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Woman From Arizona Who Lost Her Job and Income During the Pandemic Reveals:

“How I Got My Dream Life at 52 Using This 3 Minute Strategy – Once a Week”

With it, I have the freedom to live life as I want. I no longer worry about stock market dips, inflation or interest rate hikes. I urge you to take this step right now!


Hi, I am Heather Wagenhals.

Today I have decided to go live on camera because something unprecedented is happening in the financial space that you need to be aware of.

And because of it my life has changed for the better, completely.

That’s why I made the bold decision to share my personal experience with you today.

Here’s how this major change in my life started to evolve.

Back in 2020, at the start of the pandemic my life got shattered.

I lost almost everything I worked hard for… my job… my income. 

I also had to leave the house I called home.

My livelihood was hanging in the balance.

But in a remarkable turn of events, while uncertainty raged through the U.S. economy…

I made a life-changing financial “comeback” with just one NEW idea that was new to me when I started.

It’s generated steady income and helped me build a six figure portfolio.

…afford my dream car… this sporty vega-blue McLaren…

…and a comfortable home to live in.

That’s just how powerful this fresh idea is.

But this isn’t just about giving you the things that money can buy.

It’s so much more. It gave me back my life…. my peace of mind… my freedom.

To wake up every morning and live the life I’ve always wanted…

And not the life I’ve been forced to settle for.

Could this idea change your life like it did for me?

That’s what you’re about to find out right now.


Hi, I am Roger Michalski… publisher at Eagle Financial Publications.

When I heard of Heather’s compelling success story, one thing struck me…

This is the greatest financial “comeback” of the decade.

Because Heather was able to jumpstart her life – from financial uncertainty at 50… 

She built a brand new an income stream and six-figure portfolio using a simple idea that she executed in three minutes, about once a week.

Giving her the means to live comfortably, take better care of her health, buy her dream car, and live life on her own terms.

That’s why I’ve traveled from Washington DC to Arizona, where Heather lives, to get to the bottom of this incredible story.

To get her story and share it with as many people as I could as soon as possible.

Too many Americans are losing their savings thanks to inflation, soaring prices and high interest rates…

Many fear running out of money during retirement.

They need to know about this new income idea, and how it can help ease any future financial worries.

Heather’s strategy used that fresh idea. 

And today you can take full advantage of it to build the kind of life you envision for yourself…

Not the kind you’re forced to live.

With that, let me welcome our guest, Heather Wagenhals.

Heather… good to see you. 

I’d like to start off by saying congratulations on your huge financial success.

Thank you for agreeing to share your story with us… How are you?


I am doing very well. It’s wonderful to see you, and it’s great to be here to share my story with everyone.


I have to say you have the most thrilling financial come-back story I’ve heard in years.

You went from losing your job and your income… to owning that luxurious car, living in a wonderful home, and traveling the world…

Using just ONE NEW idea…

It’s a stock trading strategy that takes about three minutes a week… that lets you earn income from wins just like these:

219% on Vista Outdoor (VSTO)… 298% on Costco (COST)… 156% on Nvidia (NVDA)… and many other we’ll get to shortly.

Better yet, Heather, you made those gains at a time when the pandemic hit… and the stock market tanked more than 22%…

Look, we’ve seen nothing but doom and gloom in the media since 2020.

So forgive me if I say this to you. Why should people believe you? 

Your story sounds too good to be true. 


It does sound like the usual marketing hype.

But it’s not.

The truth is, I did not become financially successful from buying just regular stocks alone.

I’ve been investing for years, and that alone wasn’t the solution.

I had to do something that was completely new to me when I started my comeback.

Sure, I was a little afraid – after all, my financial life was on the line…

But putting this NEW idea to work was so simple…

In no time at all, I had it down to making my trades in just 3 minutes a week. Then, I went about my business.

And if I can do it, anyone can.

Now thanks to this 3 minute strategy…  

I don’t worry when the stock market is down, 10%… 15% or 22%.

It’s just not an issue for me. And it doesn’t have to be for you, either.

In fact I sleep like a baby at night.

Because I know this simple strategy is designed to provide consistent returns…

Week after week, regardless of what happens in the market or economy.

And this isn’t just about money.

It’s about having complete peace of mind…

To know that you’re in complete control of every single living moment of your life…

To have the freedom to live the life you want, not the one you have been forced to settle for.

That’s why I am here today.

So you too could start enjoying financial peace of mind also. 


And you basically lived off this strategy throughout the pandemic of 2020?


Right. And through what followed… 40-year high inflation, the stock market downturn and the massive interest rate hikes of the last year.


Let’s back up a bit for a second.

You said you lost your job, your income and your life got shattered… 

What happened?


Ok, let’s get to all the details- from the beginning.

I have had my own financial TV and radio show for more than two decades.

And while my shows focused on personal finance, budgeting, credit and real estate…

I always stayed away from the stock market or trying to pick investments.

It seemed too daunting to learn, PLUS I have no time to learn it.

Because I was already living a good life.

A life that suddenly crashed down in 2020.

First off, even before the pandemic hit, a MAJOR event disrupted my personal life.

I had to turn my back on the house I’d always called home.

Then three weeks later, the coronavirus started to take hold. The world got shut down.

Still, I thought I was going to be OK.

But then I lost all my speaking engagements. Lost my sponsors for my show…

And most of all, I lost my major income streams.

I was 50 and was starting all over again

And it was a scary time for me.


So how did your great financial comeback evolve?


You see, back in 2019, I interviewed one of the smartest financial experts I’d ever met… for one of my shows.

And because of that I had access to his research.

But I was busy with my good life, so I never went all in on this expert’s research.

Then my financial meltdown hit me during the pandemic…

So I made a major decision. 

To invest whatever cash I had left into this expert’s trading ideas..

Plus you could start with as little as 50-100 bucks in some cases.

And what’s great is you could collect the earnings in a month… two months or sometimes a few days.

That’s why I say this is perfect for the beginning investor to start earning steady income.


Was that the turning point for you?


Oh my goodness…


That’s what I’d like to shout from the rooftops…

That expert whose research gave me my great financial comeback is Jim Woods.

Because from the start of the pandemic… into the months that followed, Jim Woods delivered win after win for me:

From Align Technology’s (ALGN) 126% gain…I collected $3,893

From Nvidia’s (NVDA) 156% gain… I collected $7,794

From Vista Outdoors(VSTO) 219% gain… I collected $2,622

From Generac Holdings (GNRC) 196% gain… I collected $3,843

From Inmode’s (INMD) 250% gain… I collected $2,847

From Steel Dynamics (STLD) 239% gain… I collected $1,241

And from Costco’s (COST) 298% gain… I collected a huge profit of $9,990 in a little over two months.


And these returns are all from this 3 minute strategy that Jim Woods recommends?



I lived off Jim’s recommendations through the pandemic…until the world started to open up again.

And you know what else I did?

I bought my dream car… that racy vega-blue McLaren sports car.

I named her “Moxiee”



These sports cars go for about what?

About $200,000?


Well… a bit more than that.

Thank you Jim Woods.


And that is no doubt, the greatest financial comeback story I’ve heard in years.

And I’ve been in the financial industry for more than two decades. 

I know just about every top financial analyst in the country.

And Jim Woods is a leading stock picker in today’s financial space…

He is a 20-plus-year market veteran with experience as a broker, a hedge fund trader, and a former client advisor at Morgan Stanley.

Plus, Jim was recently ranked the #1 stock picker on the planet – out of 14,000 experts- by Tip Ranks.com.

Tip Ranks is the top industry watchdog that measures and records the performance of all financial analysts and bloggers.


And Roger let’s not forget…

Jim Woods had the #1 performing stock in the Money Show’s 2021 Top Pro’s Report. 

Jim’s top pick – Voyager Digital (VOYG) jumped 244% in less than two months…

Two months…

It blew 120 picks – from the nation’s “top” financial experts – out of the water.


The numbers speak for themselves…

And I dare say this three-minute trade Jim recommends is likely one of the most powerful wealth building strategies I’ve seen.

So Heather, what was the name of this Jim’s strategy that gave you your financial comeback?


This simple, yet powerful strategy is called Stock Contracts.

And it’s all part of a system Jim Woods developed to supercharge your returns on stocks, by 10X more in some cases.

You see, Jim Woods only recommends the stocks that his proprietary system indicates – the ones outperforming the rest of the market. 

And this is where Jim’s system goes into overdrive.

These contracts allow you to use the same shares at a fraction of the cost of regular shares.

And because you can start buying stock contracts with just a little money upfront… as little as $50, $100 or $200 in most cases…

You can turn that small investment into a huge return. 

With stock contracts, you amplify your return on the shares of that company… sometimes by as much as 10X.


OK, I can see where you’re going with this. 

But I am sure most people have no idea what stock contracts are.

Let’s talk about these stock contracts.

After all they helped you build a six figure portfolio.


Sure, let’s dive in.

And you’ll see why stock contracts are so powerful at helping you make quick returns in any market.

You see, when you buy a stock, you own the shares of that stock.

That’s what most people do.

They buy them and hold them. 

And they hope and pray the stock goes up enough to make a good return.

But there’s a way to “squeeze” out up to 10X returns from these stocks.

That’s where stock contracts come into play.

When you buy a stock contract with the Jim Woods strategy…

You only borrow the stock – at a fraction of the cost of buying shares.

And because these contracts cost less upfront… you have less money at risk. 

Plus, any slight move in the regular stock price could double or triple the value of your stock contracts…

Sometimes within days or weeks.


Could you show our viewers an example of how these stock contracts amplified your returns?


Sure I can. I came prepared.

So let’s take a stock we all know well… Netflix.

Jim recommended Netflix in March of 2020… just before the shutdown.

Now the regular stock traded for $354 for a single share. 

When the regular stock jumped to $425… it posted a quick 19% gain in just 22 days.


Most retirees would take a 19% gain in about 3 weeks any day.


I agree…

I would take it too.

But why settle for only a 19% gain?

Why not supercharge your returns and make up to 10X more?

After all, your goal is to attain financial freedom.

And the only way to get that freedom is to get the maximum return possible out of each trade.

That’s why Jim recommended you also borrow shares through stock contracts.

If you did, instead of paying $354 per share for Netflix, you could have borrowed shares for just $34 each (on average).  That’s just 1/10th of what Netflix shares sold for!

Plus, stock contracts turbo-charge the stock gains. 

So, instead of making just 19% on Netflix, 

The stock contract returned a quick 151% gain in 22 days.

That’s 7X the return of the regular stock.

That was a great complement to the regular stock gains.

And it took less than three minutes to buy both the stock contract and the regular stock and move on with your life.


Sounds simple, yet so powerful…

By the way, if you just bought the stock alone, it would have cost you $35,400 for 100 shares of Netflix, right?

Yet you could have borrowed the same 100 shares for about $3,400?

That’s less money at risk, but you still make 7X more money with stock contracts.


Roger, it’s pretty easy to see how I came to the conclusion…

That investing through Jim’s strategy is one of the easiest ways to attain financial freedom.


But I have to say… it can’t be that simple… can it?

I mean for the last three decades you owned your financial TV and radio shows.

You’ve interviewed over 2,000 financial experts…

I am sure viewers are thinking you’ve got to know a thing or two about stocks and stock contracts.


Actually I am happy you brought that up. So let’s clear the air…

In the early 1990s, I was a broker.

But 99.9% of brokers don’t know how to pick the right stocks. 

They’re just middlemen buying and selling stocks all day… 

Just doing what they’re told by higher ups…

Also, I’ve had my own financial show where I talk about personal finance, prosperity, real estate and lifestyle changes.

So yes I can talk about personal finance strategies all day, and all night.

But picking great stocks and investments is a whole different beast by itself.

I have no clue how to pick the right stocks… or how to analyze companies.

And for the record, I CHOOSE NOT to learn how to do it either.

I don’t want to sit and look at charts and historical data all day like these hedge fund guys do…

Or lose my mind looking at numbers on Bloomberg…

That’s not me.

I like to do other things in life. 

Like talking to my audience on my shows…

Spending quality time with my family and friends… 

Taking off for weekends when I want…

Or focusing on my philanthropic work in my community serving veterans and first responders.

That’s what I like to do.

So when people ask me how did you get that car?

My response is usually the stock market.

And they go like… you know how to pick stocks?

Then I tell them, I just know the GUY WHO KNOWS HOW to pick stocks.

And that guy is Jim Woods.

He’s my financial GPS.

That’s why I subscribe to his research.

And I am not going to reinvent the wheel here or try anything crazy with my money.

I just wait to get Jim’s alert…

I buy the stock and/or stock contracts based on his recommendation – in under three minutes… 

And I am out.


And it’s as easy as a few clicks, in your brokerage account.


Easy as 1-2-3.

Look, Jim’s alert gives you the cost of the stock contract and the regular stock…  

You get the buy up to price and a stop loss price.

He tells you exactly when to buy and when to sell… you don’t need anything else. 

But for anyone who wants more, you also get full details on the company, its financials and why it’s a strong recommendation.

That’s how precise Jim’s research is.

If you’re a stock market geek… sure, you’re in good hands.

But you don’t even need to be.

I’m not.

To me, the most important thing is to buy the stock and the contracts when Jim recommends them… then take profits off the table when Jim says the timing is right… 

And live my life.

Look, money is not everything. I get it…

But freedom is everything.

And you get freedom when you don’t have to worry about money.

Look at it this way. Following Jim’s trades gives you the freedom to live life the way you want… 


That’s incredible.

You and all of Jim’s subscribers must be thrilled with these big gains despite what the market was doing during that time.


Truly I am. But in all fairness, not all my wins were big as my returns in the examples I’ve shared.

And there were a few losses – stocks or contracts that didn’t work out – but no one is going to be right every time and I understand that.


I can appreciate that honesty.


Absolutely. Some of these smaller wins Jim delivered were…

$305 on Wells Fargo’s contracts moving up 88%…

$373 on Crocs’ contracts going up 36%, and…

And $724 on Omnicell’s stock contracts going up 51% win…

These smaller wins came in between the bigger ones.

So my earnings added up quickly all while I lived my life.


It’s like a perpetual cash flow system…

In fact, a lot of Americans are cash-starved these days. 

It would be great if households had that kind of extra income right now.

I can understand why you want to pay this forward.


That’s a great point.

And that’s what I have started to do… first with my family and friends…

Here’s what I mean…

Let’s talk about my nephew, Justin, for a second.

He’s a smart kid. At 21, he’s studying engineering at college.

But he went out and dabbled some of his college allowance in the stock market.

He lost a few hundred dollars here and there.

Like me, the stock market just wasn’t his forte.

No worries.

I said, Justin, you need a guide… a financial GPS.  

You don’t have the financial experience Jim Woods has. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Just follow Jim.

And he did.

In 2021, he took $8,000 of his college money and made a return of $3,000. He had 11 grand in all.

In February of 2022… Justin went all in.

Three months later he turned his 11 grand into 30 grand, just by following Jim Woods’ stock contract recommendations.

Buying these stock contracts is so easy…

Even my 21-year-old nephew built a $19,000 account from it in a few months.

Justin is family…

So what about my friends?

I have spread the word about Jim’s services to them too. 

Today as a very grateful trader and a Patriot, I’m sharing my story and paying it forward.


As I said, Heather, yours is the most amazing financial comeback story I’ve ever heard.

But, you’re not alone in your appreciation of Jim Woods’ money-making abilities…

We have tons of subscribers whose lives have changed, thanks to his recommendations.

Here’s what just a couple have said:

K. Mc Daniel from North Carolina said:

“Jim, you did very well for us. Thanks for all you do for our account”

Mark Szarnicki from New York wrote in:

 “I quickly upgraded to a lifetime subscription. I like Jim Wood’s approach to investing. I’ve been impressed with his recommendations.”

Zimitsch from Maplewood, MN added:

 “[Jim’s research] is what I use to guide my 401K and my IRA investments.”

Daniti from New Jersey added:

 “Jim Woods offers timely and in-depth knowledge of the markets, plus actionable advice I can use. Thank you!”

And Jimmy from Rochester, MI told us:

“I really appreciate the learning experience which has been profitable and fun.”


Look, I get it. I’ve interviewed over 2,000 financial experts throughout my career.

Yet Jim Woods is the only one I trusted enough with my money.

I am happy other folks are enjoying success using Jim’s research, as well.

That says a lot.


On that note let’s bring in the man himself, Jim woods.

Jim, thank you for being here in person.


Roger, Heather… good to see you both.


Jim, congrats to you.

Looks like you’re now in the business of changing lives with these three minute trades.


Music to my ears Roger. Music to my ears…

Just listening to Heather’s incredible success story… and it’s a stark reminder of why I wake up each morning to put in the work.

Look, like Heather and many of my subscribers, I believe in the virtues of freedom.

When I left Wall Street and the corporate finance world, decades ago… 

My goal was to enjoy making money from my ranch in California.

Later, I made it my mission to help give hard-working folks on main street a fair shot at financial freedom using every strategy and secret I mastered.


And you have an incredible track record to show for it. We’ll get to that shortly.

But I am sure a lot of people might say they’ve never heard of stock contracts before…

Or a strategy that allows you to borrow shares at a fraction of the cost…

With far less risk than buying regular stocks because you’re starting out with a lot less money upfront…

Yet could deliver 10X the return of regular stocks within weeks, maybe days.

Some people might doubt this strategy exists…

I know Heather did a great job of showing us examples.

But can you tell us why your system works?


Roger, all these are great points.

As Heather mentioned earlier, when you buy shares in a stock, you own these shares.

But when you buy a stock contract, you simply borrow the shares from someone in the open market.

It’s a simple strategy that’s ONLY available through the options market.

Now I know what you’re going to say…


Many people think that options are risky. 

Or  they’re reserved for investors with a huge net worth.


Let me say this… if you’ve heard and believe all the rants about options, it’s not your fault.

It’s like an old folktale passed on from generation to generation.

And it’s done nothing but keep many Americans in a vicious cycle of financial worry… because they miss out on the income power of pairing options (stock contracts) with your regular stock investments.

Here’s why I say that.

There’s more than one way to use options in the market. 

And I agree… some options techniques involve a ton of risk.

And people who use these options strategies the wrong way give options a bad rep. 

But there is also the less-risky option strategy for investors. 

For guys like us… for people like Heather and my subscribers.

And that’s what we’re talking about today.

My strategy is about buying low-cost options contracts that simply allow you to borrow shares at a fraction of the cost.

You minimize your risk by putting a much smaller amount of money upfront to buy the contract. But you get the chance to super-charge your returns.

So, even when the stock price moves just a few dollars, your gain could jump 10X higher.

You can call it stock contracts or option contracts if you like.

But at the end of the day, that’s all there is to this strategy.

For folks like Heather who likes to keep things simple, we can just say stock contracts here.

And we can look at an example again…

This time it’s the wholesale company, Costco.

When I recommended the stock contract in September, 2022…

The regular stock traded at $451 a share… and jumped 26% in about two months.

As Heather would say, I’ll take a 26% gain any day.

But if you really want to make enough money to live life on your own terms…

You’d have borrowed the contract shares, too, valued at just 16 bucks each.

And smiled as the value of the contracts went from $16 to $66…

Here, you could have bagged a quick 298% gain.

10X more than the regular stock.


I have to admit I went big on your Costco play Jim.

Since the contract was so cheap, I borrowed 200 shares for a total $3,429.

That trade gave me a nice $9,990 profit payout in a little over 2 months.

And thankfully… because I was getting wins like this consistently…

Inflation didn’t bother me much at all.

And when I heard talk of high interest rates… I just turned the other way and lived my life.


I could see now how Heather made her financial comeback using these stock contracts.



If you invest in the regular shares alone, you can make enough to buy groceries, pay your bills, make ends meet. 

And that’s still a good help for many Americans who are feeling the pinch right now.

But stock contracts can do so much more…

Give you a down payment on a new car…

Start a new saving fund for your grandkids….

Put a down payment on that vacation home…

Or just build on your savings and retirement accounts.

Just imagine if you had several of these stock contracts paying you week after week.

Like the contract from another company called Vista Outdoors.

The regular stock traded for about $29 a share and returned a 44% gain.

That’s a good return and we’ll take it any day.

But the stock contract was valued at just $3 a share.

In two-months time, the value of the contract jumped from $3 to $9.60 a share.

A quick 219% pay day.


Again Heather, how much did you make from that contract?


Oh boy… I was whale hunting on that one.

I actually took a whopping 400 shares for this contract and it cost just a little over a thousand bucks.

In a little over 2 months I made $2,622 in pure profits.

And that worked well for me. 

Because of the way Jim’s system works… I was collecting income regularly… sometimes twice a month on both the contract and the regular stock.

For example in July, 2021, I invested $4,989 and collected $7,794 on Nvidia.

Then the next month, in August, I walked away with $3,893 from a $3,500 investment in  Align Technology… and $2,873 in profit from a $2,000 investment in  Inmode Ltd.


And that’s freedom, right there.

But Jim, I am sure you’ll agree that all investments carry risk.

And no one should invest more than they can afford to lose.


I agree, totally.

And Heather can attest to that. I’ve had losers too.

If anyone tells you an investment is guaranteed… you should just walk the other way.

But here’s the thing.

Investing in stock contracts is a much better way to minimize risk than buying shares out right.

It helps you sleep better at night. Why?

Because you never have all your money tied up in the market. 

Say you only bought 100 regular shares of Vista Outdoors… it would cost you $2,900.

But if you bought the stock contract, you could borrow the same 100 shares for just $300.

Now if the stock tanks and goes to ZERO, you’d lose $2,900.

But if the stock contract tanks, you’d lose just $300.


Now I’d rather lose $300 any day instead of $2,900.


That’s why it makes sense to put some of your capital into stock contracts.

That low risk buffer is why investing in stock contracts has been my bread and butter.

And I am not giving that up, come hell or high water.


Here’s what I usually say about stock contracts.

Heads, you win HUGE. 

Tails, you don’t lose much.


And Jim that takes us to your overall track record.

Based on calculations from our research team… your strategy delivered a remarkable 97% annualized return rate over the last four years.

And that’s through the pandemic, inflation and market slump.

While the DOW posted just around 11% annually over that same four-year period.

Jim, your track record is over 8x better than the DOW over that time!

By the way folks – in all fairness- Jim’s remarkable results include winners and losers.


And I am proud of that. 

And I’d like to thank Heather and all my readers, for placing their trust in me.

I’m happy I haven’t let you down.

Because I know a 97% annualized return rate over four years can help you erase money worries for good.

Let’s take a look.

If you were to take… say a modest trading account of $50,000… and park it in the DOW with an average annual return of 11% over the last four years…

You’d have $73,450 today.

That’s an overall profit of just about $23,450.

Works out to about $5,863 a year.

But you can’t live off under six grand a year. Can you?

Today’s inflation would eat that up in a heartbeat.

But here’s a much, much better opportunity.

Take that same 50 grand and invest it in my system of pairing both the regular stocks and stock contracts that has averaged a 97% annualized return…

And you’d be up $98,500… in just one year…

Up $194,000 in two years.

Up $382,268 in three years.

And a whopping $753,000 in four years.

It would take you nearly 40 years to get that kind of return from the broad market.

Yet you could have done it in just 48 months… following my system.

Question is: do you have 40 years to wait just to see a great return from the broad market?


At my age, I know I don’t.

Not 10 years… not 20 years… and certainly not 40 years.

Which is why I am grateful I had my financial comeback over the last four years.


And I’m sure our viewers at home don’t want to wait 40 years either.

The great thing is, you can get started right now.

And when you do, whatever happens in the market or economy, will be the least of your worries.

Look COVID came. The market crashed. And we did great.

The market was down more than 22% in 2022.

401Ks got hammered.

Interest rates skyrocketed.

And my readers who followed my research still made a killing.

If you’re doing better than 97% annually… congratulations.

You’re already in the company of the world’s greatest investors. 

You might not need my research.

But the truth is most people, or even Wall Street big boys, aren’t pulling that kind of result.


Oh since you brought that up…

Did you know Forbes reported that the average Wall Street hedge fund saw annualized returns of a measly 7.2% over the last five years?

That means your research also beat Wall Street by a whopping 13X.

Thirteen times!

Heather and your subscribers did better than all those wealthy folks who pay Wall Street an arm and a leg to manage their money.


I didn’t know that.

Jim, you really are a lifesaver.

And folks, that’s why we’re here today.

That’s why I have this profound sense of gratitude to pay this forward.

I want you to get started today with Jim’s strategy.

To help you, I’ve negotiated a special deal with Jim Woods and Eagle Financial Publications.

I am sure we’ll get to that shortly, right?


Yes we will.

But before we get to that, one last thing.

How does it all work?


Without getting into the weeds, I’ll tell you this…

Every stock contract must come from a stock with these 5 characteristics:

  1. The stock must have strong share performance against the rest of the market in the last 6 -12 months. To find these stocks, I whittle the universe of 6,000 stocks down to the top quintile. But I continue to narrow down my list because…
  2. The stock must also have strong earnings per share growth that outpaces other stocks. It’s the only way to effectively measure the potential value of your shares in the months to come.  And this means we’re picking stocks with actual earnings, not risking our money with stocks based on “potential”.
  3. The company must also be an industry leader in its field. These companies usually outperform their peers and the smart money flows into these companies, pushing up the value of your shares or contract upwards.
  4. I also look at technical analysis to determine price momentum. That way I know if the stock is overbought or under bought. The answer could determine your potential profits on shares and on each stock contract.
  5. Lastly, I look at what I call News Q. It’s the news or events that could trigger a surge in the stock price. Some of the biggest fortunes have been made on stocks that moved on specific events like Apple’s release of the iPhone or FDA drug approval announcements.

Notice I only look for the best-in-breed stocks, and companies that are not only profitable, but are growing their earnings.

These are the kind of stocks you’d want to own in your portfolio anyway.

That’s why I recommend buying the regular shares of these stocks alongside the stock contracts.

You get the best of both worlds. 

While our stock contracts delivered triple digit gains like 156% from Nvidia… 447% from Match Group… and 250% from Inmode Ltd…

We bagged smaller gains like 12%… 17% and 67% on the regular shares too.  We even had 244% in profits from a stock in under 2 months!

As we’ve been saying, we’ll also take these small wins any day.

And we cash out on these smaller gains on the stock the minute we cash out bigger gains on the stock contract.

And Heather you can confirm that.


Right. While the gains I made on the regular shares were smaller, they’ve been a great addition to the stock contract gains.

I could go on and on…

But the point is… You bet these small gains add up- FAST!


Heather, these are the same companies whose stock contracts made you thousands of dollars.

And yet you still walked away with a few hundred dollars from the regular stock as well.

Jim… your system is really changing lives.

It’s firing on all cylinders.


Oh and let’s not forget Voyager Digital, Jim’s #1 pick at the Money Show that outperformed 120 other experts?

I walked away with a whopping $6,540 on the regular shares after investing $3,458.


That’s why if you followed my system as Heather did, you could have made a 97% annual return rate over the last 4 years…

My aim is to help you… to at least see the path to financial freedom.

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You will see real examples… with real money at play and how you can get started with as little as $50 to $100 in some cases.


I just want to add…

When I first read the primer, it really helped me understand this strategy.

It’s written in plain and simple English. And will take you about 10 minutes, top to bottom.

If you can buy a stock, you can also buy these contracts.

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After that, buying a contract is as easy as a few clicks in your regular brokerage account.


In about 3 minutes, right?


Let’s just say in about two and a half minutes.

I use the remaining 30 seconds to do my happy dance because I know it’s potentially new income coming in.


That’s great to hear. Heather, can you show us the happy dance?  (Heather dances in her chair).

I love it!!!

Jim, what else do folks get when they sign up to start earning income with your stock contract strategy?

Because I am sure the primer is not all they’ll receive today.


That’s not even the half of it. 

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My pleasure…

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Sounds good Jim.

Heather, any final comments from you?


Since we’re on the final home stretch, I just want to remind our viewers at home of this opportunity.

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Earning steady income like…

If you consider the last four years…

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Jim’s research could have shown you a 97% annualized rate of return.

I am thrilled I made Jim Woods my financial GPS by subscribing to his research.

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Well said Heather. And Jim?


Thank you Roger for having me today.

And Heather, thank you for sharing your success with us.

And to you who will be joining us in the next minute… welcome aboard.

I look forward to the wealth we will be building together.


Jim and Heather, thanks to you both for joining us today.

We’re out of time folks.

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