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Jim Woods here.

Thank you for your interest in my Bullseye Stock Trader stock and options advisory service.

My portfolio of stock and option mega-winners has the potential to completely transform investors’ financial future.

Over the last four years, my strategy delivered an average of 97% in annualized returns.

That impeccable track record is through the pandemic… a 22% stock market decline… 40-year high inflation… and record high interest rates.

Over that time, my stock contract strategy beat the broad market 7X…

And crushed the returns of Wall Street hedge funds a whopping 13X.

Investors just like you been able to make these kinds of profits simply by following my recommendations. Listen to what they have to say:

By signing up today, new members will get my hottest stock and options recommendations as well as updates on all of my other current investment recommendations — and everything else that comes with a subscription, including:  

Two to Four New Recommendations Every Month!

Every week, you’ll hear from me, as I share my panoramic overview of the market and your trades, including the forces currently driving the market and the mega-opportunities they create.

I’ll break down each one of my new trades into simple, easy-to-use recommendations, with exact buy prices for both stocks and options (with the stocks that have options available), profit targets for both, and when I’m looking to sell.

The Bullseye Stock Trader Quick Start Guide to Profitable Stock and Options Trading

In this Report, I reveal my inside “tricks of the trade” for winning at options. I’ll show you how options work… what options’ language really means, the specific techniques I use to maximize profits and minimize losses, and much more.

You’ll get step-by-step details and essential actions you MUST take first as a new Bullseye Stock Trader subscriber. This getting started guide provides clear, concise direction on how to get the most out of your new subscription.

Weekly Hotlines of Bullseye Stock Trader

You’ll receive every new issue of Bullseye Stock Trader by e-mail or text, quickly and efficiently updating you on the latest market moves or changes to our portfolio.

Real-Time Buy and Sell Alerts

In this fast-moving, volatile market, I’ll stay in touch. When the time’s right, I will tell you exactly what and when to buy, and when it comes to take profits, I’ll tell you when to sell.

Specific Entry, Exit and Target Prices

Members will never have to guess if a stock is still a good buy or not. I’ll always give specific entry points, sell prices, and realistic price targets for all our recommendations.

Concise Research

You’ll always know exactly why I recommend a stock or option trade, what to expect and what to watch for. That way, new members can invest and profit with confidence.

Live Customer Service

Should you have any questions concerning our trades or service, our investor relations staff will be here to take your calls every day the market is open from 9am to 5pm Eastern Time.

Teleconference Events

Live teleconferences in which I’ll give my latest thoughts about what’s happening in the markets and insight into some big trading opportunities that are coming up. I’ll also answer questions about our current recommendations.

Investing Master Class

From my good friends at Trusted Trading Institute. New members will learn the seven pillars that can help rig the markets for success, three elements to increase trading results in surprising ways, how to better control long-term profitability… and more. They’ll also get a 30-45-minute one-on-one coaching session with one of their experts.

V.I.P. Access to our Private Website

Not only will you find your trade alerts and weekly updates on the site… but you’ll also get our current portfolio, with buy, hold, and sell instructions. You’ll also find my comprehensive library of current and past research reports here. Download any of them, print them out, and read them at your convenience.

By now you can tell that Bullseye Stock Trader is a different kind of trading service.

So we have priced it to reflect this incredible value.

All of these Bullseye Stock Trader benefits are yours for $1,995 a year.

You’re also protected by my:

Iron-Clad 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

When you agree to test drive our Bullseye Stock Trader, you’re covered by our 100% no-risk guarantee:

Take 30 days to decide if Bullseye Stock Trader is right for you. During that time, you receive all the benefits of full membership.

In the unlikely event you find Bullseye Stock Trader isn’t for you, just let us know within 30 days, and we’ll refund every penny you spent on the subscription — no questions asked.

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