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By seadmin

As regular readers of the Alert know, I am a huge fan of ETFs. An ETF is like a virtual basket of stocks that usually tracks a specific index or sector. To put it another way, ETFs are like a homologous species of mutual funds that allow investors to buy into a specific area of the market without all of the hassles, management fees and trading restrictions imposed by traditional mutual funds. You could say that ETFs are a kind of mutual fund without any of the downsides.
There are quite a few ETFs out there to choose from, and keeping track of them all can become a titanic task. However, that task has just been made easier with my new, FREE May ETF Intelligence Report.

This report groups the universe of ETF offerings by investment objective, sector and country. These data-rich listings tell you the name of the ETF; its ticker symbol; the most recent closing price; and the percentage change in price for the past one week, one month and three months.

You’ll also get the current year-to-date price movement; percentage the ETF is below its all-time high; and where the ETF stands in relation to its 50- and 200-day moving averages. Lastly, we have included the average daily trading volume for each fund.

Armed with this extensive information on virtually the entire ETF universe, you’ll be able to glean a really sharp picture of what sectors, countries and types of ETFs currently are outperforming their peers. Perusing this extensive list of ETFs should give you a real sense of what’s happening — not only in the domestic market, but all over the globe.

To get your May ETF Intelligence Report, simply click here.

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