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Introducing Jim Woods’ High Velocity Options PLUS

The Ultimate “Catch Up” Retirement Plan

Bank Bigger Gains in 3 Weeks than the S&P 500 Did in 9 Years!

  • In 2022, Jim Woods’ High Velocity Options system banked gains as high as 235% in just 22 days – about the same amount the S&P 500 Index made in 9 long years.
  • With this track record, every $20,000 invested could turn into $130,993 in 36 months… and into a whopping $458,562 in 60 months.
  • And now Jim is about to recommend his NEXT triple-digit winner, as soon as this coming Monday…

Dear Friend,

I know it sounds hard to believe. But no matter what’s happened to your retirement savings over the past few years, you really CAN “catch up.”

In fact, you can do a lot more than that. You can actually get way ahead of your investment targets.

How do I know?

Because that’s precisely what a group of beginning option traders did in 2022.

Risking small amounts on inexpensive call and put options, they saw profits of 100% or greater month after month in 2022…

Here’s what the Dow Jones Industrial Average looked like in 2022…

And here’s what the same Dow Jones looked like with all the winning trades we made throughout the year.

As you can see, it’s easy to catch up on your savings and retirement targets when you’re banking a triple-digit winner every month on average.

With an average annualized rate of return on all closed trades of 87.1%, every $20,000 could potentially turn into $130,993 in just 36 months… and into a whopping $458,562 in just 60 months.

And the best part is, we made many of these winning trades even when the S&P 500 was down -21% and the Nasdaq was down -29%.

Talk about catching up…

When you profit this consistently, even in a down market, you have the chance to get back every cent you may have lost in the past couple of years.

Here’s an example of what I mean: Alibaba Group (BABA).

In May 2022, the U.S. stock market was plunging yet again. The Dow hit a bottom of 29,888 on June 17.

But the option trading system I use saw a unique opportunity in the Chinese manufacturing giant Alibaba.

On May 17, 2022, I recommended that subscribers to my trading service buy the July $105 call options for only $460 per contract, even though the U.S. stock market was in free fall.

They were able to control 100 shares of Alibaba stock for only $460 instead of around $10,000 had they bought 100 shares outright.

And boy, were they happy with this trade!

In just 3 weeks , those same option contracts rose in value to $1,541 each – even though the U.S. stock market was going down, down, down.

If you had invested just $460 on this trade, you could have walked away with an extra $1,081 in pure profit.

If you had invested $4,600, you could have had an extra $10,810 to add to your savings.

That represented a real-world gain of 235% in just 22 days.

Bagging winners like this is precisely how you catch up when your account is down.

Now you might ask yourself: How long would it have taken to make that much just investing in the stock market – for example, in an index fund?

Well, the S&P 500 Index rose from 1,416 in November 2012 to 4,766 in December 2021 – a gain of 236% in 9 years and 2 months.

Put another way, in 2022 you could have made in 3 weeks what it took an S&P 500 Index fund nearly a DECADE to make!

That’s why trading options this way is perfect for catching up on your retirement… especially now, at a time when no one’s salary is keeping pace with inflation.

It’s the ideal way to get back what you lost in the past few years because it compresses the time it takes to make triple-digit gains.

And triple-digit winners like that 236% one weren’t unusual in 2022.

In fact, we grabbed them month after month.

If you had followed my recommendations throughout the year, you could have banked…

… 128.5% in 6 days on DJ Internet Index First Trust (FDN) call…

… 103.7% in 17 days on VanEck Gold Miners ETF (GDX)…

… 128.7% in 14 days on Mosaic Company (MOS) calls…

… 146.8% in 24 days on S&P 500 Energy Sector SPDR (XLE)…

… and 117% in 41 days on Matson Inc (MATX)…

… to name just a few examples.

And remember, we made these triple-digit catch-up winners in 2022… one of the WORST markets for investors in 20 years!

Plus, you didn’t have to take any big risks to get started with my “Catch Up” Retirement Plan. You could have gotten into some of these trades for as little as $160 per trade, investing as little or as much as you wished.

And best of all, making these trades is a piece of cake! It’s as simple as buying shares of stock online.

You just follow the simple instructions I give you to make the trade, and presto! You’re done!

Profiting from My 25 Years as a Hedge Fund Trader and Market Analyst

Hello. My name is Jim Woods.

I was recently ranked the #1 trader in the world by TipRanks out of more than 14,000 competitors – and have consistently ranked in the Top 10 for the past couple of years.

I’ve been doing this for 25 years.

After the Army and college, my first real job was working for seven years at Investor’s Business Daily in Los Angeles.

After that, I was “in the trenches” as a trader at a private hedge fund.

From there, I went on to be a client advisor with Morgan Stanley before finally becoming a full-time market analyst and financial newsletter editor, working first for the Fabian family and then at Eagle Financial Publications.

So, I know what I’m doing.

And after decades of real-world trading at hedge funds and as a client advisor, I know what works when it comes to multiplying your wealth in bull and bear markets.

And my readers agree. Here’s what a few of them have written to tell me:

Today I’d like to introduce you to the system behind my “Catch Up” Retirement Plan.

It’s a revolutionary new options trading and investing service that I have developed called High Velocity Options PLUS.

The trading system behind this service lies at the heart of all my options trades and has helped me average one triple-digit winner a month since 2019.

This system has made ordinary investors all over the world literally THOUSANDS of dollars a month, even in a down market.

That why I call it the ultimate “Catch Up” Retirement Plan

Here’s how it works.

My High Velocity Options are typically “slightly out of the money” call or put options with an expiration date in just 30 to 90 days.

They are fast trades that can generate double- and triple-digit profits virtually every month, no matter what’s going on with the market as a whole.

And when I say fast trades, I’m talking about taking profits in weeks, sometimes even in just days!

Plus, if you follow my long-term investing recommendations that come with High Velocity Options PLUS, you can keep the bulk of your money safe in conservative income investments like Treasury bills – and STILL generate lots of extra cash!

It’s a perfect system for retirees who want an extra source of income but don’t want to put their portfolios at risk in an uncertain stock market.

It’s also perfect for making a financial comeback or catching up on retirement or as a shortcut to your golden years. It’s a way to make 9 years of index fund profits in just 3 weeks.

And as I mentioned, you can start small and just test it out.

Here’s another example: Costco (COST).

In February and March 2022, stocks were plummeting.

There was a shortage of baby formula, store shelves were beginning to be empty, and everyone was worried about sky-high inflation numbers.

But there was one company that my High Velocity Options PLUS system was flagging for a BIG BOUNCE… a certain big-box retailer.

The problem was, it would have cost you a whopping $50,000 to invest in 100 shares of Costco back then.

But the options on Costco shares were relatively cheap compared with the price of the stock.

As a result, on February 22, 2022, I told my subscribers to considering buying Costco’s June 17 $540 calls at $1,840 per contract.

This was a little more than we usually pay per contract.

But my indicators showed Costco was oversold, and I expected the underlying shares would rally big-time.

Well, I was right.

Costco shares hit bottom at around $486 per share on February 24 and then started climbing. And climbing. And climbing some more.

By April 5, Costco shares were selling for around $575 per share. And the June $540 calls were selling for $4,980 per contract, when I recommended taking profits.

If you had just made this one trade… risked $1,840… you could have walked away with $3,140 in profits.

That was a gain of 170.5% in 42 days – and you only had to invest $1,840, not $50,000.

This is why I love trading options.

You can often make even MORE money than you would investing in stocks, and yet you risk only a fraction of your capital doing so.

And as I keep saying, it’s the ultimate way to catch up on your savings so you never have to worry about running out of money in retirement.

Here’s another example: Wells Fargo (WFC).

I recommended Wells Fargo shares back in February 2021 when they were selling for around $36.60 per share.

Everything was lining up nicely: strong relative price, rising earnings, industry leadership… the technical analysis pointed to a strong breakout…

As a result, I recommended that my readers and followers buy call options on Wells Fargo.

The $40 May calls were pretty cheap: just $164 per contract.

Investing $164 would control 100 shares – and $1,640 would control 1,000 shares.

To own those same 100 shares outright would have cost you $3,660… And to own 1,000 shares? You’d have had to fork over $36,600.

You tell me, which trade has more at risk?

Well, sure enough: The stock took off and quickly rose to around $46 a share – a nice 25.5% gain in just over 2 months.

But the call options did FOUR TIMES better!

The call options rose from $164 to $331 per contract in about the same amount of time – a gain of 101.8% in just 63 days.

If you had bought 10 contracts for $1,640, you could have doubled your money.

Here’s yet another example: Steel Dynamics Inc. (STLD).

In early March 2021, I recommended the stock when the shares were selling at around $43 a share.

I knew that Steel Dynamics was seeing strong relative price performance, with the shares up some 61% over the previous 52 weeks, and its reported earnings per share had surged 56% year over year to 97 cents.

For that reason, in addition to recommending Steel Dynamics shares ($43 at the time), I also recommended that investors consider buying the May $50 calls.

They cost just $1.25 when we recommended them… or $125 for one contract of 100 shares… $1,250 for 1,000 shares… and just $2,500 for 2,000 shares… you get the idea.

That’s the great thing about options: You can often control a lot of shares for very little money.

Had you wanted to buy Steel Dynamics shares outright, 100 would have cost you $4,300, and 1,000 shares would have set you back $43,000.

So how’d the trade do?

Just as I thought, in 2021 the old-school sectors were coming back to life and Steel Dynamics surged upward, from $43 per share where we bought it in early March to $55 a share by the end of April.

The “out of the money” calls quickly became “in the money” calls – and rose from $125 to $279 per contract.

That was a profit of 123.2% in just 42 days.

That’s why I believe serious investors who want to generate extra cash from their portfolios should seriously consider trading options.

These are trades that often DOUBLE your money in 30 to 60 days… and sometimes more than TRIPLE it in less than 3 months… as we did with Alibaba in May 2022.

The Little-Known Secrets of Successful and Consistent Options Trading

Now, you might be thinking: That all sounds great, Jim… but isn’t trading options risky?

And you’d be right: Trading options can be risky, if not done correctly.

However, there are three secrets to trading options that knowledgeable investors understand – and that help them consistently bank hundreds, even thousands, of extra dollars month after month:

Secret #1:

When done right, investing in short-term options could hand you at least one TRIPLE-DIGIT winner per month on average, as we’ve seen.

For example…

In November 2022, I told the same subscribers to collect their 117% gains in 23 days on ConocoPhillips (COP) call options.

In November 2022, I told subscribers to take profits on VanEck Semiconductor ETF (SMH) call options I had recommended for $630 per contract and which were then selling for $1,370 – a profit of $740, or 117.4%!

In early January 2023, I also told them to collect 134.4% gains in 30 days on Vale S.A. ADR (VALE) calls…

I’m telling you this not to brag… but simply to show you that experienced option traders see triple-digit gains like these on a REGULAR basis.

In fact, we count on them.

But that’s only part of the story.

And that leads me to the second secret to generating extra cash with options…

Secret #2:

Options can reduce risk.

The options trades I recommend only cost between $50 and $2,000 per contract, thousands less than owning shares… so trading options puts less of your money at risk per trade.

The risk in your options trades is strictly defined.

At least the way I trade, you can never lose more than you paid for the option.

And as I said, your potential profits can often be A LOT more than 100% – sometimes 200% or 300%, or even 400% or more.

And I have to admit, it’s a lot of fun to make four times your money on a single trade.

But it’s the consistency that really counts… the ability to have more winners than losers and to make sure that the winners are A LOT BIGGER than the losers.

Now, there is ONE LAST secret I’d like to discuss.

Secret #3:

The triple-digit winners MORE THAN make up for any losers overall.

The truth is, not all my recommendations pan out with huge wins. Some have smaller gains of only 20% or 40% – and some even lose money.

Here’s a sample of the first six months of one service using my option trading recommendations:

But here’s what inexperienced investors don’t realize:

If you do it right, the winning option trades MORE THAN make up for the losers, by a huge margin!

After all, the MAXIMUM you can lose on any one option trade is 100%. But sometimes you make 200%, 300%, even 400% on a trade.

For example, here are options gains that I’ve led subscribers to, with the same HVO system:

…just to name a few.

How to Turn $20,000 into $458,562 in Just 60 Months

Overall, the option recommendations I make in High Velocity Options PLUS have an average annualized return of 87.1%.

With an 85% average annualized return, even a small trading account of $20,000 could potentially turn into $130,993 in 36 months… and a whopping $458,562 in 60 months.

Now, in the past you could only access my option trades through one of my other trading services, such as Bullseye Stock Trader.

But over the past two years, we’ve heard from an overwhelming number of subscribers and readers that what they REALLY want is simply… MORE OPTIONS TRADES!

They want to make EXTRA MONEY every month investing… to catch up on their retirement savings or just for extra income… but ALSO keep the bulk of their portfolios safe.

As a result, we decided to put together a special program designed to do just that:

We combined our advanced options trading systems with the additional resources you need in order to survive and prosper during any type of market environment.

Put it all together and we’ve created a program of weekly trading recommendations, video training modules, daily market updates, and a monthly newsletter – all for one incredibly low price.

It’s the Ultimate “Catch Up” Retirement Plan.

We call this unique program High Velocity Options PLUS – the combination of our best options trading recommendations AND investing resources…

High Velocity Options PLUS

What You Get with High Velocity Options PLUS:

High Velocity Options Recommendations

With this advanced version of my extraordinary options trading system, you’ll get ongoing recommendations for options trades that can hand you triple-digit profits month after month.

You get trading alerts on a weekly basis – a priceless value! — sent directly to your inbox and mobile phone with all the details you need in order to make money trading options. These include recommendations for both puts and calls.

If you’ve never traded options before but have always wanted to learn how, this is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Or, if you already trade options or have in the past, you’ll discover a strategy that has produced triple-digit winners almost every month for nearly three years.

5 Video Training Programs in the Best Investment Opportunities Today

Each week for 5 weeks, you’ll also gain access to a series of short video trainings (each valued at $495, or $2,475 total) on specific investing topics related to surviving and prospering during the current economy.

These videos include:

These short, easy-to-watch online video trainings give you the background for my stock and option recommendations.

Model Portfolios

You’ll also get instant access to the handpicked model portfolios of my Intelligence Report advisory service.

These are the BEST stocks and ETFs for the times we are living in right now – including my Protection Portfolio, Tactical Trends Portfolio, and famous Income Multipliers Portfolio.

Distilling 25 years of investment experience, these three portfolios let you protect your core assets from catastrophic downturns while also taking advantage of the strongest market trends and sectors.

Weekly Hotlines and Text Alerts for Red-Hot Stock and Income Trades

I’ll send you hotline alerts for stock, options and ETF trades virtually every week.

These alerts give you a heads-up for big shifts coming in the markets… inform you of any changes in my Model Portfolios… and let you know when a new options trade is appearing.

Eagle Eye Opener

You’ll unlock access to Eagle Eye Opener, the “before market” research service that gives you a sneak peek at what the market’s about to do every day.

You’ll get access to some of the most valuable information on the stock market – proprietary intel – so you really know what’s happening on Wall Street and why. This is information that the average investor just hasn’t had access to… until now.

Simply put, Eagle Eye Opener will help you beat Wall Street at their own game and make you a more educated investor.

Intelligence Report

You’ll also unlock access to my flagship investment research service, Intelligence Report. Every month, you’ll get analysis of what’s going on in the markets and the lowest-risk ways to take advantage of the conditions we’ve seen.

This service specializes in identifying the hot new trends that are “workarounds” for the disasters caused by politicians.

For example, I recently pointed to the massive shortage in charging stations and low-priced electricity as a way to profit from the global push for electric vehicles – with one EV stock surging 1,450% in 12 months following a brief dip in its share price.

You’ll get access to investment ideas like these through Intelligence Report.

FREE Unlimited Access to the Eagle Investing Network

In addition to the exclusive video training in the program, you also get access to the new Eagle Investing Network and new training videos each and every week.

Featuring me and other top investing experts, these bonus video trainings will provide you with even more insight and help during these challenging times.

Unlimited Access to My Archive of Training Tools and Reports

And as an added bonus, you’ll also immediately unlock my library of Special Reports, monthly issues, how-to videos, and weekly updates for both Intelligence Report and High Velocity Options.

It’s a wealth of knowledge, all at your fingertips any time of the day or night.

In other words: We do everything humanly possible to help you start making serious profits quickly by trading options.

What’s more, I have a special High Velocity Options PLUS price you will NOT want to miss!

And Now the Bad News:
You May Not Qualify!

However, before I get to that price, I have to tell you… this service is NOT for everyone.

In fact, it’s not for most people, quite honestly.

To really benefit from High Velocity Options PLUS, you should have these three qualifications:

  1. You should be serious about wanting to catch up on your retirement goals: High Velocity Options PLUS is a serious service that is designed to achieve big, consistent wins – and lots of them. It’s not for dabblers, or for people who aren’t totally committed to catching up and reaching their retirement goals.
  2. You should be willing to trade for AT LEAST 6 months: The fact is, trading options is NOT day trading. Most option trades are closed out in 30 to 60 days, while bigger profit opportunities may take a little longer.
  3. You should have some extra cash to invest in options: While my trades are usually only a few hundred bucks each, you should have sufficient capital to have multiple trades going at any one time.

Most of all, I only want to accept serious investors – those who understand that trading options takes focus and a commitment to trade regularly over the course of several months.

Limited to Just 100 Traders to Start

For that reason, High Velocity Options PLUS is limited to just 100 subscribers to start – and there is NO REFUND.

100 Subscriber Limit

As I said, this service is solely for serious options traders who are willing to learn how to generate A LOT of extra cash and will stick with it for at least 6 months.

However, I will make you a special offer and TWO promises:

First, you’ll have the next 30 days to experience in full the moneymaking, wealth-building power of High Velocity Options PLUS.

You’ll receive access to ALL my recommendations in High Velocity Options and to my wealth-growing recommendations in Intelligence Report, Eagle Eye Opener, and more.

Guarantee 30 Day Burst

If you’re not 100% delighted with everything you get, you may contact our team within that first 30 days and receive a prompt refund of your subscription fee – no questions asked.

Second, if you don’t bank AT LEAST one triple-digit winner per month on average – at least 12 per year…

I’ll give you FULL CREDIT for a subscription to any of my other Eagle Financial Publications services for another year.

What could be more fair than that?

The Biggest No-Brainer Offer in the History of Trading!

You get a PROVEN options trading system that could potentially hand you at least one TRIPLE-DIGIT winner each month going forward.

In 2022, trading the recommendations found in High Velocity Options PLUS could have made you:

Altogether, all the trades in High Velocity Options PLUS represent an average annualized return of 87.1%, including winners and losers.

That’s enough to potentially turn a modest $20,000 trading account into $127,868 in 36 months… and into a whopping $440,473 in 60 months!

To me, the risk/reward ratio definitely seems worth it.

Especially since I promise you’ll see at least one TRIPLE-DIGIT winner like these per month on average – or you get FULL CREDIT for any of my other Eagle Financial Publication products for another year.

Imagine being able to make 235% in just 22 days as we did in May 2022… starting with a small trading account.

That is what my High Velocity Options can do for you.

So please do yourself a favor… click on the button below RIGHT NOW!


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