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Your Exclusive MoneyShow ETF Presentation Sneak Peek


I am in San Francisco today, making the final tweaks to my MoneyShow presentations. Now, if you’ll be in the Bay area during the next several days, I encourage you to come out and see me and to attend one of my free presentations. I also have the privilege of conducting a more in-depth paid presentation for MoneyShow attendees who want to delve a little deeper into the world of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and how ETFs can be used to help your portfolio shine.

Of course, I know the majority of Weekly ETF Report readers won’t be able to attend the San Francisco MoneyShow, so if you’re in that big group, then I’ve got something special for you.

Today I have an exclusive sneak peek of three presentations I have on the slate for the next several days at the MoneyShow. The first is “Five Strategies and Secrets to Successful ETF Investing,” the second is “The Top 10 ETF Products You Must Know About” and the third is “ETF Strategies for Wealthy Investors.”

In the first presentation, I get into some of the ways I’m currently using ETFs to enhance returns for subscribers to my Successful ETF Investing advisory service. We cover vocabulary, strategies for growth and income investors and, most importantly, the sectors I think will outperform for investors in the months ahead. Hint: it’s all about emerging markets and China.

In my second presentation, I cover my top 10 ETFs that every intelligent investors needs to know about. This isn’t a “buy list” per se, and I am not currently recommending all of the funds in this presentation. I do, however, think it’s important for every well informed investor to know about the many ETFs that can give you the kind of diverse exposure you need to profit no matter what the current market conditions hand us. Whether your objective is growth or income, you’ll find funds in this presentation to meet your needs.

Finally, I go into the strategies and funds designed for wealthy investors looking to help preserve their capital. Here we go into ETFs designed for wealth protection, such as tax-free ETFs, municipal bond funds and other funds designed chiefly to serve the high-net-worth investor.

In the days following the San Francisco MoneyShow, I will be posting the PowerPoint slides for the aforementioned presentations on my website. But if you can’t wait until then, and you are able to make it up to one of the most beautiful areas of the country, then I encourage you to come see me at the San Francisco MoneyShow.

To find out how you can attend, call the Money Show at (800) 970-4355 and mention priority code 035777. Or, you can go directly to the MoneyShow website.

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