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Congress’ Secret Market

New disclosure filings reveal members of Congress used the “Thales” strategy to make millions in 2023!

Today, smart Americans are using the same secret to cash in too…

“In 2019, I started with $2,500. By 2020, I grew it into $200,000.”
—Nisant P., New Mexico

“I’m hooked.”
—Britt Keeler,
Winter Park, Florida

Dear Reader,

It’s tough for Democrat and Republican lawmakers to agree on anything these days.

Except one thing… secretly.

That is, to make lots of money.

While it’s no secret that members of Congress make an annual salary of $174,000…

Disclosure filings revealed that some members of Congress used a 2,500-year-old strategy to make millions in 2023.

But these congresspeople don’t just buy stocks on the New York Stock Exchange like most people do…

So where do they trade and where is all the money coming from?

Take a look at the building below, built in 1930.

At first glance, it looks ordinary… like an office building… blending in with its surroundings.

But there’s more to this than meets the eye.

Tucked away on several floors of this building, in the heart of Chicago, lies the back door congresspeople have been using for years to raid the stock market.

Chicago Board of Trade Building

Lawmakers have been using what I call the “Thales” trading strategy, which is cleared through the operations in this building, to make millions on stocks.  

Consider Republican Congressman Blake Moore from Utah.

According to his filings, he used the Thales strategy on stocks such as Nvidia and made a staggering $1.1 million last year.

That’s six times his congressional salary.

You can see part of his filings below.

Yet others have bagged much bigger returns.

Like Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville from Alabama.

As you can see below, his filings revealed a stunning $3.5 million cash hoard after he used the Thales strategy on stocks including Occident Petroleum.

You can see a partial shot of his filings below.

But this strategy isn’t reserved only for Republican lawmakers.

Democrat Congressman Joshua S. Gottheimer of New Jersey made trades worth a stunning $150 million in 2023…

That included using the Thales strategy on stocks like Microsoft.

And let’s not forget Nancy Pelosi…

Mrs. Pelosi and her husband disclosed that strategy on Nvidia on the Friday before Christmas in 2023, to avoid media scrutiny.

She made a whopping $5 million on this trade.

Let’s face it: 2023 was a good year for stocks. The S&P 500 closed the year 24.8% higher.

But that was “just OK” compared to the returns made by members of Congress.

According to the New York Post, Pelosi’s portfolio was up 65% in 2023—boosted by the Thales strategy I’ve been telling you about.

That’s more than double the S&P 500’s 24% gain.

Rep. Mark Green (R-Tenn.) logged a portfolio return of more than 122%.

And Brian Higgins (D-N.Y.) was up 238.9%.

But lawmakers are not the only ones exploiting the Thales strategy hand over fist.

Billionaire Larry Ellison used this strategy on his own company, Oracle, and made $482 million according to Bloomberg.

John Paulson used this strategy to make a staggering $3.7 billion profit in the housing market in 2007.

And let’s not forget Warren Buffett.

This Is Warren Buffett’s Ultimate Little Secret Too

Most people think that Buffett is just a “buy and hold forever” investor.

But the Oracle of Omaha has a sneaky little secret up his sleeve.

He has everyone duped as his fortune grows, thanks in part to this trade secret.

He likes to juice his long-term returns… with fast gains from using the Thales strategy on stocks.

That’s how Buffett made $7.5 million in less than 10 minutes on Coca Cola’s stock, according to Yahoo Finance.

The point is, the super wealthy love what I call the Thales strategy because it gives them an advantage.

As you’ll see shortly…

This strategy allows them to get in on stocks at a much more affordable price… through this little-known building in Chicago.

In fact, this little-known market has become so huge… and makes so much money for its investors…

In 2020, in the midst of the shutdown, Goldman Sachs reported that the trade volume in this market beat the stock market for the first time in history.

Could it be that billionaires and lawmakers were busy minting millions while the country was on lockdown?

Well, consider this… by the end of 2021, the daily cash volume in this market exceeded $450 billion…

Surpassing the $400 billion daily volume in the regular stock market on Wall Street, where most Americans trade.

An Engineer Turned $2,500 into $200,000 in 12 Months Thanks to the Thales Strategy

But there’s one huge problem.

Most investors are missing out on the Thales strategy used by congresspeople and billionaires.

In fact, most Americans have no clue this grey limestone building in downtown Chicago is a clearing house for trades that allow investors to get in on stocks…

Sometimes 5X to 10X to 30X cheaper than the regular shares sold on Wall Street, as you’ll see shortly.

But a few in-the-know, savvy investors are catching on and using this strategy to make extra money…

For example, an engineer named Nisant P. from New Mexico revealed, “In 2019, I started with $2,500. By 2020, I grew it into $200,000.”  

Another gentleman told an online forum, “600% on AMZN. Would have been more if I didn’t get scared.”

High praise indeed. And while every investor may not have the same level of success as these people, one thing is certain…

Republicans and Democrats don’t agree on much, but when they do I pay attention.

And they agree on the Thales strategy. 

So what exactly is the Thales strategy?

The Birth of One of the Greatest Investment Secrets Known to Man

The answer takes us back 2,500 years to a Greek town called Miletus.

A brilliant mathematician and astronomer named Thales discovered a cheap method to make money on any asset—without owning that asset.

Let me explain…

You see, olive production was the cash machine in Greece at the time.

As an astronomer, Thales forecasted a massive olive production for the following year… based on the weather, the stars and sky patterns.

Thales thought he could hold a monopoly if he owned every press in town used to process the olives after harvest.

But Thales had a huge problem.

Like most people today, Thales didn’t have enough money to buy all the olive presses.

So instead of buying all the olive presses in town at a hefty price…

Thales approached the owners of the presses and used a small deposit to buy the rights to use all the presses instead.

That way Thales had the right to rent the presses to anyone who wanted to process their olives.

It was a genius move that made Thales a fortune.

When the olive production was done that year, Thales simply returned the use of the presses to their owners.

This was perhaps one of the most important events in investment history.

The strategy of buying the “rights” to an asset, at a cheaper rate… without owning the asset itself… was finally given to mankind.

How This Strategy Made Its Way to the Streets of America

Centuries later, in 1872, a former politician named Russell Sage introduced America to the Thales strategy.

By the time this strategy hit the streets of New York…

Russell had become a legend by buying the rights on stocks and built a $70 million fortune.

In 1929, during the Great Depression, the government stepped in to regulate the rights market.

That meant any investor could take part in this market, and buy cheaper and affordable rights on stocks and assets…

Using little money up front, just like Thales did 2,500 years ago.

But with one huge difference…

These trades are cleared on the lesser-known exchange I was talking about earlier—located at 433 W. Van Buren Street in Chicago.

Since then, this building has been treated like a back door into a private market for lawmakers and billionaires.

They simply buy the cheaper rights on stocks and make a killing, even if they never own the stock.

The great thing is, almost anyone who already trades can buy these rights on stocks for just a couple hundred or thousand dollars.

And like the politicians, you don’t even have to own a single share of stock if you don’t want to.

And the only way to buy the rights to shares like this is through the options market.

Up to 30X Cheaper Than Regular Stocks Sold in New York

You see, I’d wager that most people don’t know this…

But there are several ways to use options to your advantage.

When Thales bought the rights to the olive presses 2,500 years ago, this was an option he took on those presses.

Simple enough, right?

It’s the same with stocks.

It takes less money to buy the options rights on stocks, on the Chicago Board Options Exchange…

Sometimes 7, 10, up to 30 times cheaper than the cost of the regular shares sold on the New York Stock Exchange.

Now, here’s where it gets really good.

As the regular and more expensive shares move a blip on the New York stock market…

The cheaper options rights move up exponentially in Chicago.

The point is a $2 option right will normally move faster than a $50 share price.

And the best part is most traders can buy these options rights almost the same way they’d buy a stock.

A good example…

On June 27, 2022, Costco’s stock sold at a staggering $540 a share on the stock market.

It would cost $5,400 to buy 100 shares of this stock.

Now think about it… to make a 100% gain, the stock would have to soar to $1,080 a share.

What are the odds of that happening?

But with a few clicks in a brokerage account or by simply calling a broker…

Investors could have bought the options rights on the stock instead for just $18 per share and controlled the same number of shares as if they’d bought them outright.

That’s a whopping 30X cheaper than buying the shares outright.

At that price, I knew the stock had a great shot at soaring…

I was right.

That option trade jumped 170% in about six weeks.


This was a real trade I recommended for investors who wanted to get in on these options trades just like congresspeople do…

Over Two Decades in the Financial Trenches… Hunting Down These Trades for Quick, Stellar Returns

Now, it goes without saying that past performance is no guarantee of future results.

And the best recommendations in the world still depend on the individual investor being able to execute the recommended trade at the recommended price—which doesn’t always happen.

But after spending three-plus decades in the financial trenches, I’ve discovered that these options rights are one of the best hedges for the little man…

Because they’re generally super cheap—relative to stock prices—yet have the potential to move faster.

You see, after I left the U.S. Army in my early years…

I began my trading career at a private hedge fund in New York.

Years later, I leaped to the top as a client advisor at Morgan Stanley.

But when I left Wall Street, that’s when the real success came in.

Since then, I’ve logged a stellar track record.

Jim Woods on TipRanksdotcom

The independent firm TipRanks.com has regularly rated me in the top 10 traders worldwide for the past decade (out of more than 14,000 competing analysts).

I also had the #1 performing stock in MoneyShow’s 2022 Top Pro’s Report, ahead of the nation’s leading financial experts who participated.

My pick, Voyager Digital (VYGVR), jumped 244% in less than two months…

And because of my success, I’m constantly asked to speak at private financial conferences across the country, including in Las Vegas and Orlando.

None of this is to brag, but to make a point.

With the kind of success I’ve had over the years buying cheap options rights on my favorite stocks…

I was not surprised when attendees at a private conference in Las Vegas asked me if I could provide more of these trades to everyday investors.

As a former U.S. Army paratrooper, it is my belief that no one should be left behind.

So in December 2021… just after the pandemic highs…

I hopped on a Zoom call with a small group of investors to introduce them to the strategy of buying options rights that require less money than buying stocks up front…

Out of the gate, our first round of trades stampeded upward.

Invesco S&P 500 ETF shares sold for $162 on Wall Street.

One hundred shares would cost a whopping $16,200.

But buying the options rights instead, at just $3.47 a share, totaled just $347 to control the same 100 shares.

What happened next?

That trade returned an 81% gain in 21 days.


Around the same time, Western Alliance Bancorp shares sold for a whopping $115 on Wall Street. That’s $1,115 to buy 100 shares.

But why buy those shares when anyone could buy the options rights at just $4.48 a share… 23 times less than the regular stock market share?

Any investor could have controlled one option contract (100 shares) with just $448.

That option trade had jumped 88% in 23 days by the time I recommended taking profits.


Another example is Peloton Interactive.

The shares sold for $35 on the New York stock market… or $3,500 for 100 shares.

Instead, I recommended the options rights sold in Chicago for just $3.75 a share.


Almost anyone with an options trading account could’ve bought the rights to control those same shares with one option contract (100 shares) for just 375 bucks.

In less than a month that trade jumped 59%.

That’s the kind of deal I anticipated when I also recommended the options rights on First Dow Jones Internet Fund.

On the stock market, the shares traded at $194 a share.

Again, 100 shares would go for $19,400.

But the options rights were 27 times cheaper, at just $7.70 a share ($770 to control 100)—a much better deal.

In just six days after I recommended that trade, I recommended selling the shares for a 128% gain.

And if you think these examples are off the charts, check out this next trade on VanEck Gold Miners…

The stocks traded in New York for $28 a share. That’s $2,800 for 100 shares.

But then the options rights sold at a steal… just 53 cents a share.

With a deal like that, traders could’ve bought one option contract (100 shares) for a measly $53.

Seventeen days later, I recommended selling those options for a quick 103% gain.

Why such big gains within days?

Because the options rights are 7X, 10X, 30X cheaper relative to the stock prices on Wall Street…

Any slight move in the stock price on Wall Street will usually catapult the cheaper options prices in Chicago.

I’ve always wondered…

If these options rights are good and so cheap for congresspeople and billionaires… people whose bread has already been buttered…

Why are hardworking, everyday investors sitting on the sidelines missing out?

It’s a Win-Win Strategy…
and Works in an Up or Down Market

Look, I know it’s easy to worry about interest rates… or where the market is likely headed in 2024…

These are all good concerns.

But you know what?

None of it matters.

The strategy of buying options rights does not care if stocks are up or down…

The congresspeople and the billionaires who use this strategy don’t care.

Frankly, I don’t care either.

You know why?

If the market is going up… investors can simply buy the options rights FOR stocks and cash in later when the stock soars.

If the market is in free fall during a recession or slowdown… they simply buy the options rights AGAINST any stock destined to tank.

As the stock value decreases… the value of the options rights soars.

Just consider this trade I mentioned earlier made by billionaire John Paulson.

In 2007, Paulson bought the options rights AGAINST the crumbling housing market that led to the financial crisis of 2008.

As the market got crushed, Paulson made a life-changing $3.7 billion return on his investment.

Another hedge fund trader, Paul Tudor Jones, used the same strategy to bet AGAINST the S&P 500 ahead of Black Monday in 1987.

Stocks were way overvalued, and interest rates were up around 10% at the time.

By the time Black Monday hit and stocks crashed, Jones’ options rights had soared to a whopping $100 million profit.

But billionaires are not the only ones who use this strategy AGAINST investments at the right time.

This Strategy Works Like Gangbusters Even During Market Downturns

I’ve used these option trades to level the playing field through the worst market slumps.

Remember how 2022 was the worst year for stocks since the 2008 financial crisis?

The S&P 500 closed the year down nearly 20%.

So I did what I do best.

At the time, I simply tailored my option strategy for the downturn.

I targeted stocks that my research showed would tank.

This time it was VanEck Semiconductor ETF.

The stock traded at about $196 a share.

I recommended the options rights AGAINST the stock valued at just $8 a share.

What a deal.

As the stock dropped… the value of the options rights jumped for a quick 83% gain.


Same story with Invesco QQQ Trust Series.

It traded at a staggering $300 a share in New York.

That means 100 shares could’ve set you back $3,000.

But since the “little man” options AGAINST the stock sold for a measly $8.84 in Chicago…

Traders could have bought one option contract (100 shares) for just $884.

Within 14 days, those options turned into a fast 75% return.


When options are used the right way, like the way I use them…

Worries about inflation… high interest rates… election jitters… recessions… wars… downturns… upturns… melt-ups or meltdowns fade away…

None of us have control over any of these events anyway.

There’s only one thing left to do.

Find a strategy with the potential to make good returns regardless of what happens in the economy and market.

I hate to say this…

But don’t you think that congresspeople… who sit on the banking, arms service, agriculture, health, intelligence, energy and natural resource committees…

Who craft laws and regulations that affect companies and the broad economy…

Don’t you think there’s a reason why these guys trust the strategy of options rights as much as they do?

They’re cheaper and potentially deliver quicker returns than stocks in any market.

It’s a win-win for them.

Just buy the rights FOR stocks if the market soars.

Or buy the rights AGAINST stocks if the market tanks or moves sideways.

Members of Congress know this.

So do billionaires like Warren Buffett and John Paulson.

In fact, it seems to me that the only people who worry about market jitters, recession and downturns are hardworking, everyday folks.

I believe now’s the time to put the money-making power behind these timely options rights to work for you.

Now let me say this… over my years in the financial industry, I’ve met many individuals who think that options are risky and scary.

It’s like an old folktale passed on from generation to generation.

And it’s done nothing but keep many Americans in a vicious cycle of financial worry and poverty…

I agree… some options techniques involve a ton of risk—like short strangles and straddles.

And people who use some options strategies the wrong way give options a bad rep. 

That’s why today, I’d like to introduce you to…

Affordable Click-Through Options That Could Jump Higher

Again, the option strategy I’m talking about is simply buying the rights on stocks.

Just as Thales did when he bought the rights to olive presses 2,500 years ago…

And just like congresspeople do while they’re locked up on Capitol Hill.

Plus, as long as someone is approved to trade options, they can buy these rights almost the same way they buy a stock.

Each option has a ticker symbol like a stock.

They’re pre-written in the online market and brokerage system…

And cleared at the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

I simply recommend which option tickers to buy or sell.

For investors executing the trade, it can be just a few clicks of the mouse.

Or they can simply call their brokers to make it.

For example…

In March 2023, the banking sector faced turmoil with the crash of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank.

Instead of shying away from the market…

I recommended the options rights AGAINST financial services company Affirm Holdings.

The option sold at just $2 a share.

One hundred shares would total just 200 bucks to control.

In less than a month, the stock plunged.

Yet the value of the rights jumped 42% in that time.


Stock in energy firm EQT Corp sold for about $31 a share.

You bet the options rights sold cheaper, at $1.62 a share.

The options rights AGAINST EQT Corp shot up 103% in three weeks as the stock tanked.


But here’s what’s also great.

My research showed that some stocks were destined to shoot upward even during this general downtrend.

So, I recommended the options FOR these stocks.

Like C3.ai Inc.

The stock traded at $25 a share on Wall Street… or $2,500 for 100 shares.

But traders could have gotten in on the option trade instead, at $3.78 a share, and controlled the same 100 shares for just 378 bucks.

Two weeks later, the options skyrocketed for a 167% gain.


Another example is microchip company Rambus Inc.

The stock traded in New York at $50 a share.

Again, that would mean 100 shares totaling $5,000.

Instead, I recommended the option FOR this stock at $2.84 a share… or $284 for one option contract (100 shares).

Three days after the C3.ai Inc trade, the options rights closed out with an 83% gain on Rambus Inc.


Following my recommendations has proven to make money regardless of where the market or stocks go at the time.

When stocks tank, we buy the rights AGAINST them.

When stocks rise, we buy the rights FOR them.

Up market, down market… none of it matters.

It gives traders the freedom to choose the best way to make money regardless of what happens in the market.

That was my goal when I first introduced this strategy to a small group of readers in December 2021.

And it’s working.

While I’m not right all the time (no one is—don’t believe those who say they are), since I started this service, I’ve had more winners than losers.

I’ve had 14 trades return more than 100% (in fact, 14.8% of my trades have doubled their money), including gains of 146%, 167%, 170% and 235%.

When you have that many big winners, it more than offsets the losses.

My Proprietary Filter System for Pinpointing These Click-Through Options on Your Behalf

To find these affordable options, I use my 20-plus years of experience as a former hedge fund trader and client advisor…

Plus, I harness the power of my own proprietary stock filter system to gain an edge over other traders.

Without getting into the weeds of the diligent process I use…

To find the most promising options that will soar in value, I look for these five traits in a stock.

These are just a few of the metrics I use to determine if the stock will go up.

I agree, my proprietary filter and system for finding the most valued options rights are time-consuming.

But it’s the work I do on your behalf.

As is the work I do now… Allow me to reveal the world of making huge returns from cheap options rights.

Two Bonus Options Trades That Could Pay Back Huge

My system identified two trades, vetted and good to go.

Let’s start with this promising options play in the crypto space.

Options Rights Power Trade #1

Cryptocurrency has been on a massive upward run in 2024.

Bitcoin has surged nearly 50%.

Crypto investors are pumping millions into this space faster than at any other time I’ve seen.

The great thing is, I’ve found a company that hinges on the hot, bullish “NewsQ” in the Bitcoin/crypto space.

The company is a leading and highly regulated crypto exchange platform in the United States.

And it’s grown exponentially, with earnings per share (EPS) estimated to come in at some 481% for the year.

As for share price performance, the 233% gain over the past year easily puts it in the top 2% of all stocks in terms of relative price strength.

As of writing, one share sells for around $240 on the New York Stock Exchange.

For any investor who buys 100 regular shares of this stock, it would set them back a whopping $24,000.

I’ve got a much better deal.

Also, as of writing, the cost of one share via the options rights is $34.80.

That means anyone who can trade options can buy one option contract—which is 100 shares—for just $3,480 (100 x number above).

Again, investors who want in on these trades should move fast to get in on all the upside.

And my research indicates the upside potential could be as high as 7X-10X because even a slight movement in the stock price could send these options bolting higher.

I recommend investors get in right away at the price above to enjoy the ride up.

This next play is even juicier…

Options Rights Power Trade #2

This company is one of the global leaders in its field.

Its product is so integrated in everyday life…

The company saw its active monthly users jump to 602 million in 2023.

That’s a 23% surge.

Plus, it boasts some 236 million paying subscribers. That’s up 15% too.

To be more specific…

In the third quarter of last year alone, its paid subscriber figure surged by 6 million.

And that was well above analysts’ expectations of 4.2 million.

That’s some robust growth right there.

Here’s the kicker. Revenue for 2023 grew 16% year over year, reaching $3.67 billion.

The response from traders to this performance was huge.

Shares spiked from the mid-$160s in October 2023… to over $300 in June 2024.

Yet despite that huge move, I think we could see much more over the next six months.

Wall Street is doing the happy dance on this stock. And that’s great.

But shares sell at a hefty $340 as of July 2024.

Again, 100 shares would set you back $34,000.

Instead, I recommend locking in the options rights at just $22.35 a share.

One option contract for 100 shares would cost just $2,235.

To be fair, the option prices can change quickly. So I urge investors to get in as soon as possible to get the right prices on these two trades.

Special Report

And you’ll get the details… ticker symbol and more… on both trades in an exclusive research report called: Two Options Rights That Could Skyrocket This Summer.

Both of these two trades could move quickly.

Congresspeople, billionaires and other investors are pumping billions into the option market.

Now’s the time to get onboard.

Once you’re cleared to trade options, you can make the trades by simply going to your brokerage account and entering it.

Or calling your broker with the ticker details I recommend.

These two trades are designed to get you started right away and are yours today, as my gift.

Why am I doing this?

To introduce more people to…

High Velocity Options:
My All-Weather Trading Service

High Velocity Options is the name of my exclusive research service.

It’s one of the ONLY places I recommend my selected option trades FOR or AGAINST a stock.

Here’s how it works.

Every day, I use my proprietary system to filter over 6,000 stocks.

I pay attention to earnings, filings…

Including the deep news influencing stock prices and the geopolitical effects on the economy.

My pulse is on EVERYTHING.

You should know that 99.6% of stocks usually get rejected.

Sometimes fewer than 10 stocks qualify at any one time…

Based on my research and market trends, I then decide the specific option trade on that stock.

It could be to buy the options rights FOR the stock…

Or the options rights AGAINST it.

After my full vetting, I send traders an alert with an overview of the recommended option trade…

Including the price and ticker symbol of the trade.

Then when it’s time to sell and take profits, I’ll send an email (or text) alerting investors what to do.

Here’s how to get started.

Special Report

When you agree to take a 30-day trial of High Velocity Options, I will send you my exclusive report, Two Options Rights That Could Skyrocket This Summer.

The two trades in this report are absolutely free to you as a gift for trying out High Velocity Options.

But I also want to give you additional tools to start trading better…

Special Report

That’s why I’ll also send you my BONUS primer: The High Velocity Options Guide To Successful Trading.

This primer is written in plain and simple English.

It will take about 10 minutes to read, top to bottom.

Inside, I reveal my “tricks of the trade” for winning with low-price options rights.

I show you how these options work…

Plus, the specific techniques I use to maximize profits… minimize losses… and lots more.

I’ll share real examples… with specific dollar amounts at play and also reveal how investors can get started without committing a lot of money up front.

But these two free reports are hardly all you’ll get when you join High Velocity Options today.

A Full Suite of Members-Only Benefits Awaits

You’ll also receive…

These benefits are yours as soon as you join High Velocity Options today.

So how much is a full year of High Velocity Options?

“[Jim’s Research] Is What I Use to Guide My 401K and My IRA Investments”
—T. Zimitsch

As a trader who is regularly voted among the top 10 in the world… against 14,000 other traders…

Plus, as a former hedge fund trader and former client advisor at Morgan Stanley…

It’s easy to think a full year of High Velocity Options will cost a small fortune.

Frankly, if we were to set the retail price for High Velocity Options based on the returns I’ve shared throughout this presentation…

One year of High Velocity Options could cost upward of $5,000.

But I didn’t create this service to serve high-net-worth individuals, as I did at Morgan Stanley.

That world is far behind me now.

And remember, it was hardworking, everyday folks who asked me to provide more of these option trades to individuals who want in on this strategy…

To give the “little guy” a fair shot at making regular returns without making huge, risky bets…

Without having to consider market downturns, potential recession, banking crises or wars…

Guys like… Mark Szarnicki from New York, who followed my research and said:

“I quickly upgraded to a lifetime subscription. I like Jim Wood’s approach to investing. I’ve been impressed with his recommendations.”

T. Zimitsch from Maplewood, Minnesota, added:

“[Jim’s research] is what I use to guide my 401K and my IRA investments.”

And F. Daniti from New Jersey told us:

“Jim Woods offers timely and in-depth knowledge of the markets, plus actionable advice I can use. Thank you!”

So don’t worry…

High Velocity Options won’t cost $5,000 a year.

It won’t cost half of that either.

Today, You Can Get High Velocity Options at Half Off the Normal Price

One full year of High Velocity Options usually retails at $1,995.

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Today, you’ll pay only $995 for a full year of High Velocity Options.

That’s 50% off the normal price you’ll find on my website.

But fair warning…

My publisher reserves the right to take this offer offline as he sees fit.

So I urge you to act today.

I’d hate to see anyone miss out on the chance to get in on the kind of returns we’re targeting for the next few months.

One more thing.

If my research isn’t right for you, you can say, “No thanks.”

Let’s cover that.

You Have 30 Days to Check Out My Research

Special Report

When you sign up today…

Begin by diving into everything I’ve promised.

I recommend starting with the free special investment report Two Options Rights That Could Skyrocket This Summer.

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Money-Back Gurantee

If during the first 30 days of membership you think High Velocity Options is not for you…

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So, click on the subscription button below to get started now with my two big options recommendations.

[You can review your order before it’s final]

We’ve covered a lot today.

There’s a decision to make… so let’s wrap up.

If there’s one thing I can urge you to do, it is to not sit on the sidelines anymore.

Congresspeople and billionaires are piling on huge wins trading affordable options rights…

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