• Over the past five years, this stock has risen 1,080%, more than doubling the profits of Apple, Amazon, eBay, PayPal, Facebook, and Netflix
  • Quarterly revenue growth is up 85%.
  • The company generated a $1.29 billion gross profit.
  • The company has delivered four consecutive quarters of double-digit sales growth and three quarters of positive earnings surprises.
  • 10 top analysts raised expectations for 2020.
  • 13 top analysts raised expectations for 2021.
  • Analysts expect 209% earnings growth for the next quarter.
  • We expect the stock to jump 50% on earnings and double again soon after that.
go out to all Intelligence Report members in good standing.

Fellow Investor,

Today’s Executive Summary brings you the culmination of six months’ research on a little-known company that we found J.P. Morgan is making a $2.5 billion play on.

As you will learn, we will be recommending a STRONG BUY here, because the fundamentals on this stock are so strong.


Why J.P. Morgan Is Jumping on
This Red-Hot Global Opportunity

First and foremost, nobody is paying attention.

Let me explain…

  • It’s a global tech company masquerading as a shopping portal–totally under the nose of Wall Street while making in-the-know investors rich.
  • What’s more, because only a small group of analysts are following this company, only a handful of institutions know this company exists or the profit potential it offers investors.
  • Because the financial media tend to ignore profit opportunities outside the U.S., Main Street investors seldom hear about them until after their profits are front-page news.

In other words, the BIG MONEY players at J.P. Morgan see a HUGE profit opportunity that few people know about. So they can pick up this technology juggernaut for a song–before the rest of Wall Street catches on.

Why the Facts Support This Stock’s Share Price
Doubling Again in the Next 12 Months

I’m Jim Woods, editor of Intelligence Report, and I can tell you this because it’s not only my job to bring you this boots-on-the-ground research, but it’s also been my passion–ever since I served as a special operator in the U.S. Army from 1991 to 1998, a Morgan Stanley insider (1998-2000), and have been a Wall Street Heavyweight ever since–including being recently ranked #1 stock picker by TipRanks.

That’s where I learned the importance of gathering intelligence, analyzing data, and forecasting what is likely to happen in the future–based on the facts, not conjecture or wishful thinking.

I’m talking about the kind of FACTS that could have made you an early investor in…

  • Apple, that revolutionized the computer, smartphone, tablet, and music industry and has rewarded investors with 961% gains
  • Amazon, whose online sales monopolized the retail business, handing investors 1,656% gains during the same time period
  • Align Technology, the global medical device company that’s literally putting smiles on millions of faces and rewarding investors with 2,570% gains since 2010
  • Tesla, which single-handedly revolutionized the electric car market, handing investors 11,147% gains over the last decade
  • Netflix, whose online streaming technology put the video rental industry out of business, with 1,882% gains over the past 10 years

Ironically, few people saw the potential in these disruptive companies when they went public, simply because they did not have access to the kind of facts, depth, and analysis the Intelligence Report can bring you.

I mention none of this to brag, but only to underscore the kind of opportunity J.P. Morgan’s $2.5 billion insider play can bring you.

It’s all because we see this e-commerce company not just doubling again in 12 months, but also handing investors $10-for-$1 profits in the next five years.

For these reasons, I simply can’t emphasize this enough:

We’ll be releasing the company name, stock symbol, and buy price in our complete CLASSIFIED INTELLIGENCE REPORT, which current members will be receiving tonight.

That way you can be sure no one will be able to front-run you on this.

Because the insiders, institutions, and hedge funds follow our every move, naming it here would make it impossible for you to get in on our buy price.

The last thing we want is those outside our network driving up the price before our members can take a position. Just think of what we all witnessed with GameStop recently.


As you’ll discover, this recommendation is…

A Versatile Winner on Multiple Tech Fronts

Before I spell out all the facts, I want you to know that I’m NOT going to bore or confuse you with how this e-commerce company’s multiple technologies work.

That would be like trying to explain how Wi-Fi, the internet, or cloud computing works. Great to know, to be sure.

What is really important here are the fundamental factors that make this a great buy-and-hold investment for years to come.

That way you can see the opportunity with your own eyes without getting lost in the details that could keep you from taking a highly profitable position in this juggernaut.

That said, let’s get down to brass tacks. 

Here’s why this company’s stock could double again in 12 months and why you may never want to sell this one.

FACT No. 1:
Monopoly-Like Market Share

As you’ll see in tonight’s CLASSIFIED INTELLIGENCE REPORT, this e-commerce company holds a monopoly-like position in Latin America, where it operates in 18 countries, and its growth possibilities exceed that of Amazon, eBay, and PayPal.

I realize that sounds hard to believe, because most investors are U.S.-centric, where almost everyone has an internet connection, and Amazon, eBay, and PayPal are pervasive.

But that is not true in Latin America.

There are thousands of big-name U.S. companies that simply do not have a foothold in Latin American countries.

The advantage this e-commerce company has is what Warren Buffett would call “a wide moat.”

This company’s moat is its logistics infrastructure. I’m not just talking about its shopping portal or its trucks and thousands of pickup and drop-off locations.

I’m talking about facilitating sales in a cashless society.

Let me explain…

Most Americans don’t know this, but Latin American countries operate on cash–not credit cards or checking accounts, but good old paper currency.

It’s a cultural thing that we in the United States may find difficult to understand.

In other words, you can have all the trucks and drop-off locations in the world (like Amazon), but if you are operating in cash-based countries and the people don’t have credit cards to make online purchases, you’re not going to sell much stuff.

This, my friends, is the MAMMOTH advantage–or moat, if you will–that this secret J.P. Morgan tech play offers you.

That’s because this company operates a cash-payments business that allows millions of Latin Americans without access to bank accounts to make online purchases.

That’s an infrastructure advantage that no U.S. business that I know of has–not Amazon, not Apple, not eBay–none of them.

That advantage, my friends, is just one that they will hold over U.S. companies for years to come, as I will explain in tonight’s CLASSIFIED INTELLIGENCE REPORT.

It’s also one reason why the company not only tripled the sales and earnings growth of Amazon, but doubled the profits over the past five years. The chart above tells the whole story.

FACT No. 2:
Quantum Growth Possibilities

Here at Intelligence Report, our research has continued to prove that small stocks can pile up profits 10 times faster than 90% of S&P 500 stocks. That’s because they have more room to grow.

It’s a simple concept, to be sure. But sometimes the simplest concepts are the most profound.

J.P. Morgan’s secret tech play is the perfect example of a small stock with quantum growth possibilities. You don’t need to know anything about technology to see it with your own eyes.

These numbers tell the whole story:

Latin America has a population of 638 million people, 362 million internet users, and 200 million online shoppers.

Not bad, you say?

Here’s what you are not seeing:

ONLY 4.4% of all retail purchases in Latin America were made online last year. And get this: J.P. Morgan’s e-commerce play’s portion of that 4.4% is $3.2 billion in sales.

Here in the U.S., e-commerce sales account for 12.4% of all U.S. retail sales–with Amazon recording $46.66 billion in sales.

Can you imagine, for a moment, what their sales would be like if Latin American e-commerce sales grew from 4.4% of total sales to 5%, then 12%, even 20%?

I say 20% because that is the total retail sales that were made online in China last year.

You need only look at Alibaba’s $72 billion cut of those homegrown China sales to see the quantum growth possibilities for this Latin American e-commerce company.

A bump up in regional e-commerce sales will be a windfall for this company and potentially turn its $3.2 billion in sales into $5 billion, $10 billion, $20 billion, or more.

The thought of it makes my hands itch in anticipation of the profits headed our way.

That is exactly what is happening now, as pandemic lockdowns are forcing more and more Latin Americans to buy online from this e-commerce juggernaut.

This is why the company’s sales and earnings are soaring, along with its stock price, and one more reason why J.P. Morgan is making a huge $2.5 billion play here.

It isn’t the only one diving in, either, and for these following reasons…

FACT No. 3:
A Unique Business Model with Multiple Streams of Income

Here in the U.S., many tech companies are simply one-trick ponies, especially in the retail sector. Many of them went bankrupt this year.

The reason was simple: They simply did not have the business model, multiple business units, and e-commerce technology to grow during the pandemic. You need only look at all the ones that have gone bankrupt to know what I am saying is true.

  • Guitar Center (Nov. 21)
  • Century 21 (Sept. 10)
  • Tailored Brands (Aug. 2)
  • Lord & Taylor (Aug. 2)
  • Ascena (July 23)
  • The Paper Store (July 14)
  • RTW Retailwinds (July 13)
  • Muji USA (July 10)
  • Sur La Table (July 8)
  • Brooks Brothers (July 8)
  • Lucky Brand (July 3)
  • GNC (June 23)
  • Centric Brands (May 18)
  • C. Penney (May 15)
  • Stage Stores (May 11)
  • Aldo (May 7)
  • Neiman Marcus (May 7)
  • Crew (May 4)
  • True Religion (April 13)
  • Modell’s Sporting Goods (March 11)
  • Art Van Furniture (March 9)
  • Bluestem Brands (March 9)
  • Pier 1 (Feb. 17)
  • SFP Franchise Corp (Jan. 23)

On the other hand, this e-commerce company made money hand over fist, thanks to its multiple business units that thrived during the pandemic as those other companies hit the skids.

  • Online shopping/marketplace. Like a hybrid of Amazon/eBay, this e-commerce company offers buyers a never-ending assortment of new and hard-to-find items while providing sellers a platform to sell their goods.
  • Shipping solutions. Because the company handles its own shipping, it can get products to customers quickly and at the lowest possible cost. How? By integrating both local carriers and state-of-the-art warehousing services.
  • Three payment services. The first one helps customers without banking services make online purchases through prepaid cards. The second serves merchants with processing debit and credit cards. The third allows its customers to store credits in a digital wallet for future online purchase. This division alone saw explosive growth in 2020!
  • Advertising services. Similar to what you might see on Google and Amazon, this company’s advertising services allow all sellers–both large and small–to promote their products and services on its marketplace or on the internet.

Individually, these business units saw their 2020 revenue grow as much as 78% during the pandemic, as many Latin American consumers turned to online shopping–capturing five million new users in February, March, and April 2020.

That’s just the beginning:

  • In the second quarter of 2020, its customers bought a whopping 178.5 million items–that’s a mind-blowing 69% increase over the first quarter, spending $5 billion, a 48% increase over the first quarter.
  • Its payment platform surpassed 52 million payers, up 64% year over year–processing over $11 billion in transactions. Hold on to your hat–that’s a whopping 142% year-over-year increase.

And it gets even better:

  • The company’s off-platform payments (where it accepts cash or check) now exceed the transactions on its marketplace by 17%, and they are growing at a rate of 175% year over year in the most recent quarter.
  • What’s more, its non-marketplace business rose $297 million last quarter, more than a third of its overall revenue.

So, it’s no surprise the company’s market capitalization has doubled this year to $61.3 billion…

Or that its unique active users nearly doubled to 76.1 million…

Or that its payments unit saw revenues surge 147% to $559.7 million, or that the company’s revenue rose 85% in the third quarter.

All by providing its users with robust online commerce and payment tools in a corner of the world that prefers cash transactions.

Can you begin to see why J.P. Morgan has been keeping this one under wraps? They see, as we do, the company repeating its five-year 1,080% gains over the next five years.

In tonight’s CLASSIFIED INTELLIGENCE REPORT, I will give you the name, stock symbol, and our buy price so that you can profit along with us.

As our fact-based research shows, you’ll want to move as quickly as you can.

FACT No. 4:
Hedge Funds and Institutional Investors Are Beginning to Take Notice

Our sources, which scoured the 13F filings, found that institutional ownership jumped 35% from the previous quarter, from 60 to 81. That’s a 34% increase!

Here’s a quick look at some of the bigger players.

What’s more, mutual funds are now adding it to their holdings as well.

It’s no wonder.

These money managers see the same numbers we do… along with how insiders were acquiring more shares during the pandemic.

In fact, one company director scooped up an additional $3 million worth of shares. We’ll name names in tonight’s CLASSIFIED INTELLIGENCE REPORT.

FACT No. 5:
Financials Support a STRONG BUY

As I pointed out in the beginning of this Executive Summary, this stock has risen 1,080% over the past five years, more than doubling the gains of Apple, Amazon, eBay, PayPal, Facebook, and Netflix.

How many American companies can you name that are knocking it out of the park with numbers like these?

  • Quarterly revenue growth is up 85%.
  • The company generated a $1.29 billion gross profit.
  • The company has delivered four consecutive quarters of double-digit sales growth and three quarters of positive earnings surprises.
  • 10 top analysts raised expectations for 2020.
  • 13 top analysts raised expectations for 2021.
  • Analysts expect 209% earnings growth for the next quarter.

I can’t think of more than a handful–and it’s my job to find and bring them to you!

This is why J.P. Morgan has made a $2.5 billion bet–right under the nose of most investors.

When you add everything up, you couldn’t ask for more signs that spell winner.

That’s why we are giving this a STRONG BUY, and suggest you add a few shares to your own holdings immediately upon receipt of your CLASSIFIED INTELLIGENCE REPORT.

In it, you’ll discover…

  • Why we expect this stock to hit $2,000 a share and double soon after that
  • Why the company reported a 1,190% positive earnings surprise in June
  • How the pandemic will help the company continue to expand its market share
  • Why analysts are expecting the company to deliver 237% growth in the next quarter
  • The investment house that just issued a major BUY
  • Why the founder’s large stake in the company virtually assures the company rising another 1,098% in the next five years
  • A complete list of insider buys and sells
  • Why you may never want to sell this stock
  • The company name, symbol, and our buy price and sell target; and
  • Why you must act quickly–before the company declares its next earnings–if you want to grab the company’s next 50% rise

FACT No. 6:
Time Is Running Out on This Opportunity

With institutional investors and mutual funds hopping aboard this moneymaker, it’s only a matter of time before Main Street investors catch on and bid the company’s stock price even higher.

So I wouldn’t sit on this.

  • Over the past six months, the company’s stock price is up 80%
  • Over the past 30 days it’s up 25%
  • Since the company declared earnings, the stock price has jumped another 23%
  • We expect it to jump 50% on earnings and double within the next 12 months

It’s no wonder, with…

  • Great financials
  • A wide moat
  • Growing market share
  • Multiple streams of income
  • Institutional investors going all in
  • And heavy insider buying

The word is starting to leak out that this company is like buying Amazon, PayPal, or eBay 20 years ago.

While the company’s stock price is up 1,080% over the past five years, please don’t think you are late for the train, especially with COVID-19 still out of control, countries increasing lockdowns, and online orders continuing to grow.

As our research shows, the company’s cash registers will be working overtime as sales and earnings continue to explode. This is why J.P. Morgan has placed a $2.5 billion bet here and their competitors are following suit.

For these reasons, if you establish your position before its next earnings come out, you could earn 50% in the next 90 days and double your money within the next 12 months. Not to mention, make 10X your investment in just five years.

Our FULL CLASSIFIED REPORT explains why, and will go out as a free bonus to all Intelligence Report members in good standing TONIGHT.


How You Can Receive a FREE Copy of This
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All by exploring new technologies and trends and how they will affect the economy and your investments.

In addition, we hold no U.S.-only bias.

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What’s more, you won’t find any theory, abstract thinking, or guesswork here either. Just the solid facts you need to make you money–from anywhere in the world.

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Ulta Beauty Inc. 1,349% Amazon.com Inc. 1,209%
Tesla 11,147% Constellation Brands Inc. Class A 865%
NVIDIA Corp. 3,421% Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. 1,372%
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Of course we’re not promising you all our picks will give you gains like this. But when you gain access to private investing intelligence like ours, you could get the opportunity to invest ahead of Wall Street, too.

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