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Investing in a Shifting Market

By seadmin

The news from Ford is just the latest reminder that there are ebbs and flows for economies, even ours, and marketplace behemoths don’t rule forever as the mighty can and do fall. Dynasties eventually end and fortunes will erode when proper investor vigilance is abandoned or replaced with complacency.

Complacency is a hideous beast. It destroys reason, it destroys thought and it denies common sense while it feeds inertia. The most dangerous place for an investor to be is in a state of inertia because they just stop. They stop reading the signs, they stop paying attention to their plan, they become inactive and then reactive rather than simply maintaining a proactive approach to their investments.

Inactive and reactive investors stay in too long. They get burned, they flee, and then they stay out too long. It takes a monumental shift to drive a burned buy and holder back into the market, just at the time everyone else starts to sell. And the cycle repeats itself over and over.

Are you prepared for investing in a shifting market? Do you have:

  • An appropriate allocation to the sectors that look like this year’s hands-down favorites for investing in a shifting market – including international ETFs, healthcare, natural resources and large cap growth?

  • A strategy that you will confidently implement to profit or protect in the event of a sudden drop in equity markets? (just like the one we saw last week).

  • A plan that you can believe in for investing in a shifting market with your serious money for growth, income and bear market protection?

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