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I say “congratulations” because Jim Woods is one of the rising stars of the investment advisory world – and his performance shows why! 

The independent firm TipRanks currently ranks Jim the No. 4 financial blogger in the world out of more than 6,000 reviewed – with 73% of Jim’s picks being winners!

Plus, Jim has worked with many of the most successful analysts and stock pickers in the world, including Dr. Mark Skousen and William O’Neil of Investor’s Business Daily.

What investors really love about Jim’s detailed recommendations is that they often do well even when the market as a whole is flat or declining. 

For example, in the first half of 2018, the S&P 500 was up 4.77% — not too bad.

Yet, during that same period, Jim’s recommendations were beating that by as much as 10 to 1. 

  • A tech stock Jim recommended was up 29% for the year – 6 times better than the market as a whole.
  • One ETF he recommended was up 32.9% for the year – nearly 7 times better than the S&P 500.
  • And a software play in Jim’s Tactical Trends Portfolio soared 45.4% in that time – beating the S&P 500 by nearly 10 to 1!

To name just a few!

Discover How You Can Grow Your
Wealth in Good Times and in Bad!

Jim’s approach is particularly good for nervous investors worried that a market crash could be imminent.

That’s because Jim takes advantage of the very best strategies of traditional investing…

Picking “sleep well at night” stocks and income investments with decades-long history of rising dividend payments…

And combines them with precise monitoring of little-known warning signals that predict market downturns with amazing accuracy.

When you agree to a risk-free test-drive of Intelligence Report, you’ll quickly discover what these amazingly accurate warning signals are – and how they can help increase your wealth with them, even in these uncertain times!

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It’s normally valued at $79.

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This report includes detailed information on all 10 of the very best indicators Jim uses to spot danger in the markets.

And it also details the specific investments, strategies and techniques Jim recommends for growing wealthier in good times and bad, including…

  • A specialized precious metals investment that will provide you with iron-clad protection when global trade conflicts accelerate the return of high inflation and rising interest rates…
  • An easy-to-make foreign currency play that lets you diversify your wealth outside the U.S. dollar, without having to trade foreign currencies, travel overseas or even hold paper currencies…
  • A fantastic investment that will let you earn eye-popping profits with emerging markets overseas…
  • An income investment that lets you grab huge dividends, potentially handing you double-digit, even triple-digit, profits over the coming months and years…
  • And more.

As value-packed as the one-year offer may be…

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BONUS GIFT #1: The Top 12 Stocks to Buy Now — $79 Value, Yours FREE! 

Back in October 2017, the World Bank predicted that commodities would experience growth almost across the board in the new year.

So far, those predictions have been proven correct.

Thanks to massive demand, commodities-based stocks are already exploding higher… and they’re just getting started!

In this bonus report, you’ll discover…

  • An ETF that tracks an index of 14 commodities (including things such as metals, grains, oil, soybeans and sugar) that is widely followed as a benchmark index of the commodities space….
  • An easy way to invest in 100 of the largest non-financial stocks listed on the Nasdaq that soared 32.6% in 2017…
  • The best way to play the surging financial sector after the Trump tax cuts…
  • And much MORE!

BONUS GIFT #2: Top 8 Investments for Safe Profits — $79 Value, Yours FREE!  

Together, the stocks in this special bonus dossier form an all-weather portfolio that will let you take advantage of the market’s bullish trends…

While also offering protection when an inevitable correction comes – and come it will.

You’ll discover some of Jim’s favorite plays for income in a low-rate environment, stocks positioned to profit for the long-term (no matter where the overall market goes), and precious metals (the ultimate defense against a market meltdown). 

You’ll learn about…

  • One of Jim’s favorite “all weather” stocks that has posted an average of 7% a year for the past decade, while also paying a respectable current dividend of 4.3%.
  • The best “consumer staples” play for uncertain times, a $200 billion behemoth that has been in business for 140 years and pays a 3.35% dividend.
  • Jim’s favorite way to play the recent spike in oil prices, an MLP that has posted a 9% gain per year for the past decade.
  • And lots MORE.

BONUS GIFT #3: Cannabis Cash: 3 Canadian Pot Stocks You Must Have NOW — $79 Value, Yours FREE!

This valuable bonus report contains information on the three Canadian cannabis plays that I’ve identified as your best shot for runaway gains in the marijuana sector.

Of course, you can buy all three of Jim’s recommended Canadian cannabis plays on U.S. exchanges.

In this report, you’ll discover…

  • Why the right pot stocks can protect your core wealth …
  • The medical marijuana stock that has averaged 219.6% for each of the past three years …
  • A new cannabis stock on U.S. exchanges that posted a one-year gain of 427.4%…
  • The company that is bringing medical marijuana to pharmacies across Canada, which has seen its shares double investors’ money in just a year.
  • And much, MUCH more.

BONUS GIFT #4: How to Own Gold & Silver — $79 Value, Yours FREE! 

Don’t buy a penny’s worth of gold until you read this report.

Jim will show you precisely how you should own gold and silver today.

You’ll discover…

  • Why Jim believes the demand for silver is only going to increase in the coming months and years…
  • Why central bankers and government bureaucrats HATE gold, and why you should own some…
  • A simple and easy way to add gold and silver to your portfolio…
  • And MORE.

Again, each of these four special reports could fetch $79 or more on the street, but you’re getting them all for free, just for giving Intelligence Report a 30-day test-drive.

And that’s just the beginning. You’ll also get…

Intelligence Report’s Full Range of
Members-Only Benefits

With Intelligence Report, you get a comprehensive investing service. Every week, Jim will send you an email “hotline” that updates you on the most important developments in the markets — along with any changes to his Intelligence Report recommendations.

You’ll also get Jim’s recommendations for his other Intelligence Report portfolios, like…

  • Income Multipliers: Your subscription to Intelligence Report includes Jim’s recommended income investments divided by market sector – such as Energy, Financial, Healthcare and so on. These are not fly-by-night “high yield” investments, but solid, blue chip companies, MLPs and REITs that pay out dividends with yields as high as 7-8%.
  • Top 10 Common Stocks to Own Now: With Intelligence Report, Jim tells you about the top 10 stocks he believes every investor should own. These are the blue chip stocks for “new money” — Jim’s best recommendations for what you should invest in right now.
  • Tactical Trends Portfolio: In addition to Jim’s Top 10 Common Stocks, he also recommend five plays with slightly more risk, with the chance for huge returns. These are the investments he believes will outperform over the coming two to six months. They’re the “best of breed” stocks and sectors moving the market right now
  • Portfolio Protection Recommendations: Jim also gives you his specific recommendations for portfolio protection investments. These are the investments Jim believes will skyrocket in the event of another major market downturn.  

Each recommendation comes with detailed write-ups, target prices, alerts for taking profits, and more. But that’s still not all you’ll get as a member. You’ll also receive Jim’s…

Detailed Unique Economic Analysis

Jim regularly reviews and explains the little-understood market indicators that let him know if a major market event, such as a crash, is likely or inevitable. He goes into detail about why you should pay attention to these proven signals – and neither be complacent (danger always lurks) nor panic unnecessarily. 

You’ll find Jim’s unmatched analysis in his weekly update emails to you, but also in the monthly newsletter issues of Intelligence Report that you’ll receive as a member.  

Of course, as an Intelligence Report member, you’ll also get…

Password Protected Access to
Our Secure Members-Only Website

All this is available online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through Jim’s subscriber-only website. Here, you can access a full archive of Jim’s weekly updates and monthly issues as well as his special reports, investing resources and complete recommendations. The best way to keep track of everything is on the Intelligence Report website.

Finally, one more members-only benefit you’ll receive is…

Unlimited Access to
Jim’s Conference Call Events

Every now and again, we here at Eagle host special webinars or conference calls where Jim answers questions from subscribers about the markets and what they can do to earn bigger profits. 

These conference calls are free for Intelligence Report members like you. Just click on a button and listen in!  

I think you’d agree that’s a ton of benefits for becoming an Intelligence Report member. But, if that’s still not enough to convince you to give Jim’s advisory a try, consider this…

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  • GIFT REPORT #2: The Top 12 Stocks to Own Now — These are commodities-based stocks that are already exploding higher… and they’re just getting started!
  • GIFT REPORT #3: Top 8 Investments for Safe Profits — If you like “all weather” stocks and mutual funds that you can buy and then forget, you’ll love this special report.
  • GIFT REPORT #4: Cannabis Cash: 3 Canadian Pot Stocks You Must Have NOW — Introduces you to the three Canadian cannabis plays that Jim recently identified as your best shot for runaway gains in the marijuana sector. 
  • GIFT REPORT #5: How to Own Gold & Silver — Jim shows you precisely how you should own gold and silver today… and the easiest and safest ways to add precious metals investments to your portfolio. 

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  • Detailed Unique Economic Analysis
  • Conference Call Events
  • Plus, I receive these 5 FREE special reports worth $395!
  1. Always Right Crash Signals: Predict Market Downturns with 100% Accuracy
  2. The Top 12 Stocks to Own Now
  3. The Top 8 Investments for Safe Profits
  4. Cannabis Cash: 3 Canadian Pot Stocks You Must Have NOW
  5. How to Own Gold & Silver
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  • 12 monthly issues of Intelligence Report
  • 24-hour access to our client-only Intelligence Report website
  • Recommendations from the Income Multipliers, Top 10 Common Stocks, Tactical Trends and Protection Portfolio
  • Detailed Unique Economic Analysis
  • Conference Call Events
  • Plus, I receive 1 FREE special report worth $79!
  1. Always Right Crash Signals: Predict Market Downturns with 100% Accuracy

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