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Market Update 11/23/2005

By seadmin

Solid gains in the equity markets have pushed the Dow Jones Industrial average into the black for the first time since March of this year. The S&P’s gains have pushed that index to its highs for the year, while the Nasdaq has been on a tear hovering at a four-year high. A few more days like this and we may eke out a decent gain this year after all.

Markets can turn on a dime. Our shopping list was ready to be put to work when Monday’s strong close pushed us over the edge of our pre-determined buy point. My Successful Investing subscribers re-entered the markets with a fresh perspective on a shifting market.

The changing of the guards we witnessed brought growth back into the foreground as value and energy stepped out of the limelight. As a result, our buy recommendation focused on good, solid growth ETFs that are poised to carry this market through the upcoming growth season. Remember what I have said about November through April presenting the best growth opportunities for the entire year.

Stepping out of a declining market helps a trend-follower assess a rotation in the market and plan and prepare to re-enter with the new market leaders. This is a very important point to remember and it is at the heart of the Fabian Trend-following Plan. It is also, obviously, the best way to make and keep big gains in the market.

Our current buy allocation to the markets puts my Successful Investing subscribers 100% invested so we can take 100% advantage of the strength this market has to offer. Interested in what we’re buying? We just re-entered this market and, as you know, the key to making the biggest gains is to be in at the beginning. Want to know what we just bought yesterday? Subscribe to Successful Investing right now and you will get our recent allocation advice just in time for the big gains.

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