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Jim Woods

What I learned during my rare five hour personal encounter with Joe Biden was a major shock.

Before Biden was elected president, I issued a stern warning to Americans…

That his policies would be bad for the country.

We all know how that turned out.

Biden canceled the Keystone Pipeline and drilling permits on U.S. soil – triggering high energy prices.

His monetary policies created 40-year high inflation…and a stock market decline that has wiped out $3 trillion from retirement accounts.

But that’s just the beginning of things to come.

In the next nine months, a new financial crisis – triggered by Joe Biden’s bad policies – will hit.

That’s why today I am issuing:

The Next Biden Shock:
Nine Months to Go Broke

A major monetary policy will shake the financial foundations of America.

It’s so dangerous, large banks like J.P. Morgan are warning that Americans could go broke in the next nine months.

I’ve pieced together why this event is happening and the steps you can take right now to make sure that you and your money are in the right place when this crisis hits.

Let’s get started.

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  Emergency Report #1:  

The Biden Shock: The #1 Stock to Insulate Your Money

Since Biden killed America’s energy independence, energy companies can’t produce enough oil to meet growing demands. And they’re making some investors rich.

This energy company you should own is one of the best-run companies in the world.

In 2021, it produced 8.5 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day. The company had 18.5 billion barrels of oil in reserves and owns the world’s largest oil refinery business.

As Europe moves away from Russian gas, this company is stepping in to fill the void. The company is up 88% even while the broad market tanked more than 22%. It pays a solid 3.59% dividend. Plus, it increased dividend payouts every year for four decades. Chances are this dividend yield could surge to 4% in the near term.

You’ll get the name and ticker symbol of this stock in your first free report.

  Emergency Report #2:  

The Biden Shock: The #1 Inflation Hedge Stock to Own

This next stock is an asset that thrives during tough economic times.

Its low-priced stores are where a cash-strapped world increasingly chooses to shop.

The U.S. home market accounted for 82% of its sales in 2022. But it’s making headway in Canada – its largest external market – with 4% sales growth. Plus this company is expanding in Mexico and Central America as well, accounting for 6% of its total sales.

Even through the highest inflation levels in 40 years, this company saw Q2 earnings of $152.86 billion… a solid $2 billion more than expected.

The great thing is this company has increased dividend payouts for 49 years straight. Right now, it pays you an annual dividend of $2.24 per share. This company is so solid, the stock is up 47% over the past three years despite the broad market sell-off.

But I believe it will continue to soar in the months ahead. Full “buy” details are in your second free report.

  Emergency Report #3:  

The Biden Shock: The #1 Strong Moat Stock to Own</span

A company with a “solid moat” is one that has protection from peers and competitors.

This third company has over a dozen ways to make money. When the economy is bad, its products are still used on a global scale. It has a total of 860 million paid subscription accounts. That’s more subscribers than Netflix or Amazon Prime. And yes, that customer loyalty translates into cold, hard cash.

Despite record inflation, Q3 revenue was $83 billion, up 2% year-over-year. That’s great because earnings are critical to sustaining dividend payouts.

In the past decade, the company increased its dividend from $0.10 to $0.85.

You could have watched your payouts increase 8X while earnings per share rose from $1.58 to $5.61.

Plus, the stock has risen 362% in the past three years despite the market downturn.

But there’s still time to catch more upside. Historical data shows this stock could return 30% to 40% over the next nine to 12 months alone.

Again, “buy” details are in your third free report.

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But listen… you can’t wait on this.

Inflation is still at record highs.

Many Americans have wiped out their savings just to buy food… put gas in their cars… and pay their rent.

Individual retirement accounts have lost up to $200,000.

And I am afraid things could get worse.

As the Federal Reserve pulls money out of the U.S. financial system, it will send shocks throughout the entire market…

…and Americans could run out of cash in the next nine months.

I know you’re fed up with what’s happening in America.

But if you do nothing, it could cost you dearly.

What will happen to your retirement savings?

What will happen to you, your family and what’s left of your livelihood?

Will you be caught unprepared for the next crisis and get left behind like most Americans?

I urge you to prepare for the next Biden shock.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to welcoming you to Successful Investing.


Jim Woods
Chief Investment Analyst, Successful Investing

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