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Market Update 01/25/2006

By seadmin

Last week’s wild ride in the stock market proved the importance of a strong sell discipline. Last Wednesday’s tumble in Japan and the spillover effect we witnessed here in our own markets had us selling our international positions right at the starting gate in that day’s session. Once again the prudence of the Successful Investing plan paid off, as we protected double-digit gains in a couple of those positions before Friday’s bloodletting, which sank the Dow in its biggest one-day loss since 2003.

While last Wednesday’s drop was attributed to the negative sentiment and suspicions in Japanese equities, Friday’s slide had everything to do with the fact that oil prices hit a three-month high, plus investors’ skittish sentiments about earnings.

Buyers have not re-entered the market in earnest yet, but we also haven’t seen any dramatic selling activity since Friday’s blow. As a result I advise everyone to just sit tight and watch their positions carefully. Successful Investing subscribers are advised to stay vigilant to their email right now as I may be issuing a "Special Bulletin" at any time.

"Special Bulletins" inform my subscribers the moment I issue a "buy" or a "sell" recommendation. The most valuable part of being a Successful Investing subscriber, the Special Bulletin advises immediate action, much like last week’s Special Bulletin that advised immediate selling activity in the international arena to protect those gains I told you about. And it worked like a charm as we avoided ugly profit erosion and banked some serious cash.

Subscribers are now in Alert mode, which means they are advised to hold onto their money and pay attention to their email because I may send them a signal at any time. Would you like to be in on that action? For just 50 cents a day, you can. Find out how right here:

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