publisher, Eagle Financial Publications

Best Value!
6 Special Reports:
  1. Make Up to 650% on the Turnaround Surprise of 2018
  2. 3 Prime Mover Companies to Get Into Right Now
  3. Successful Investing Quick Start Guide
  4. How to Grow Wealthy with ETFs
  5. Retirement Fund Maximizer
  6. The Top 11 Dividend ETFs to Buy Right Now
Good value
3 Special Reports:
  1. Make Up to 650% on the Turnaround Surprise of 2018
  2. 3 Prime Mover Companies to Get Into Right Now
  3. Successful Investing Quick Start Guide