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Market Update 11/16/2005

By seadmin

The market has made impressive gains over the last couple of weeks, but the upward momentum seems to be losing steam as investors weigh inflation and earnings prospects.

Fed chairman nominee Ben Bernanke’s comments reveal that he, like Alan Greenspan, is intent on battling inflation. He may be slightly more formulaic in his approach, but Bernanke seems to promise a fairly seamless transition from the Greenspan years to the new era at the Federal Reserve.

On the international front, Japan appears to be emerging from its 14-year malaise, and South Korea is on fire as its established economy is growing at a rate of about 6%. The international market is rife with opportunities and I encourage you to consider allocating as much as 30%-50% of your entire portfolio to select international ETFs.

The U.S. is just not growing at the rate of many emerging nations, particularly in Asia. China foresees continued growth in the area of 9%, while the U.S. anticipates growth in the neighborhood of 3%.

It’s not un-American to buy international funds. In fact, it’s very American to follow the pursuit of making and keeping a buck. In fact, it’s the American Way. It’s the classic "follow the money" scenario and the money is pouring into the Asia Pacific region.

I am currently advising my Successful Investing subscribers to take a larger position in international investments, particularly those in the Asia-Pacific region. I am recommending that my subscribers make an allocation to the Japanese and South Korean ETFs with an appropriate distribution of assets. And I am carefully watching China as well as those countries that benefit from her explosive growth.

The world is changing and you have to consistently rethink your strategy. That’s what I do. I have to in order to keep my investors on top of the most influential trends that drive the big gains. And getting in at the beginning of those trends is where most of the money is made.

Most investors are over 90% invested in domestic markets only. That’s just not going to cut it. The U.S. economy is fraught with challenges and it’s time you explored ways to safely invest beyond our borders. And there’s no better way than with the unbelievable selection of ETFs traded on our very own Wall Street, making it easy for your to safely garner big yields in the international arena.

Would you like to know the names of the ETFs my Successful Investing subscribers just bought to jump in on the gains in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as the tech funds that I foresee overshadowing all of the others? If so, then you should try Successful Investing free for six months and I will name names —not just today, but for every buy and sell signal for the next 6 months while you decide whether or not you want to keep your subscription. And even if you cancel, you will get every penny of your money back and 6 months of some of the best investment advice available today. You have nothing to lose, so check it out:

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