Living Large: A Different Perspective — Part II

June 25, 2008
By seadmin

Last week, I told you about an article in the Los Angeles Times that profiled a man who lives frugally but happily on a boat. The article got me thinking about all of the things we could do with much less in our lives in terms of spending, if we wanted to do so.

I came up with a few good ways we can all save money, and the some of the best included:

  • Driving less
  • Not going to Starbucks
  • Clipping coupons
  • Cooking at home rather than eating out
  • Lowering your mortgage or rent
  • Buying a cheaper, more fuel-efficient car
  • Paying off your car and not buying a new one

Now I know there are many more great ways to save, but I wanted you, the Alert reader, to tell me your favorite ways to save.

Here are some of the best — and most humorous — reader suggestions to help us all save money:

  • Pay yourself first. Always save a portion of your paycheck.
  • Pay off all of your non-mortgage debt, and get rid of your credit cards. If you cannot pay for something when you buy it, do not make the purchase.
  • Live within — or preferably below — your income, and save the rest in a "rainy day" account.
  • Rich people build wealth before they buy toys… I learned this the hard way, and did it backwards. Save the toys for when you can really afford them.
  • Buy a car that works for you, and not one designed to impress people at a red light who you’re never going to meet.
  • Get rid of that $300 per month health club membership.
  • Increase your insurance deductibles

I really like all of the above suggestions, as they all are great, practical ways to save. From a personal perspective, my two favorite suggestions came to us with a bit of ribald and a bit of politically incorrect humor.

First, the ribald:

  • Always shower with a loved one. It reduces your water bill and improves your love life.

And second, the politically incorrect suggestion:

  • Stop buying the print editions of liberal newspapers like the Los Angeles Times, New York Times and Washington Post. You’ll save money and you’ll stop your brain from rotting.

Hey, you gotta love Alert readers!

Thanks one and all for your great suggestions.

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