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A Market Full of Energy – and Opportunity

By seadmin

The markets have been dominated by energy concerns of late, and with the price of a barrel of crude oil ascending toward the $70 mark, it’s easy to see why.

Potential supply disruptions and an impending increase in demand due to the upcoming summer driving season are also pushing up gasoline prices at the pump. Higher gasoline prices mean a bigger bite out of consumers’ wallets, and that means a little less consumer spending in other areas.

Higher gasoline prices also take a bite out of corporate profits, as an increase in transportation costs comes right off the top of the balance sheet. Rising energy costs usually result in a slowing down of the economy, and that, my friends, is not good for the stock market.

This week’s spike in oil comes to us courtesy of our "friends" in Iran, who’ve returned to their nuclear saber rattling. On Tuesday, Iran’s president declared the country had successfully enriched uranium for the first time. The world community has expressed concern about Iran’s possible intention to develop nuclear weapons, with the U.N. demanding that it suspend its uranium enrichment program.

Now considering the lack of effectiveness the U.N.’s demands have been when dealing with militant governments from in the Middle East, I’m pretty sure that this whole issue isn’t going to go away anytime soon.

But even if the situation in Iran is resolved, there are other oil supply disruptions to think about. Recent violence in oil-rich Nigeria has resulted in more than half a million barrels per day of lost production. Mother Nature is also going to have her hand in things, as the upcoming hurricane season is predicted to be as bad, if not worse, than it was last year.

We all remember the devastation Hurricane Katrina brought to the Gulf Coast, and let’s not forget about the loss of refining capacity and the $3.50-plus gasoline prices she left in her wake.

Now I am not bringing this matter up to be a naysayer or to scare you. Rather, I want every one of my Making Money Alert readers to understand what’s going on right now with energy and the markets.

I also want you to know that there is a way to capitalize on all of these goings-on in the energy sector.

Right now we are using several oil and commodity exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that go up when oil prices are rising. Both my Successful Investing and ETF Trader services are bagging big profits in several energy and energy-related sectors.

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