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But I have another important message for you.

Despite recent market volatility, there are literally hundreds of stocks like these currently hitting their 52-week highs, that can provide massive protection for your portfolio.

Make no mistake: There is still A LOT of money to be made in stocks… especially if you know where to look.

That’s why I introduced the bullseye strategy months ago. I specifically target “Always-Up Stocks” that have consistently risen higher and higher. And they have made my investors money when other investments have failed.

My recommendations on these and other stocks have made my subscribers eye-popping profits:

  • Such as the 109% profits my recommendations made on one “Always-Up Stock”, enough to turn every $3,260 into $7,145 in just 84 days…
  • Or the 179% profits on this “Always-Up Stock”, turning $6,200 into $17,345 in just 54 days…
  • Or the amazing 241% profits on another “Always-Up Stock”, this time turning every $6,000 into $20,496 in just 113 days.

With gains like that from this one service alone, my subscribers are ecstatic! Here’s what a few of them had to say:

Janice P., New York: “The advice of… Jim Woods via [his] newsletters has not only given me great comfort in investing but has helped me make more money from trading than I was making on my own. I made the conclusion years ago that it was a mistake to trade from my own stock selections since I got the needed information too late and did not have enough tools to evaluate and understand fully what was happening in the market. My conclusion was to move totally into mutual funds.

Now that I have… Jim advising me what to buy and when to sell, my portfolio is performing much better.”

Daniel M., Alabama: “I started in January (2018) with $520,000, and, today, I’m at $688,000… This year is my best year ever.”

Gene C., New Jersey: “With a small inheritance from my parent’s estate, I was able to pay a major part of my son’s education… paid off a portion of the mortgage on some investment property… and my wife and I are now planning on our retirement. Keep up the good work.”

It’s testimonials like these that inspired me to make this profit promise to a small, new group of Bullseye Stock Trader members:

“Always-Up Stocks” Will Make You Double-Digit Profits in the Coming 12 Months – Guaranteed!


And my profit promise isn’t the only thing you’ll receive as a new member of Bullseye Stock Trader. Here’s a list of the most important, members-only benefits, beginning with the Special Portfolio of “Always-Up Stocks”.

Bullseye Stock Trader Benefit #1: “Always-Up Stocks”: 6 Stocks That Have Gone Up No Matter What

Once you become a member, you’ll have this special investment dossier and portfolio delivered to you via email within minutes. That way you can review the details and specific recommendations on all six of my “Always-Up Stocks” before the market opens the next day.

In this report, you’ll get my research, each company’s name and ticker symbol, and my recommended entry and exit points for the stock and call option trades.

Execute all six of these bullseye trades, and you could potentially add tens of thousands of extra dollars to your account over the coming months.

And that’s only the first benefit of membership. If you join today, you’ll continue to get recommendations just like these each month for the coming year, including potentially triple-digit option trades…

Bullseye Stock Trader Benefit #2: The Bullseye Trader Guide to Options Trading

My new dossier on the six “Always-Up Stocks” also includes detailed recommendations for option trades on all of six of these stocks…

Trades that can potentially double your money in 30 to 60 days… and sometimes TRIPLE it in less than four months…

Even if you’ve never traded options before, I’ve got you covered with a second bonus Special Report. In it, I reveal the inside “tricks of the trade” for winning at options. I’ll show you how options work… how I decides if a stock warrants an option trade… the specific techniques I recommend to maximize profits and minimize losses… and lots more.

Bullseye Stock Trader Benefit #3: 24 to 36 Stock and Option Recommendations Per Year

New trades will come in email alerts directly from me at the rate of 2-3 a month, on average. In each recommendation, I’ll give you the breakdown of each play, why I’m recommending it, and a special option play to pull down income and maximize gains.

Bullseye Stock Trader Benefit #4: Real-Time Buy and Sell Alerts

In this fast-moving, volatile market, I’ll stay in constant touch: every now and then I’ll have a trade to recommend that I want you to jump on right away, and I’ll make sure you receive these buy and sell alerts the moment they arrive – via email and text.

Bullseye Stock Trader Benefit #5: Specific Entry, Exit, Stop-Loss and Target Prices:

You’ll never have to guess if a stock or option is a good buy or not. I will always give you specific entry points, sell prices, realistic targets, and stop losses for all of my recommendations.

Bullseye Stock Trader Benefit #6: Complete Research for Every Recommendation

You’ll always know exactly why I recommend a stock or option trade. You’ll know what to expect and what to watch for. That way, you can invest and profit with confidence.

Bullseye Stock Trader Benefit #7: Weekly Portfolio Updates

Every week, you’ll receive an email from me updating each open position… revealing any big news on recommended stocks… and sharing what I’m looking for in the future. I’ll also alert you if it’s time to take profits off the table to protect your gains.

Bullseye Stock Trader Benefit #8: Conference Call Events

These are live conference calls where I give you my latest thoughts about what’s happening in the markets, and insight into some big trading opportunities that are coming up.  I also answer questions that you may have about current recommendations.

Bullseye Stock Trader Benefit #9: Unlimited Website Access

You’ll have unlimited, 24/7 open access to Bullseye Stock Trader’s members-only website. Here you’ll find everything you could want on my bullseye strategy, including the latest recommendations, time-sensitive updates, Special Reports and archives of past alerts. You’ll also get access to a comprehensive library of all of my current and past research reports.

Bullseye Stock Trader Benefit #10: Exclusive Concierge Services

You’ll have your very own investor services representative at your beck and call to help answer any portfolio and service questions you may have, available 9am-5pm EST, Monday through Friday.

Bullseye Stock Trader Benefit #11: A Special $1,000 Instant Credit (A 50% Discount) off the Regular Price

For an entire year of Bullseye Trader, investors usually pay $1,995.

That’s a screaming bargain when you consider that a single stock or option trade could potentially make you the same amount in a matter of days. 

But I’m is a fierce advocate for my readers, so I’ve arranged for 75 memberships to Bullseye Stock Trader to be available at a much lower price.

In fact, the first 75 people who accept this trial subscription will receive a $1,000 credit off the regular price… which works out to 50% off.

The first 75 new subscribers to respond to this offer will get an entire year of Bullseye Stock Trader for just $995.

It’s a special benefit for listening to the Mad Hedge Fund Trader Summmit.

Bullseye Stock Trader Benefit #12: Your Profit Guarantee

If you’re one of the first 75 people to join Bullseye Stock Trader today, I promise you’ll enjoy double-digit profits from my “Always-Up Stock” recommendations… and potentially TRIPLE-digit profits on the option trades.

You’ll get a full 30 days to decide if Bullseye Stock Trader is right for you. During that time, you receive all the benefits of full membership:

  • All the new recommendations…
  • All the buy, sell and hold prices…
  • All the stop-loss recommendations…
  • All the updates and market analysis…
  • All the take-profits alerts, and…
  • Full membership access.

In the unlikely event you find Bullseye Stock Trader isn’t for you, just let us know within 30 days, and we’ll refund every penny you spent on the subscription — no questions asked.

Any information, recommendations, reports, or profits you received courtesy of Bullseye Stock Trader are yours to keep.

In other words: You have nothing to lose by giving Bullseye Stock Trader a try… and potential windfall profits to gain.

Simply fill out the order form below to activate your trial membership right now!