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Dumping The Ideological ‘Package Deal’

November 3, 2021

In September 2020, I presented you with a guest editorial by my very good friend, writer, filmmaker and intellectual activist Stewart Wade Margolis. Stewart has been my friend and fellow advocate for a reason since our days together at UCLA. He’s also been a guest on my podcast, Way of the Renaissance Man. In this short […]

Under A Benevolent Mushroom Cloud

October 27, 2021

Growing up as a child during the Cold War, I had a persistent, if not immediate, sense of fear omnipresent in my mind. That interred fear was caused by what was then a very real possibility of a global thermonuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union. Indeed, the horrifying idea of a […]

Digesting a Tide Pod

October 20, 2021

A few years back, the mainstream news was packed with the absurdity of a new game being played by adolescents called the “Tide Pod Challenge.” This “game” […]

Some Kind of Wonderful 

October 13, 2021

Today, I watched something wonderful. That something was the second space flight of Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’ company that is dedicated to making space travel a commercial venture for individual citizens, not just professional astronauts. One citizen of note on this flight was a man who’s acutely associated with space, and he is Captain Kirk […]

Defending the Most Hated Man in America  

October 6, 2021

“When both sides of the political aisle are gunning for your company, you know you are doing something right.” This Wall Street maxim is one that I created a few years ago, and I created it for times when seemingly the entire world has its sights trained on one company and/or one individual. Today, that […]

How To Make A Small Fortune  

September 29, 2021

Do you know how to make a small fortune in auto racing? You start with a big fortune.  This apropos adage is certainly one that amateur, semi-pro and even professional auto racing team owners discover very quickly, and that’s because when it comes to a costly venture, few things add up as fast as motorsports. […]

Evergrande and the False Equivalence Fallacy 

September 22, 2021

The big buzz in markets over the past several days, and particularly during Monday’s approximately 2% tumble nearly across the board, has been over what many are calling a potential “China Lehman Moment.” Those of us in the markets in 2008 remember quite well the real “Lehman Moment,” because that is when the financial giant […]

The New Volatility Explained

September 15, 2021

All of a sudden, the market is volatile… but why?  That was one of the main topics of conversation I had with investors over the past couple of days at the Las Vegas MoneyShow. In fact, I fielded a lot of questions about why stocks wobbled last week, and that’s completely understandable. Fortunately, I was […]

The Cat and the Horror

September 8, 2021

There was a cat sleeping on my porch She didn’t know what I had witnessed The lacerated skyline of metropolis A bleeding out of her twin sons Flying lancets piercing steel hulls Black smoke seasoning the azure sky As the falling man descends to the concrete Incendiary ideas born in Bronze To please a prophet […]

Five Minutes with Dave Rubin

September 1, 2021

I’ve always been drawn to controversial figures. I think the reason why is because even if I disagree with their ideas, I usually admire their willingness to come out and take a resolute stand in defense of their values. Unfortunately, in the era of social media dominance and progressive cancel culture, standing up for one’s […]

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