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Your Monthly ETF Sector Spotlight — Energy


Want a detailed look at a different subsector of the ETF universe each month? Of course you do, and that’s why at, we provide this analysis — absolutely FREE.

This month, we take a look at our Top 10 Energy ETFs, a list that you can use to benefit from one of the biggest, and potentially most powerful, investment themes we’ve seen in the last several years, something I call the North American energy renaissance.

Thanks to technological advances such as horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, oil and natural gas production companies now are able to explore and unlock U.S. energy resources in ways they haven’t before. That’s caused a huge economic boom in many sectors, and taking advantage of that boom is what many of our Top 10 Energy ETFs are doing.

To see which funds made our Top 10 Energy ETFs list, get your ETF Sector Spotlight today!

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