For all the talk and hype over electric cars, batteries, and lithium…

There’s a virtually ignored part of the electric vehicle (EV) revolution.

And as awareness of this little-known segment builds…

It could be the biggest winner in this explosive market… expected to be worth $2.5 billion globally by 2027.

My name is Jim Woods.

A few years ago, the independent ratings firm ranked me the #1 financial blogger in the world.

In fact I’ve maintained a Top 10 ranking for a decade now. But I’m not here to brag.

I’m here to share the EV market’s biggest secret.

One that’s already propelled investors to a 1,450% gain. 

And could make you a boatload of money in the coming months.

So what is this intel, exactly?    

There’s a CRITICAL Shortage of Charging Stations

Put plainly, there are simply not enough charging stations to keep up with the EV demand.

But unless you already own an EV… or are involved in the industry…

You may not realize how desperate this shortage is.

But don’t just take my word about how scarce charging stations are.

Look at how The Wall Street Journal shouts out the warning:

The New York Times sounds the alarm on this scarcity, too:

And Forbes also reports concerns over the shortage:

But it’s not just the media that is feeling jittery.

So is President Biden.

He’s committing nearly $8 billion to charging stations in his infrastructure bill.

And he’s very open to future spending down the road.

The rest of the U.S. government is on board, too…

  • The American Jobs Act is adding $15 billion to buy more EV chargers.
  • The General Service Administration buys charging stations for federal agencies using EVs
  • The Department of Transportation can increase EV charging grant funding to $41.9 billion.

That’s a total commitment of over $64 billion from Washington.

But here’s the thing: even all this new spending won’t stop the shortage, as CNBC points out…

“It’s going to take more than government support to
successfully expand EV infrastructure.”

What does this mean? Even more than $64 billion from Washington won’t make a dent in the EV charging station shortage.

But an injection of more than $64 billion into the EV charging market can make a lot of investors real rich, real fast…

If you know the right EV charging company to invest in. 

Especially one company that is the industry leader, as I’ll share with you in a moment.

And if you take a small position in it now, you could find yourself in a winning position soon enough.

What makes this one company so special?

For one thing, shares soared an incredible 1,450% over a recent 12-month period.

Note: Profits were even higher in January and February.

So what happened from February on to bring it “down” to “only” a 1,450% gain?

To be frank, the entire EV industry took a quick break – for a couple of reasons…

According to Investor’s Business Daily, because of COVID, no one was driving.

So charging stations had less business and sold less electricity.

And Bloomberg weighed in, reporting the microchip shortage was affecting some EV cars.

As a result, Nasdaq reported EV stocks in general cooled off.

But if a short dip turns you off, then you’re missing out on some of the biggest gains the market has to offer.

Like when these household names saw a dip in share price, then soared:

Netflix skyrocketed 26,540% after a dip…

Apple blew through the roof for a gain of 65,080% after a dip…

And Amazon returned an amazing 167,600% after a dip.

Each one took share price hits along the way to their all-time highs… which gave investors second chances to make historic, generational-level gains.

Not one of them went up in a straight line.

And the same thing is happening here.

This EV charging company is screaming to be bought right now.

And because of the critical shortage of charging stations, it could be on track to one day join Amazon, Apple, and Netflix as one of the greatest stocks of our generation.

And as you already know…

History Repeats Itself –
Which Is How the Smart Investor
Gets Richer

I’m excited… because history shows that if ever there was a time to buy the dip…

That time is today. Because as you’re about to see…

This critical EV charging shortage is about to go from bad to worse.

Much worse.

And bigger shortages traditionally mean HUGE price increases.

How do I know this shortage will get stronger?

Because in 2020, there were 6.8 million EVs around the world.

Yet by the end of the decade, the number of EVs is projected to climb as high as 230 million, according to CNBC.

Take a good look at this chart – at how we can expect an increase of up to 33 times more EVs by 2030:

Again, that’s up to 33 times more EVs by 2030.

With The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and The New York Times reporting there’s already a shortage of chargers…

With Washington, D.C., ready to inject over $64 billion of federal cash…

And with 33 times more EVs expected by 2030…

Everything points to my #1 EV stock.

Which is why investing in it is practically a no-brainer.

America is stampeding towards EVs at full tilt.

And to show you the earnings potential you have here…

That 33X growth I mentioned above isn’t even counting the massive increases of inexpensive two- and three-wheel EVs popping up in America, Asia, and Europe.

In fact, most people don’t even realize the two- and three-wheeler EV market exists.

Yet that market is expected to reach $644 billion by 2028.

Here’s why…

83% of the rickshaws in India are now EVs.

And shared two-wheel EV scooters are becoming commonplace in many of the world’s urban areas, from New York to Shanghai. 

There are even EV bikes for in-town transportation… and EV mountain bikes for adventurers.

And each of these two- and three-wheel EVs needs public charging stations too.

Add in this insane growth and it means the EV charging shortage is growing…

The situation isn’t going to get better anytime soon. 

And the only company in a position to resolve this challenge is the one I’m recommending as my #1 new EV stock.

The truth is, I’ve NEVER seen a market in such a dire shortage as the EV charging station supply today.

But that shortage isn’t the only reason we’ll soon need a massive number of these charging stations…

Why EV Drivers’ Anxiety Means
Endless Profits for Investors

Every place EV drivers go today… work, grocery shopping, or running errands… they’re on edge…

They must keep one eye on the road and the other glued to the dashboard’s “Charge Remaining” meter.

There’s even a name for this…

“Drivers … experience ‘range anxiety,’ wondering how far they can drive before the next charge and where to find a station before their car dies,” warns the famed Pew Research Center.

Pew further cautions, “It’s the EV equivalent of driving a traditional car on an isolated country road with the gas gauge hovering near empty.”

Why is this so frightening?

Because when you run out of a charge… no one’s coming to rescue you with a freshly charged 1,200-pound battery.

Even if they could lift and maneuver a 1,200-pound battery into place…

The average tow truck driver is probably not prepared to engineer a complicated roadside installation dealing with dangerous 800-volt wiring.

One option is to jump-start your car from another EV.

But that means finding someone else with an EV willing to rescue you. Even then, it’s not like a normal jump-start. 

To transfer a charge to you, your rescuer will have to drain down their own battery…

And that’s assuming they have the technical expertise to wire two complicated, high-voltage batteries together…

And the time to wait another 30 minutes or more for a “quick” partial charge. 

So unless you want to push your car, or risk working with dangerously high voltage…

You’ll need a flatbed tow truck, then a ride to a charging station, and then a long wait to charge a dead battery.

Does this mean you must plan every drive considering where you can find a charging station?

As the folks from Pew Research said above… many EV drivers do just that.

And when you do finally find a charging station, your challenge still isn’t over.

Whether you are able charge your battery depends on the type of charger you need and how long you have to charge.

There are three different charger levels, and each takes a different amount of time to work…

  • Level 1 Charger: Up to 5 miles gained per charging hour.
  • Level 2 Charger: 20–80 miles gained per charging hour (most commonly used today)
  • Level 3 Charger: Up to 20 miles gained per charging MINUTE, according to Forbes. Also called Fast Chargers, these are very scarce, accounting for only 16% of chargers today.

The Department of Energy claims we need many more Fast Chargers. And rightly so.

Here’s a look at the coverage they want installed:

Please remember… these are just the new Fast Chargers they want.

And again, only 16% of today’s chargers are Fast Chargers.

Wow. That means the other 84% are NOT.

And we only have a tiny fraction of the chargers we need, according to the Department of Energy.

The truth is, as EVs start hitting the road at an extraordinary rate, we’ll have nowhere near enough charging stations to keep EV cars, trucks, buses, three-wheelers and two-wheelers running ’round the clock.

So the companies able to pump out the most Fast Chargers… in the shortest amount of time… with the best deals for both sides… will clean up.

And that’s what has me so excited about my #1 EV stock.

A Monstrous Moneymaking
Opportunity for You

What makes me say that? Because anytime you own stock in something that’s in HIGH demand…

But the industry is experiencing an acute shortage…

Millions… BILLIONS are often made in a short time.

And starting with 12-month gains of 1,450% – with this company, you may need a much bigger piggy bank.

Now, I can’t tell you it will go up another 1,450% in the next few months… but I can tell you its stock price is set to burst through the roof…

That’s because even though charging stations are in desperately short supply…

I’ve only found one company that has a prayer of delivering enough stations quickly, inexpensively, and dependably…

And with best-in-class quality.

And since there are only a handful of companies to pick from – most of which I wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole…

It comes down to this:

The one company I’ve found is uniquely positioned to step up to the new huge charger demand… and mint thousands of new millionaire investors in a short time…

It’s because this company has something powerful that other charging companies do not.

Which is why I’m writing to you today. As you’ll see in a moment, this company has a proprietary advantage that puts it light-years ahead of its competition.

And it’s why I am convinced that 1,450% is chicken feed compared with what can be ahead for you, once you own a small stake in the company poised to dominate the EV charging industry.

So let me ask…

Are you convinced yet?

Is This the One Company to
Make You a Millionaire?

Look at what I hold in my hand in the picture to the right:

It’s what I call my #1 EV play’s “FLEX” business plan.

And the company is using this revolutionary FLEX business plan to clobber the conventional “business as usual” strategies the other charging companies use. 

And the EV charging company using this FLEX business plan is rapidly growing around the world… across America, Europe, South America, and the Middle East…

It’s the catalyst with the power to change everything in the EV charging market around the globe.

What is the FLEX plan’s big difference?

Unlike its competitors, this charging company doesn’t simply sell charging stations to commercial property owners, collect an installation fee, and walk away…

With everything else becoming the property owner’s problem…

Instead, this company “partners” with commercial property owners, offering four FLEXible levels of ownership and revenue sharing… tailored to each location:

  • Host-Owned: The property owner (host) buys the charging stations. They get the revenue, sure, but they are on the hook for maintenance and service. This is how most EV charging companies work
  • Flex as a Service: The property owner leases the equipment from the EV charging company, which then provides all services. The lessee retains the revenue from charging.
  • Co-Owned: Revenue is shared between the EV charging company and the property owner, with the charging company providing maintenance and service.
  • FLEX-Owned: This turnkey solution is the GROUNDBREAKING option that’s set to dominate the market, as you’re about to see.

Here’s How It Works

Instead of just selling charging stations like gas pumps and leaving station owners to fend for themselves to keep them running, like many EV charging companies do today…   

The FLEX model gives commercial property owners many more options…

Because it gives these property owners more choices to host charging stations… and lets them share in the charging dollars generated…

Making their charging company far more attractive to a wider variety of property owners who (otherwise) may have been shut out of the EV charging business.

This step (and many others) is why this charging company is uniquely positioned to help fill the shortage of EV chargers.

This company’s most powerful weapon against the competition is its FLEX-Owned turnkey solution.

Here’s Why It Works

The FLEX-Owned plan is simple:

There’s the EV charging company that builds and installs the chargers…

There are hundreds of millions of commercial property owners around the world who want a charger installed…

And with this company’s FLEX-Owned plan, the EV charging company will install – free of charge – multiple EV chargers for a commercial property owner… again, at NO COST.

Absolutely free.

After that, the EV charging company simply shares the dollars coming in from the chargers with the property owners.

This allows anyone with a commercial parking space to create money out of thin air!

This FLEX-Owned plan is why this EV charging company can crowd out the competition and dominate the industry…

And solve the charging station shortage by offering business owners…

The Ultimate

This is as close to a no-brainer as I’ve ever seen…

Since EVERY commercial parking spot is an opportunity…

Almost any business that owns a parking space can now get an EV charging station (or five or 10 – as many as you agree on) installed for FREE.

Then the commercial landowner shares a percentage of the monthly money with the EV charging company.

And both the EV charging company and the property owner get rich together, because of the critical charging station shortage.

Not only is it a win-win…

For the property owner, that’s money for nothing!

And while the property owner has to qualify… when they do, all over the world, they’re jumping at the chance for free money.

Compare making money off your charger to having to buy one from a different EV company. We’re talking $6,000 to $10,000 each!

So, would you rather pay as much as $100,000 for 10 chargers in your parking lot…

Or let someone eat that cost and pay you a hefty monthly income with no money down?

Now, imagine you’re a company with 200 parking lots. Are you going to shell out up to $2 million for chargers from your own pocket?

Or get off scot-free, letting someone else install and maintain these chargers, while all you do is sit back and collect a powerful income stream as the charging juice flows?

How else are you going to do all this… for free?

I know of no other way.

Like I’ve been saying, it’s a no-brainer.

Add these facts together and it makes a compelling case for this FLEX business plan to quickly create a HUGE installed base…

And give this EV charging company an insurmountable lead over the competition.

It’s almost a moot question to ask which EV charging company YOU think is going to dominate the market…

Because the company I’m talking about here already has agreements with some giants:

Here’s a hint… look at some of the partners this charging company has already signed up:

And it doesn’t stop there…

Because state, federal, and local governments and agencies across America also can’t wait to become partners:

These are only a few of this charging company’s partners. They seem to be popping up everywhere.

For example, big tech is also signing on in a big way.

Apple is on board. It’s got a special agreement to direct EV drivers to this company’s charging stations through its iPhones’ Apple Maps.

Apple not only shows this charging company’s locations, but also helps drivers keep track of the charge level of their EVs… and how many miles are left on their charge…

Factoring in weather, altitude, and other variables.

How much is peace of mind while you’re driving worth?

That’s probably why up to 20 million monthly visitors are directed to the FLEX stations via Apple Maps.

Not to be outdone, Google Maps now shows this company’s charging stations in America… and across Britain, Australia, and New Zealand.

And there are more than one billion monthly active users of Google Maps on Android phones, tablets, and even Windows PCs.

This is an amazing addition to this company’s exposure.

As is its agreement with one of the Big Three carmakers in America.

GM, with its new electric car fleet, is integrating this charging company’s stations into the dashboard screens of its EVs.

With these agreements and partners, this charging company makes an incredible investment opportunity.

These are just some of the reasons experts say it’s more a question of WHEN – not IF – this EV charging company will dominate the market.

Think of it as becoming the Amazon of EV charging…

Running the competition out of business…

And collecting HUGE profits worldwide as it becomes the last man standing in EV charging station sales.

Just imagine… wherever you see a gas station or truck stop today… these will soon be relics of the past…

Just like the empty stores in shopping centers.

We will no longer need gas stations. The only thing needed to install this company’s charging station will be a commercial parking space.

All businesses… all stores… even areas along highways like the Pennsylvania Turnpike… are potential hosts for this company’s charging stations.

This company’s charging stations will soon be everywhere. That’s a tremendous demand to fill.

So the time to own shares in this company is NOW… because it’s the only charging company riding the EV revolution with a 1,450% gain inside a year.

And you can get it at a discount, at today’s artificially depressed price. 

But this revolution is not only about passenger cars and chargers alone.

And get this…

What About the Millions Made From
Truck, Bus, and Commercial Customers?

I haven’t even mentioned this charging company’s powerful presence in the EV truck and bus markets… as well as the markets for many other commercial vehicles.

For instance, the company’s new Fast Charger system charges commercial- and industrial-grade vehicles at twice the rate of other chargers.

These Fast Chargers even use a wireless uplink to the cloud, helping manage data and rapid-charging variables, to make every customer experience run smoothly.

With this kind of power and technology, this company’s EV commercial and industrial charging stations have the ability to upgrade entire supply chains and logistics for transportation, shipping, and manufacturing in ways we can’t even imagine today.

And that technology should be welcome news to DHL’s and Amazon’s EV shipping vans…

Both have growing portions of their delivery trucks converting to EV…

And need fast chargers to help conduct their business.

And remember, the numbers don’t lie.

That’s likely why five top analysts predict this year’s sales growth to be 99.2%…

While four others predict next year’s sales growth to be 97.9%.

On top of that, the big funds are gobbling up shares:

Like two of Vanguard’s red-hot funds… two of Standard & Poor’s depository receipt exchange-traded funds (ETFs)… two of First Trust’s ETFs… two of iShares’ ETFs… and many more.

Obviously, this EV charging company’s rapid growth plan is succeeding.

No wonder Fortune, magazine has raved about the company’s stock rise.

Add these things up and it’s the hottest EV charging company for investors today… and the top place to make your investing account see explosive gains.

And if you don’t take a small stake in this new kind of company today… you’ll kick yourself for the rest of the decade… because this disruptive company is growing FAST.

Why do I say this?

Because earlier, I pointed out how its stock exploded 1,450% over 12 months.

As you’ve seen, its financials show the company is headed skyward.

Simply put, it’s the hottest EV charging company in the market today and is setting the standard for everyone else.

And when I say EVERYONE ELSE, make no mistake about how massive a role this company will play in changing the entire planet…

Because we’re at the beginning of a seismic shift in transportation.

You Stand at the Beginning of a Seismic Shift
in the World Transportation

This company is doing all the right things at the right time to make investors like you wealthy.

And by wealthy, I don’t mean just a few thousand dollars in your retirement account.

Grabbing hold of this single stock could fund your retirement by itself… a high-wealth retirement for the rest of your life.

The reason is simple:

You get a company whose superior technology and advanced product lines are ready to transform the EV market like Microsoft did with personal computers…

Like Apple did with smartphones…

And like Amazon did with retail…

Only this time, you know BEFORE and not AFTER the company has created multitudes a generation of millionaires.

Best of all, today you can still get in cheap by buying any of the short dips you see below:

I want to give you the name of this trailblazing EV charging company… and how you can take advantage of it TODAY, because it’s chomping at the bit to speed to its next rise.

Plus, I want you to get in now before government and industry pitch in to send this company’s share price into the stratosphere. 

So to help you get your share of the riches before everyone else rushes in…

I’ve prepared a private dossier on this company. I call it The EV Flex Plan: An Easy Path to 7-Figures.

And because the number of charging stations built today represents only 3% of the amount potentially needed by 2030 – meaning 97% of charging stations are yet to be built…

That 1,450% gain we got earlier looks like a drop in the ocean.

Bottom line: We need a lot of charging stations fast. So I want to get this dossier into your hands right away.

And since the need is so immediate, I’m willing to give it to you for FREE.

What you’ll find inside is today’s clearest road map to wealth.

I’ll give you its name and ticker symbol along with all the details of this rapidly growing company – everything you’ll need to make a killing.

You get a complete briefing on the company’s plan so you can generate seven-figure wealth while this company helps fix the shortage of charging stations.

Imagine getting in on its robust revenue streams from EV drivers charging their cars, selling EV charging hardware, selling access to its cutting-edge, cloud-based network, processing payments for its property partners, and running ads at its charging stations…

And how, using these rapid deployment strategies, this company can crush the competition.

You get a thorough explanation of why its four-phase FLEX business plan can make it the dominant EV charging company on the globe…

Especially how its “money for nothing” plan can steamroll the competition and make this company the dominant force worldwide for EV charging.

And all this put together means this company can be rocket fuel for your retirement account.

This is why I ask you… no, I plead with you… to get this company working in your portfolio today.

I can’t tell you exactly when this stock will take off… but I can tell you everything I’m seeing indicates the time is NOW.

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