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A Case of Cognitive Dire Straits

July 10, 2024

After watching the recent debate between President Biden and former President Trump, I was left truly dumbfounded. First, Donald Trump managed to be relatively calm and collected, traits not usually associated with the former president. Yet for Mr. Biden, well, I found myself astonished by the man’s obvious mental meltdown. Anyone who viewed that debate […]

Born on the Fourth of July

July 3, 2024

“Jim, why do Americans always think the United States is the greatest country in the world? Don’t the French say France is the greatest country? Don’t the Russians say Russia is the greatest? Isn’t it all just an accident of birth?” This is a question a friend posed to me recently, as she knew I […]

FreedomFest! ’24

June 26, 2024

Freedom (I won’t let you down) Freedom (I will not give you up) Freedom (Gotta have some faith in the sound) You got to give what you take… –George Michael, “Freedom! ’90” During the height of the MTV years, singer George Michael released a video for his hit, “Freedom! ’90.” The provocative video featured some […]

A Juneteenth Holiday ‘Ask Me Anything’

June 19, 2024

It’s Wednesday, June 19, also known as “Juneteenth,” and financial markets are closed in observance of the holiday. Now, Juneteenth has only been a recognized federal holiday since 2021, so it’s not that surprising to me that a few readers wrote me this morning to ask me why the markets were closed (and why the […]

The Truth Is Out There (My Visit to Mar-a-Lago)

June 12, 2024

“Jim, how would you like to come to Mar-a-Lago and meet President Trump?” That’s what a wired-in colleague of mine asked me recently, and knowing this man as I do, he was not asking in jest. Now, I must say that my initial reaction to the possibility of meeting Mr. Trump was a mixture of […]

I’m the New Mr. Wonderful

June 5, 2024

Want to take a guess at what one of my favorite TV shows is? If you thought of CNBC’s “Shark Tank,” then I’d say you know […]

Oh, Mexico

May 29, 2024

Oh, Mexico Oh, Mexico, I’ve never really been but I’d sure like to go Sing, whoa, Mexico, I guess I’ll have to go now –James Taylor, “Mexico” The presidential election is just about six months from now, but so far in 2024, investors have largely ignored politics. I suspect that will gradually begin to change […]

More Ugly ‘Tearing of the Flesh’

May 22, 2024

Well, it happened again. Over the weekend, I witnessed more of the ugly personality trait that I find subversively vexing, caustic and very revealing. That behavior is sarcasm, and it’s a hostile trait that should be avoided in others and in ourselves. The presence of sarcasm, especially between life partners, is especially irritating to me, […]

Sir, How Do I Get One of Those?

May 15, 2024

I pulled up to my local Starbucks the other day in my not-so-subtle, python green Porsche 911 twin-turbo cabriolet. Admittedly, this car attracts a lot of attention, sometimes wanted and sometimes unwanted (think Highway Patrol here). Out front of the Starbucks there was a cluster of teenage males who had paused their conversation to ogle […]

Still a Stormy Case of ‘Word is Bond’

May 8, 2024

In former President Donald Trump’s universe, the past 24 hours have been a severe case of, shall we say, “Stormy weather.” Now, as much as I would like to say this salacious case of the alleged Trump-Stormy Daniels hush money payment and election interference trial isn’t on my mind, how could it not be? I […]

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