I’m Jim Woods, and what I’m about to share with you is absolutely essential to both your personal and financial survival as the economic fallout from COVID-19 continues to affect every dollar you’ve ever earned, saved and invested.

Unless you get the truth now, today, you could find yourself the victim of a sudden and violent market collapse that will send millions to the poorhouse.

Here’s what you are not being told:

And that’s not even the half of it…

So if you think a vaccine or another government stimulus check will turn the economy around for good, don’t hold your breath, because you’ll only turn blue.

The bottom line here is this: It’s only going to get worse.

The pathway to economic normalcy is filled with potholes:

None of this — and I repeat — NONE of this will take place until consumer demand ramps up again. With millions of Americans out of work and out of money, that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

If you’re not worried about your money, your investments, and your retirement, you should be.  We’re not at the end of the wild market swings, but at the beginning

This is not over.

As more companies go bankrupt and even more see their sales and earnings collapse, the giant sucking sound you hear will be the bottom falling out of the market again as millions of investors lose their shirts.

Unless you act now, you WILL be one of them!

But I didn’t send you this emergency briefing just to scare you.  

I sent it to you to lay out a clear blueprint of what you must do now before the bottom falls out again… and prepare you to profit from the recovery that is headed your way, just as I did with my clients and readers more than a decade ago. 

Why Should You Listen to Me?

That’s a great question, and one you should be asking, as my warning is the opposite of what the financial media is recommending. 

Just like in 2008, I was one of the only advisors on Wall Street to warn my readers about the impending crisis. Those who followed my advice avoided financial Armageddon.  

That was no fluke either.

I was recently named the World’s #1 Stock Picker according to the independent ratings firm TipRanks, because my 75% success rate over the past few years delivered an average return of 16.6%.

I don’t mention this to brag, but that was better than over 7000 advisors! 

Which is why more than 100,000 Americans follow my investing advice through my four investing advisories, weekly podcast, and online articles. 

So, if my name sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because I co-authored Billion Dollar Green: Profit from the Eco Revolution, one of the best-selling books of all time on the subject.

Because the forecasts I revealed in this book made my readers a fortune, I’ve been asked to write articles for just about every major financial publication in America, including MarketWatch, Street Authority, StockInvestor.com, InvestorPlace.com, Main Street Investor, and Townhall Finance — all because my forecasts have been so accurate and my trades make money. Here are just a few examples:

In fact, since I launched my Bullseye Stock Trader service 18 months ago, my members have made a killing in the face of this turmoil — piling up 67 double- and triple-digit winners with gains as high as 447%.

What’s more, since the markets started collapsing, I’ve doubled my members’ money three times.

With an average annualized rate of return of 122% over the past 18 months, I can’t think of any trader who has compiled a better track record in the face of this market.

That’s why I’m hoping that you take my warning seriously.

And it’s why I’ve sent you this emergency briefing, The Truth About the Economy, to help you build an effective action plan for your savings, investments, and retirement money — because you’re going to need it, as this crisis has changed everything, including:

In this special briefing, I’m going to walk you through everything I am doing to protect my own wealth — using the same approach that saved my readers during the last collapse. 

My ultimate goal is to help you build an effective action plan to both protect and grow your income, your wealth, and your retirement. 

While I can’t promise everyone will come out of the couple of years unharmed, I can guarantee that if you follow my plan…

  1. You’ll be better off than those who don’t have a plan to protect their wealth, and…
  2. You’ll profit from the market’s wild swings that are in our future.

Truth is, things are looking very dark right now. I know the global economy has been shut down and any signs of recovery could be just an illusion.  

This is why we’ve had so many wild market swings over the past year.

Americans are scared. You can’t blame them. The coronavirus has shut down the entire world!

The chain reaction has thrown millions of Americans out of work, closed millions of businesses, devastated the airline and travel industries, and triggered a collapse in oil prices and corporate earnings.

The only thing you can count on are more gut-wrenching ups and downs as market volatility bounces up and down like a bungee cord on steroids.

Frankly, this is the reality we’re facing. 

The fact is, GDP sank 31.7% in the first quarter — the biggest drop since 2008 — which is why MarketWatch said it echoes the Great Depression. 

And the wipeout is only going to get worse…

These numbers tell the whole story:

All as millions lost their jobs and Americans slashed spending on everything from clothing to cars just to make it through the crisis.

And that’s just the beginning…

New social distancing requirements may make it hard for airlines, hotels, and restaurants to make a comeback — and the deeper we go into this crisis, the worse it will get.

Ultimately, the chain reaction will not only cause even more company failures, but will leave lasting scars on the psyche of consumers, investors, and business leaders for years to come. 

It’s no wonder.

For more than eight months, Americans have been unable to work or leave their homes as they have seen their investment accounts dwindle and their seemingly safe stocks collapse — as farmers are letting crops rot and pouring milk down the drain.

I’m not the only one saying all of this. Economist Paul Ashworth of Capital Economics said essentially the same thing in a recent MarketWatch interview.

The problems the farmers are facing will not only cause a spike in food inflation, it will have Americans eating rice and beans for years to come…

That’s insane when you think about it…

And investors who are betting on a turnaround will lose their shirts for many, many years to come.  

Remember, it took 13 years for the markets to break even after the Tech Wreck of 2000, and it took five years for the market to recover from the Great Recession.

But today’s crisis is far more ominous.

Entire sectors of the global economy have been shut down. Supply chains are disrupted. The government is pumping billions into the economy — that will be chasing fewer goods and pushing up prices.

Tragically, most Americans are totally blind to the inflation story that’s now boiling behind the scenes for two simple reasons: 

  1. The financial media continues to focus on Trump and Biden, and not on the underlying trends that will affect your future, and…
  2. The return of inflation has been Wall Street’s version of “the boy who cried wolf” for the past 20 years.

As a result, 99 out of 100 journalists wouldn’t pitch their editors an inflation story, because the Trump/Biden brawl is a much better story to get clicks and eyeballs.

Yet the handwriting is on the wall… as the Fed pins interest rates to near zero for years to come and, ultimately, allowing inflation to run hot.

Gold will continue to hit new highs, with futures prices up almost 24%!

I’m not the only one who sees what is happening behind the scenes. Investing legend Stanley Druckenmiller sees a huge rise in inflation too, expecting “5 to 10% inflation in the next four or five years.”

While I can’t tell you how far or how fast prices will rise, I can tell you this.

The chain reaction could create a major stock collapse, erasing the gains of the past few months… blindsiding a throng of investors who are just now hopping aboard the stock-buying bandwagon.

Why Most Americans Will Lose Their Shirts

Sadly, it’s the reason why most Americans refuse to believe that zero interest rates, rising gold prices, and global supply chain problems are any kind of problem… or that it will create rampant inflation… or that it could trigger a stock market reversal that would make the Great Recession look like a drop in the bucket.

Here’s why…

Just like in 2008, most Americans simply can’t fathom a huge market collapse could happen even as they see prices go up around them.

In the world of psychology, this denial is called “normalcy bias,” and it leads smart people to minimize threat warnings. The end result keeps them from taking action, as they are stricken with disbelief or minimization, underestimating a disaster’s deleterious effects.

This is why so many Americans lost their shirts during the Great Recession. As the markets started cratering, the vast majority refused to take action — minimizing the signs that the market would continue to collapse.

As a result, millions saw their net worth cut in half from October 2006 through March 2009 — paralyzed and in denial — refusing to take action. 

In a way, it’s no different than those people who refused to leave their homes in the direct path of Hurricane Katrina.  As a result, 1,800 Americans died.

Sort of like the myth about the ostrich that buries its head in the sand when faced with an attack by a predator, hoping it will just go away.

That’s what the majority of Americans are doing right now — burying their heads in the sand, failing to read the handwriting on the wall and going about their business as if everything is okay… and it’s not!

The bottom line is this: 

The coronavirus is still raging and more than half the country is still closed, all as more companies fail and Americans continue to lose their jobs in the travel, airline, retail, and commercial real estate sectors.

Sadly, most Americans even knowing these things will refuse to take action until it’s too late. Even as they see that American Airlines and United Airlines just cut 32,000 jobs!

That’s why most investors will lose their shirts, as they are unprepared to deal with the wild market swings and volatility, thinking, “Everything will be okay.”

It won’t — and that is exactly what normalcy bias leads to.

Here at Bullseye Stock Trader, we refuse to let normalcy bias keep us from protecting and growing our wealth.

We understood the devastating effects of the virus and took action to protect our investment and profits.

This is how we doubled our money three times since the virus hit — all by reading the handwriting on the wall and taking advantage of the market’s gut-wrenching volatility.

This is how we made 91.91% on our AMD June $50 call options… 116.57% on our Microsoft June $160 call options… and 180.13% on our Netflix call options.

All as the market dropped 31% between February and March.

The bottom line is this:

If you don’t take this warning seriously, as we are, you will find the stock market a better place to lose a fortune than to make one as inflation rises and stocks collapse.

This Brings Me to You and the
Critical Choice You Face Today


If you’ve read this far, then you’re taking this inflation threat seriously. Perhaps that’s because you’ve seen the same things happening in the economy that I have:

And it will only go downhill from here…

There will be more price increases headed our way, as continuing manufacturing shortages create a supply/demand squeeze and business spending contracts.

It’s going to get worse as we head into winter, as COVID-19 can spread faster… states and cities shut down again… and millions of Americans lose their jobs for a second time.

In fact, as I write this, New York City is shutting down again!

It’s only a matter of time before we see this scenario playout all over the country.

Mark my words, the market’s volatility will make the past eight months look like a walk in the park, while the coming collapse blindsides investors again.

What should you do?

As I regularly tell my readers, in times like these, investors have three choices:

  1. Sit out the volatility in cash for the next few years,
  2. Hold your positions for the long term or…
  3. Profit from the wild market swings.

Yes, the first approach keeps your money safe, but leaves it at risk to inflation, which is about to skyrocket.  

The second approach, holding your positions for the long term, offers no guarantee for profit. 

Remember, it took 13 years for investors to recover their money from the 2000 Tech Wreck — and five years from the Great Recession — while millions of Americans went bankrupt waiting.

The third approach, which many Americans shy away from, offers you the best hope to save your future. They shy away from this, because they simply don’t know how to profit from the market’s violent ups and downs. 

Yet, that is how the big banks, institutional investors and hedge funds cash in in times like these. They do it by “engineering their own profits,” just as we do. 

By following my three golden rules for engineering your own profits, you, too, can avoid the huge losses unwitting investors will suffer… while grabbing big profits as the markets continue to bounce up and down as if attached to a giant bungee cord.

Let me spell them out now:

Rule 1: Learn to embrace and profit from the volatility,

Rule 2: Think like a business owner, and…

Rule 3: Be strategic, not greedy.

Let me begin with Rule 1: Learn to embrace and profit from the volatility.


If there’s one thing investors hate the most, it is volatility. You know, that sucker punch to the gut you feel when you see your wealth fall into a black hole on a Monday, rise again on Wednesday, and see it repeat the same actions over and over again.

Since the coronavirus disrupted the markets, that is what you can expect from this point forward: a wild roller-coaster ride that has no end in sight.

The fact is, the days are long gone when stock prices moved in a straight line — let alone moved up.

As you’ve seen over the past few months, stock prices are jumping all over the place as if attached to a giant bungee cord — with insane roller-coaster ups and downs that would make the most steel-stomached individual sick.

Yet therein lies the incredible profit opportunity the markets are offering you, because each wild ride up and down creates an incredible profit opportunity. And get this — with payouts that can come in a matter of days — not years.

Depending on the stocks or options you buy, you could be looking at 50%, 100%, even 500% profits — all as the stock market bounces merrily along up and down.

Again, this is how we banked the following gains:

That’s why you must learn to love and profit from the volatility, because it is handing you the opportunity to profit from every wild market swing.

I simply can’t stress this enough:

If you don’t learn to love the ups and downs — and profit from them — it will take years to rebuild your wealth, just as millions found out after the 2008 collapse. 

That’s Rule 1 in a nutshell… learn to embrace and profit from the volatility.

That is the foundation that your action plan is built on — accepting the fact that extreme volatility is the new normal and taking advantage of it.

If you cannot accept this simple fact that volatility is the new normal, you may as well stop reading right now.  Because you will never overcome your paralysis so that you’ll be able to take action.

Once you accept this fact, you will no longer fear volatility; you will look forward to it. You will see profit opportunities others can’t, and won’t sit in fear of the next market drop –instead you’ll make money on it.

Here’s how to capitalize on it.

Rule 2: Think like a business owner.

Once you approach the market like a business owner, I guarantee you’ll weigh into the markets with confidence, take action, and enjoy the kind of money-doubling profits my members are enjoying.

That’s because when you think like a business owner, you’re focused squarely on the bottom line.

As a result, you’ll buy businesses that are making money and sell the ones that aren’t. If there’s a reason why business owners are the most prosperous people in the world, this is it. You see, if there is one thing business owners hate, it’s losing money.

Yes, traders hate losing money, too. But you have to remember you’re not just trading dots on a chart… you’re trading an underlying business with merchandise, employees, expenses, rent, sales, and earnings. 

To be sure, there are technical factors that relate to a stock’s history — and supply and demand — for that stock. That drives the stock up and down, too. 

But the fact is, the No. 1 factor that drives a company’s stock price is its profitability — its earnings from producing and selling goods and services. That fuels the supply and demand for that stock.

When you think like a business owner, you gain a locked-in advantage on virtually every kind of trade you can make.

That’s because, when you focus on earnings, it’s almost impossible for you to lose money on your trades. You’re focusing on the best companies — the ones making money — as rising earnings continue to keep you in positive territory.

On the upside, you’re virtually guaranteed to own the biggest profit-maker, because you’re trading earnings leaders — the stocks everyone wants to own.

This is why when you see stock prices fall, the ones that aren’t making money fall the furthest, while those with incredible financials are more stable. 

Amazon is a good example…

The company is up 68% over the past year, while the S&P is up just 4%. That’s on 40% revenue growth and 99% earnings growth.

Microsoft is another — it’s up 38% and it’s how we made 116% on our call options trade.

Netflix is another — it’s how we made 180% on our Netflix call options. Again, driving those profits were 24% sales growth and 166% earnings growth.

Let’s not forget Advanced Micro Devices, another of our recent big winners, which was up 83% on 26% sales growth and 348% earnings growth.

All of which was made as the market was collapsing. All thanks to earnings.

How We Find the Winners That Could
Double Your Money in 2021

Here at Bullseye Stock Trader, we have found the secret to successful investing is simple: to pinpoint those stocks with the greatest earnings growth, sales cash flow, and earnings momentum, so we can buy them before they declare earnings.

Because our focus is squarely on earnings, we have built what I believe is one of the largest databases of earnings information on the planet, in order to track the predictable movements of both indexes and individual stocks.

This database directs us away from those stocks whose earnings are slowing and whose profits are shrinking.

In other words, it sorts through a National Archives’ worth of financial data and sounds a blaring red alert when it zeroes in on our next trade. This is how we’ve doubled our members’ money three times since the market went to hell in a handbasket.

This brings me to Rule 3: Be strategic, not greedy.

Greedy traders almost always get killed. They make too many trades or they get too emotionally involved. They are in such a hurry to make a trade and bank a profit, they either buy too early or sell too late — piling up losses or giving back profits.

Strategic traders, on the other hand, always make a killing. Here’s why.

Strategic traders are like top poker players. Just like their greedy cousins, they have no clue which card the dealer will turn next. Strategic players fold when they don’t like their cards and will go all in when they love the deal.

Greedy ones don’t always fold, hoping their fortunes will change on the turn of the next card — totally ignoring statistics. 

In other words, strategic traders make calculated “cool hand” trades, because they know the odds of their trades playing out. Remember the great line from the Paul Newman classic “Cool Hand Luke”? “Sometimes nothing can be a real cool hand.”

That’s why we make fewer trades for bigger profits — we’re simply strategic when it comes to pulling the trigger.

And while there are over 100 trades on my radar screen, only a few will hit my trade threshold. 

Two reasons:

  1. We think like business owners, and…
  2. We only focus on the highest quality trades — stocks and options with rich earnings and the highest percentage of paying out. 

Our trading system can be best compared to an Army sniper. But, instead of waiting for the perfect moment to take out the enemy, our system waits for the optimum point to enter or exit a trade.

In other words, we take whatever the market hands us and use the most optimal strategy to profit in that particular scenario.

This is why we scan the markets daily for high-potential trades that are underpriced and/or overlooked based on earnings. Once a stock meets our proprietary trade formula, we pull the trigger and send you the trade…

With simple buy-and-sell signals you can make with a few clicks of a mouse. All you have to do is make the trade with us online or call your broker.

Because we’re not a day-trading service, you don’t have to stay glued to your computer screen 24/7.

And because we’re strategic, you’ll get four to six trades a month, with clear buy-and-sell recommendations, and easy-to-follow instructions to get the trade right every time.

This is why I was named the No. 1 Stock Picker by TipRanks for two reasons:

  1. My trades make money, and…
  2. My action plan is easy to implement.

I will do all the work for you… I perform all the fundamental, technical, and sentiment analysis to pick out the best trades — to protect you on the downside and help you profit on the upside.

Why You Must Act Now

Let me sum up the dangers as COVID-19 has turned the world as we know it upside down.

Single-handedly, it has:

It’s just a matter of time before the money the government has pumped into the economy will create an inflation nightmare that will push interest rates higher.

And while I can’t give you an exact date the tsunami will hit, I can tell you this:

It’s going to hit. And the only way — and I repeat — the only way to keep from getting wiped out is to take action now before it’s too late.

That’s Why We’re Pulling the Trigger
On These Three Trades

All of which have crossed our trading threshold and could match the profits we made in AMD, Microsoft and Netflix.

All of which will continue to rise because they will have the earnings, sales, and market share to grow despite the fallout.

Let me tell you about them now…

  1. The first is an online shopping technology company. Thousands of brick-and-mortar stores are working to continue to keep their stores up and running, and this technology will help do just that. Over the past three months, this stock is up 42% on 46% revenue growth. When earnings come out next, you’re going to see this stock jump again.
  2. The second is going to be another huge money-maker for us as the country races to find a vaccine for this deadly virus. The reason is simple: The company produces software that runs simulations that will speed the development of a vaccine. Up 36% on 22% earnings growth, we see this one hitting it out of the park, too, when it declares its earnings… watch out!
  3. The third is one of my favorite picks. In my opinion, it could be one of the biggest profit-takers in our sanitize-everything post-COVID-19 world. Funny thing is, the company does not manufacture sanitizers — it makes recreational vehicles. When you think about it, it makes sense, as it allows travelers to get out of their homes and see the world without having to worry about getting coughed on in an airplane or staying in a hotel room that may not have been cleaned correctly.

    In other words, it’s like having your own shelter-in-place vehicle. This is why the company’s stock has surged nearly 50% in the past 30 days on 55% sales growth. I can’t wait until earnings come out again.

    When they do, you’re going to see its price surge another 50% and double again in the next 12 months…

Together, these trades, if they play out like our previous winners, are poised to hand our members triple-digit gains and double your money in the next 90 days as the market continues to bounce up and down on earnings.

A Critical Choice

Make no mistake — the continuing fallout from COVID-19 will divide America into two different parts:

  1. Those who see what is about to take place, and position themselves to profit, and…
  2. Those who continue to invest with their heads in the sand, hoping this will all go away, losing everything.

Which side will you end up on? 

You don’t have to have a PhD in economics to end up on the profit side of this great divide. All it takes is the understanding that the economy is primed and set to hand investors devastating losses… and the courage to act before it’s too late.

Just think how far ahead you would be if you had acted on the market’s warnings in 2006 and gotten back in when it hit bottom in 2009. 

Look at the profits you would be sitting on now, if you had side-stepped the dangers in advance of the 2009 collapse: 

Naturally, hindsight is 20/20 and neither you nor I can go back and grab those profits.

But it does prove the point that my trading concept works — by helping you to avoid the market’s dangers while positioning you to profit on the upside.

That’s the whole reason I have sent you this emergency briefing. 

I don’t want to see normalcy bias keep you paralyzed and stuck from taking the action you need to protect your wealth.

This Is Why I’m Willing to Give You
A $1,000 Cash Credit Toward
Your First Trade With Me

Look, my motive is simple and sincere: to give you the ammunition you need to protect and preserve your wealth in these dangerous times.

That’s how much I believe my system will help protect you on the downside and profit on the upside. That is why I am willing to give you $1,000 to make your first trade with me.

Because I see this situation playing out over the next few years, I will also back my trades with a two-year guarantee — I’ll tell you more about it in a second.  

Like I said earlier, the master key to success in trading stocks and options is taking action. All the plans in the world are useless if they can’t be executed. My $1,000 cash credit and two-year guarantee is the best way I know of to get you to take action.

That’s been my mission at Bullseye Stock Trader since I launched it in 2019: to help regular investors profit from the big swings in the market. Removing the risk of taking action is the best way I know to do just that.

This is why thousands of Americans choose to trade with me initially. However, they choose to stick with me because of my results.

You see, since January 2019, we’ve handed our members a total of 67 double- and triple-digit winners, with gains as high as 447% and average annualized gains of 122%.

We expect even more profits in the weeks and months ahead — perhaps our biggest ever. All from the fallout from the coronavirus, as inflation and interest rates rise, earnings collapse, and market volatility skyrockets. The market swings we have seen so far pale in comparison to what is headed our way…

How can it not?

The government’s coronavirus stimulus plan will pump more than $6 trillion into the economy. That money will be chasing too few goods — ultimately pushing up prices.

When the states end the lockdowns, demand will roar back — driving prices even higher, as the supply chain continues to be constrained.

That’s not even the half of it.

The coronavirus pandemic has helped turn the oil markets upside down. 

Who would have ever thought the benchmark price for crude oil in the United States would reach negative $37.63 a barrel earlier this year? Not the oil companies. Not the Saudis. Certainly not the Russians.

Do you realize what that means? Instead of paying $37,630 for 1,000 barrels of oil, you’d be paid $37,630 to take the oil.

These profits can be easily yours, but only if you trade along with us.

Today’s emergency briefing offers you a panoramic overview of what’s about to take place and why… along with a preview of the kinds of opportunities and profits I will bring you when you join me at Bullseye Stock Trader.

Should you decide to take action and join us…

In addition to your $1,000 cash credit, you’ll also receive The Bullseye Stock Trader’s Quick Start Guide to Profitable Stock and Options Trading (a $197 value, yours free).

In it, you’ll discover how I…

You’ll also find The Bullseye Stock Trader’s Quick Start Guide to Profitable Stock and Options Trading will lay the foundation for every stock and options trade I bring you in the weeks and months ahead. That way, you can act quickly and put my action plan to work without hesitation.

And, as I pointed out, all the plans in the world are useless unless you take action.

For simply taking action today, here’s what you can expect to receive when you join my trading service.

Here’s how to get $1,000 toward your first trade.

Since you’ve read this far, I can tell you’re ready to profit from my Bullseye Stock Trader service and receive a $1,000 cash credit you can use toward your first trade.

I also know you can see that Bullseye Stock Trader is a different kind of service… one that will hand you double- and triple-digit gains in both stocks and options as the markets continue to move up and down. 

As such, Bullseye Stock Trader is priced accordingly to reflect this incredible value.

That’s why a year’s subscription to Bullseye Stock Trader regularly costs $1,995.

However, as part of this special introductory offer, we’ll give you a $1,000 cash credit that you can use toward your first trade.

As a result, you’ll pay just $995 for a full year’s worth of Bullseye trades.

There’s just one catch. You need to say yes today… and for the reason I just pointed out.

I believe that the trading service that serves its clients best is the one that moves its members to take action: to profit from the trades I recommend and not just to read about them.

So if you can’t act quickly to take advantage of my $1,000 cash credit, or my Second-Year-FREE guarantee to have 24 double- or triple-digit gains in the next 12 months, chances are you won’t follow my system or act quickly when I send you a buy or sell alert. 

Bullseye Stock Trader is for everyday investors who want to profit from market volatility, who are willing to act on my trades, and cash out quickly.

BOTTOM LINE: If you can’t decide today, Bullseye Stock Trader is not for you. I would be remiss in my obligation to help you profit if I accepted you as a client.

That’s why I urge you to grab this $1,000 cash credit to join us at Bullseye Stock Trader before the opportunity expires in 24 hours.

When you consider that I also guarantee you’ll receive 24 double- or triple-digit winners in your first year, each with the potential to double your money, how can you possibly say no?

So, what do you say?

Trust your instincts and give it a shot.

See for yourself how Bullseye Stock Trader can protect and grow your wealth in these difficult times.

And then decide.

I guarantee it will be the best financial decision you make this year.

Just click the button below to join now.

When you do, you’ll go to a secure order form where you can review everything we’ve talked about. Then you’ll immediately receive my top three picks I discussed today and be able to download your free copy of The Bullseye Stock Trader’s Quick Start Guide to Profitable Stock and Options Trading to begin your membership.

In closing, I want to thank you for investing your time in attending today’s emergency bulletin, and I look forward to welcoming you as a new member to Bullseye Trader.


Jim Woods
Editor, Bullseye Stock Trader