May Day, Reimagined

May 1, 2024

Today is May 1, a day that’s also known as “May Day” in many countries around the world. Think of May Day as a sort of Marxist version of the same holiday we celebrate in the United States called Labor Day. Now, when I say a “sort of Marxist version,” I am not being at […]

When Mises Met MMA

April 24, 2024

It’s not often that you hear the brilliant Austrian school economist Ludwig von Mises referenced in the public sphere. And it is particularly unusual to hear him referenced in the aftermath of two men engaged in brutal mixed martial arts (MMA) combat. But that’s exactly what happened on April 14, when Brazilian fighter Renato Moicano, […]

Return of the Real

April 17, 2024

A lot of people these days like to use the term “real” to describe something or someone they admire. We say reverently that he or she is the “real deal,” or this team is “for real” or this macho specimen is a “real man” or that this restaurant serves up “real Chinese cuisine,” etc. Hey, […]

Nothing Eclipses Man’s Rational Faculty

April 10, 2024

Hey, did you see there was a solar eclipse on Monday? Of course you did, and that’s because there was a deluge of media coverage of the eclipse, and rightly so, as these kinds of celestial events don’t occur very often. Now, as a one-time aspiring astrophysicist (it was my major at UCLA until I […]

A Four-Way Assault on the Bulls

April 3, 2024

A Four-Way Assault on the Bulls On Tuesday, April 2, all of the major domestic equity indices fell sharply. And while the most-cited reason for the decline was higher yields, that’s not the real reason the S&P 500 declined by more than 1% intraday. Instead, the declines were driven by what we described to subscribers […]

Ask Me Anything, Bridge and Bitcoin Edition

March 27, 2024

Since the terrible maritime accident that caused the near-instant collapse of the Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore early Tuesday morning, I’ve fielded multiple questions about this from readers concerned about the potential economic aftereffects of this tragedy. Because of these questions, as well as a slew of recent questions on Bitcoin, this week, I […]

A Throne with No Game

March 20, 2024

As a power user of information, I have a highly developed sense of “NewsQ” (i.e., what news is relevant, and what isn’t, when it comes to moving markets). In fact, the term “NewsQ” is one that I invented to describe this skill. And as a power user of information, unfortunately, I cannot escape gossip. That’s […]

Sleep Is a Virtue

March 13, 2024

Let’s face it, I don’t have very much in common with President Biden. He’s a career politician, a Democrat and someone who holds many political and philosophic ideas that I stridently disagree with. He’s also a man who has many, shall we say, “backward” ideas on how to live. Perhaps the best example of these […]

A First Look at the Election and Markets

March 6, 2024

The morning after “Super Tuesday” in the presidential primaries usually means the stage is set for the upcoming battle between Democratic and Republican candidates for the job of “leader of the free world.” And while there wasn’t much drama this year regarding who would be the two candidates fighting it out from here on, last […]

In the Name of the Best Within Us

February 28, 2024

“Jim, I love your closing salutation on all of your newsletters. The one that says, ‘In the name of the best within us.’ But I was curious, where did you get that and/or how did you come up with that? Thanks in advance, Steven T., Paso Robles, Calif., a loyal reader.” First off, thank you, […]

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